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Serverwala: Improve your Small Business Presence with Dedicated Server Romania

Starting your small business is a big achievement. But there is a lot that you will have to do to ensure the business keeps running and becomes more and more successful with each passing day. Going online and making your presence on the internet is a crucial step too. Being online means you will have to make business websites and ensure that your visitors have a good user experience. This can only happen if you have a reliable hosting service.

A Dedicated Server Romania is the best server right now to invest in. This type of server ensures you get all the exclusive resources and services for your small business that would help it to grow and flourish. Let’s move ahead and see why you need to invest in a dedicated server and what our signs would tell you it’s time to switch to a Cheap Dedicated Server in Romania. We will also review the best-dedicated server in Romania as well.

Merits of Romania Dedicated Server for Small Business

If you have been using shared hosting for your business then you may not know what you are missing by not choosing a Romania Dedicated Server. Here are some of the merits of Romania’s Dedicated server.

#1. Heightened Security

One of the best merits of getting a Dedicated Hosting Romania would be the heightened security. The shared server may seem safe at first but you have to know that you are sharing that server with hundreds or even thousands of websites. You never know what your neighbors are like. This would make your business more vulnerable to hackers, spammers, and other cyber attacks.

Having a Dedicated Server Hosting Romania means only you will have the access to the server. This ensures high security and less risk of getting cyber threats.

#2. Fewer Limitations

Having a Romania Dedicated Server would mean little to no limitations. You can control the whole server and manage it as you like it. You will also get dedicated resources which you would be able to use as you see fit and fulfill unique requirements for your business.

#3. Unique IP Address

One of the best parts of getting a Dedicated Server Hosting Romania would be getting a unique IP Address. Unlike a shared server, you won’t be sharing your IP address with anyone. This would result in better performance of your website and a safer environment. Having a unique IP address also ensures higher SEO Ranking.

#4. Flexibility

Your business won’t grow if your server isn’t flexible. Dedicated Server Hosting Romania provides a higher level of flexibility which you won’t get with a shared server. This means you would be able to scale resources, configure server settings, and many other things at your preferences.

#5. Signals that Indicate you need a Dedicated Server

If the merits aren’t enough to convince you to get a Dedicated Hosting Server Romania then perhaps you might need the signs that would tell you to upgrade your service plan to a dedicated server from the current shared server.

Here are a Few Signs that Would Indicate You Need a Dedicated Server in Romania

1. Your Website is Getting a Huge Traffic

Every website owner wants his website to get popular and get huge traffic. But this won’t be a blessing unless and until you have the means to handle that traffic surge. Shared servers can only handle a limited amount of traffic at once due to the lack of unlimited or dedicated resources.

This can harm your business reputation and cause your website to crash or log. This is why you need to invest in a dedicated server in Romania.

2. Your Website Uses Sensitive Data

Whether it’s a small business or an e-commerce website, you would be dealing with a lot of sensitive data. This means you should be concerned about the security of your website. A shared server would mean a less secure environment and more vulnerability.

Romania Dedicated servers on the other hand ensure heightened security and some advanced security measures as well.

3. Lower SEO Ranks

If you are getting low SEO ranks and don’t know what you are doing wrong then it may be because of the shared server. Because the performance of other websites and what kind of content they feature on their web page would directly affect your SEO rankings.

Having a dedicated server would mean you will get higher performance which would result in better SEO rankings.

Features of the Best Dedicated Server Romania Provider

There are a few features that you need to consider while choosing your Cheap Dedicated Server Romania provider.

1. Cost

You don’t want to spend a fortune on your service provider or at least more than your budget. This is why you need to make the cost of the server provider fit into your budget. You should also consider the value for money factor too, this means a provider should be able to get you good enough features for the price they are asking for.

2. Your Business Needs

Make sure the provider you are choosing is capable of meeting the needs of your business. After all, you don’t want to invest in a server that can’t fulfill the needs of your business and help it grow.

3. Look at the Specs

Make sure you analyze the specs of your provider and see if it is able to deliver what the company is promising. The specifications like bandwidth, infrastructure, options for OS and control panel, etc should be your priority.

About Serverwala

Serverwala is the leading web hosting provider in Romania. They provide several types of web hosting solutions such as shared server, VPS, dedicated server, colocation, reseller, etc. They have been providing the best services with higher reliability, flexibility and security.

Their user-friendly customer support, robust infrastructure, and cheaper price are what makes them better than other Bare Metal Dedicated Server providers in Romania.
Key Features of Cheap Dedicated Server Romania

Features of Serverwala dedicated server Romania :

#1. Select Your OS and Control Panel

With a Dedicated Hosting Server Romania, you will get to choose the OS and Control Panel which is ideal for you. When it comes to OS, you will get to choose from Windows OS, Ubuntu, and Debian. While with the Control Panel, you will get choices like Webuzo, cPanel, and Plesk.

#2. Full Root Access

You will get full root access that would mean you will have total control over your server. You would be able to manage it and run it at your convenience. When you need, then you can be able to download or install software and applications without any restrictions.

#3. Host Unlimited Websites

There won’t be any limitations on how many websites you can host on a Romania Based Dedicated Server. This allows your business to grow on a larger scale as you can make multiple websites for your targeted customers.

#4. Scalability and Flexibility

With a Romania Based Dedicated Server, you will not only get dedicated resources but you will also be able to scale them if you need to.

Similarly, having a dedicated server means the owner gets higher flexibility and they your would be able to customize the settings and configuration as they need.

#5. DDoS Protection

A dedicated server Romania hosting provides a higher secured environment for your website. It will also come with antivirus and firewalls to detect and block the malware. You can also take advanced security measures by installing several software and applications.

#6.Customer Reviews

When it comes to Serverwala, they have already proved their worth by making their thousands of customers happy. Let’s see what their customers have to say about Serverwala.


For small businesses that are establishing themselves and making their name, the dedicated server is more of a necessity than a choice. Only a dedicated server has the means to run your business efficiently and smoothly with adequate resources and required security measures. It would make your small business ahead of its competitors as well.


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