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Sell Gold In Delhi NCR Things To Take Care

Everybody wants to get the best price for their investment but not everybody knows what to do. We are living in a world where because of globalization everything is interconnected. Because of this interconnection of various things it becomes very important to make sure that all the factors are at their correct place. What we mean by this is that whenever you decide to send your jewellery in the market all the factors should help you to get a good price. Even if you miss one step while selling your jewellery you will not get a good price. Therefore if you are someone who decides to sell gold in Delhi NCR right now we advise you to know the correct procedure by reading this article.

In this article while telling you the right procedure to send your jewellery we will also go through many other details. We keep getting calls of many people who say that they want to know the condition of the market after the pendamic. What do you really want to know is if the condition is right for them to sell their gold. This is why we are here with this article for you.

What We Will Learn To Sell Gold in Delhi NCR?

It is important to prepare a game plan before you decide to hit the market. This plan is important because as we have already told you there are various factors that you need to take into account. Let’s see you find that the prices of gold are high in the market. But it’s still does not mean that you should go right there and sell it. It is because you also need to consider the method that you are going to use to do it. Therefore we need to make a complete portrait where we put all the factors that we will keep in mind while selling our jewellery.

This is why the first thing that we will do in this article is check the condition of the market. Then we will tell you two simple methods by which you can determine a rough value of your gold. And while concluding this article we will tell you the name of the best gold buyer in Delhi NCR. Therefore, we can safely say that if you read this article you will increase your chances of getting a good price for your gold.

Is The Market Right?

It is a question that everybody is asking us because they have no idea regarding it. After the corona virus pandemic it has become really difficult for people to get to know the current situation of the market. Also the believe that it is impossible for them to trust the information that they are getting from the government. But we are here to tell you that the current mode of the market is that many people are turning towards gold. One big reason for this is that they know that in desperate times it is the best option for them. Because of this we are now seeing a high demand for your gold. This I remind means that if you decide to sell gold in Delhi NCR near me right now you will get a good price for it.

This high demand can be attributed to the fact that after the pendant people are looking for a safe option for their investment. As everybody knows that they get a very good price when they decide to sell their jewellery they are making this investment. What it means for you is that if you decide to go to the market right now you will get a good price for your gold.

Best Gold Buyer in Delhi NCR

It would be a very foolish decision for you if you go to the market without knowing the name of the best dealer. There are many people who make sure that they take care of all the precautions that we have mentioned above. But you will still here them say that day find it really hard to get the best price for their gold. If you go to the bottom of the problem you will find that it is because they do not know the name of the best gold buyer in Delhi NCR. This is the biggest reason why even after knowing all these details you can also get a low price for your jewellery.

If you want to make sure that you don’t do this mistake you need to contact cashfor gold and silverkings. It is obvious that we are telling you to contact them because they are a dealer whom everybody trusts. Therefore it is no surprise that whenever people want to sell there jewellery they always want to contact them. Simply giving them a call is enough to get you the most authentic and genuine deal in the market for your gold.

Calculating Its Purity

The purity of your jewellery determines how much money you will get for your jewellery. The pure your gold is the highest you will get when you go to the market to sell it. But if you do not know the purity of your jewellery then the chances are high that your gold buyer might give you fake value. Therefore it is important to determine the purity of your jewellery before you decide to head the market. If you have the receipt of the bill of your jewellery then it becomes very easy to find out its purity.

Because genuine gold seller will always mention the purity of your gold on the receipt of the bill. On the other hand if you have purchased your jewellery from a fake dealer then you might be at a loss here. This is why experts also tell people to buy jewellery or their gold from an authentic source only. If the period of your gold is not mentioned on the receipt of the bill then you have no other option but to approach a genuine gold dealer.

What To Do Next?

We all know that the pure gold is 24 carat. But sometimes are mixed in it to prepare your jewellery of different shapes and sizes. While calculating the purity of your gold your dealer measures the amount of impurities in your jewellery. Let us say that the purity of your jewellery is 22 carat. The next thing that you need to do is divide this number by 24. As you might have gest we are taking the number 24 because it is the value of pure gold in the market. Whatever number you get after dividing the purity of your gold by 24 should be multiplied with the current selling price of your the jewellery in the market.

You can contact any genuine jewellery buyer Delhi NCR to get to know the current selling price of gold. The most important thing that you need to remember is that no dealer should give you a price lower than this amount. This will give you an edge over the buyers in the market as now you have a rough value of your jewellery. Now let us try to understand how to determine the value of your gold by calculating its weight.

Calculate The Weight

Most people who are looking to sell gold have a weighing machine in their home. but you have to remember here that your normal weighing machine will be of no use here. It is because measuring the weight of your jewellery is a very precise business. It is such a precise business that professional jewellery dealers close all the windows. So that the weight of the air cannot play any role. After you have calculated the rate of your jewellery you need to divide it by 10. Then the same procedure that you used while calculating the purity should be used. Which is multiplied with the current selling price of your jewellery.

We are taking the number 10 here because most jewelers advertise the price of 10 gram of jewellery in their advertisement. After doing both the steps we guarantee that you will increase the chances of getting high cash against gold Delhi NCR by a very huge margin. This is why it is a very prudent approach from sellers to determine rough value of their jewellery. But we want you that you should only use machines or equipment that are latest and accurate.

Situation Of The Prices

We have told you in the above paragraph that the prices of your gold are very high. Because of the ongoing inflation in the market and the current war in Russia. We are witnessing and increase in the prices of our jewellery. Other national reasons such as increase in the custom duty is also a big reason behind this increase. But many experts are saying that these prices will fall down quickly in future. Therefore the biggest advice that they have for people. Were looking to sell my gold is to do it right now. Chances are very high that if you wait any further you will only increase your loss percentage.

One reason behind this decrease in prices is this stabilizing condition in Europe. Other than that experts are also cleaning that the restrictions because of corona virus pandemic are almost over now. This is why we can safely say that in future the prices of your jewellery will decrease. This is my many experts will tell you that smart decision would be to sell your gold right now. Because if you decide to delete this process you might end up getting a very low price.

Sell Gold In Delhi NCR Online From Home

Many people have told us that they don’t believe in going to a physical store anymore. What this is that as the world is moving towards a digital age they want to sell their gold online. To get this done many jewellery dealers have opened their online portals that you can login to whenever you want. The biggest benefit of these online portals is that you can get all the information. Without event talking to your gold dealer. They will also tell you the price that they will be offering you for your gold. If you are satisfied with their procedure and prices. The only thing that you need to do is give them a call.

They will send special team of highly professional people to your home with their latest machines and gadgets. Because of these machines they will quickly determine the exact value of your gold without any trouble. The best part about this method is that the money is paid to you instantly. And you do not lose any money because no extra amount is charged from you. This is why people say that this is the best method for them to sell their jewellery.


There are things that you need to take care of whenever you go out to sell gold in Delhi NCR. If you take care of all these things it is guaranteed that you will get the highest price. The first and most important thing is that you should have a clear idea of the market. Right now many people are looking to invest their money in gold. And therefore it is a good opportunity for you. Along with that if you can determine the rough value of your jewellery it will be very helpful. Also you can use all the latest methods and techniques to sell your jewellery. The best thing would be to sell gold in Delhi NCR online from home. So that you can save a lot of your money.

But you have to remember that if you try to delay. This process it will cost you a lot of money. Because many experts are of the opinion that the prices of your jewellery will fall in future. If you are looking for the best gold dealer in Delhi NCR. All you need to do is simply give cashfor gold and silverkings a call. We will make sure that you get the best and the highest price for your gold.

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