Shalom Lamm – Importance Of Time Management In Business

Shalom Lamm said the importance of time is inevitable to deny as it plays a vital role in lives, helps organise and structure the activities of daily routine. Time management is also an effective technique that improves business functions and helps to achieve the set goals. Time management is a skill by which available time is plan and control to complete specific tasks using the appropriate strategy.

Effective time management is not an easy job, but it can be developing by adopting good habits and practice. Big companies used time as an asset to plan and schedule the tasks with timelines and work hard to achieve them. Time management offers new opportunities and increases the growth rate of the business. It controls the functions of daily affairs so that company works properly by maintaining balance in all activities. Poor time management leads to poor work quality, disturbing the balance, ruining professional reputation, and missing deadlines. Here are some benefits of time management.


Shalom Lamm said time management improves work efficiency as it eliminates distractions and focuses on essential tasks to perform. Time distribute between all functions of the day and priorities the critical jobs to

Performance Improvement Plan

complete first. Time Management makes work easy as it provides a schedule to achieve tasks. Using time management you can saves time as each job ibis already decided to do.  It gives more time to do essential duties.  It helps to bring focus on the quality of work rather than consuming time to deciding about work.


When you focused more on meeting timelines and consuming all your efforts in this work. You compromise on

Quality Work

the quality of work. Time management helps manage this issue by setting the priorities according to the need of tasks, making it easy to analyse that every project has enough time to complete it.


When each task is appropriately assigned and schedule according to its timeline, then it became easy to finish it on its due date. Many people use to manage their time to complete their project before the due date and


examine it for feedback to improve its efficiency. In case of any issue, they can handle it on time Shalom Lamm said.


When there is a list of each task to perform on the day, then work becomes more accessible, and you feel stress-

Stress management

free as you know how much time is available to complete those tasks. Time management helps arrange the to-do list to have enough time to achieve the scheduled activities reduces stress levels.


Shalom Lamm said when an employee meets their deadlines, he feels happy and confident about his work


abilities. In a business, continuously finishing to-do lists on time is a big motivation that can encourage people to work on their time management habits and enjoy new work opportunities.


Time management develops an essential habit that you start planning everything. In your workplace, you plan all the business projects according to the timelines required to meet. It saves time, and you schedule challenging

Power Planing

tasks on priority, so it becomes easier to complete them on time. Proper planning increases the working abilities of a person as he makes effective strategies to expand its business.


When an employee submits their projects on time with high quality of work, he becomes a very reliable employee who is beneficial. The company uses to promote such employees on the higher post so that he makes more effective decisions on time and contributes to the business’s success. It increases the new opportunities for career development.


If a person missing deadlines, pending projects, and leaving meetings, all these circumstances lead to poor time management. Poor time management destroys the business and the career of a person, so the solution to all


these problems is to adopt the habit of time management in business life as an employee or owner. It builds and maintains a business reputation along with employee’s professional careers #Shalom #Lamm said.


Time management is more than scheduling the tasks submitting projects on due dates. It is also necessary to manage other business affairs on time, such as filing tax returns and other legal affairs. Delay in such matters


causes a negative impact that a business has to bear in legal notices to pay financial penalties. It is necessary to mark all the important events on the calendar. Allocate specific time to deal with such affairs to avoid penalties.


When a person focuses on timelines and uses its energy to produce quality work, it increases the company’s


productivity level. A company uses to do more big projects as it has confidence that their employees can manage tasks on time without compromising the quality of work.


When you use an effective time management technique, you have enough time to evaluate an employee’s

Evaluate Performance

performance and working abilities. It also helps to make such strategies that set goals. So it becomes easier to assess that desire results achieve or not.


Shalom Lamm said time management also reduces wastage of resources as it well plans which resources are essential to meet the timelines, so only such resources consume to complete the targets.

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