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According to researchers, automation testing defines the practice of testing a software product for quality and performance. Also, it is done to make the product more effective and reduce any underlining issues with it. With this addition, there are several jobs in the software testing field beginning from testers and test analysts to testing designers and product managers. Besides, there are various software testing certifications available for both professionals as well as aspirants to polish their skills.

Software testing certifications not only help testers to become more efficient in their respective fields but also helps them in speeding up their professional growth. These software testing certifications also prepare them for different kinds of challenges that they would face in their testing career. Presently, there are numerous outstanding software testing certifications that can help testers in their professional journey.

List of top most renowned Software testing certifications

  1. LambdaTest Certification

With the trust of hundreds of experts, LambdaTest Certifications are one of the most prominent certification programs available online. These certifications may be used to prove skills, abilities, and knowledge while taking reasonable leads in their respective careers. LambdaTest provides certifications in Selenium which is an enormous open source web testing application framework and most in-use.  Selenium Advanced certifications come in two categories as Beginners and Experts.

There are various Selenium Advanced certifications that LambdaTest offers:

JUnit is an open-source framework created for running and writing tests in Java programming language. After completing this course, testers may perform successful cross-browser automated testing. This certification also allows them to test their skills in performing Unit testing and take their careers to the next level.

Moreover, JUnit is an astonishing testing framework that offers a test-driven environment for the creators to build better apps. Due to the tremendous benefits and its fully equipped testing framework for Java, JUnit is considered to be the most ordinary yet recognized testing certificate among developers for performing Unit testing.

  • TestNG (for Beginners)

The goal of TestNG certification is to offer deep knowledge and top-of-the-line experience on framework testing. The training course has been created to meet the needs of professionals or beginners who are willing to learn to test. The main focus of the course is automation testing.

Furthermore, with the exponentially developing demand, the requirement for software testing is also increasing day after day. After completion, this TestNG training helps in achieving success and also boosts up your career.

  • Selenium 101 (for Beginners)

The Selenium 101 certification is for all individuals who want to stay ahead among experts who are developing their career in testing. Testers who look forward to clearing this certification should possess some basic knowledge about the details of effective testing codes. So that after tutorials and basic quizzes, they get certified in automation testing.

  • Selenium Advanced (for Experts)

Selenium training has been considered to assist manual testers and developers in how to automate website applications with a magnificent framework and incorporate it within the DevOps processes of an association. Despite this, the certification concludes core Java covers the concepts and basics of the Automation test.

Selenium advanced certification depends upon practical training courses aimed at test experts who want an understanding of how to implement, maintain and design automated solutions by using Selenium WebDriver. Also, the certification is perfect for testing specialists who want to get advanced knowledge in the Selenium Automation test.

  • C# NUnit

Today, Unit testing has become a standard practice for software developers. C# NUnit is one of the most well-known unit testing frameworks. After one has mastered the basics, these courses help to write unit tests more effectively. After completing and taking this certification, users can do anything and challenge their skills by using the C# NUnit and increase their proficiency as a unit tester.

  • Protractor

This Selenium certification is a top-of-the-line framework certification for angular apps. It helps to boost the abilities along with experience. Testers can take this certification as proof of their abilities in the automation testing field.

  1. ISTQB

ISTQB (International Software Testing Qualifications Board) is an important software testing certification board that has its universal imprint. It is interesting to note that the certification is the most renowned certification to get into the profession of software testing in India as well as abroad. There are numerous levels of ISTQB certifications like beginners, advanced and expert. With its headquarters in Belgium, ISTQB has testing exams center all across the world.

  1. CMC

CMC offers certification in various fields of software development. It is one of the most efficient IT consulting associations. The CMMI Level V accreditation situates out as a famous center for its course of diploma. The course offers testing certifications and is popular for both its manual and automation techniques. CMC provides a 3 months course for software testing that helps provide state-of-the-art knowledge and a promising career ahead.

  1. ASTQB Performance Testing Certification

This certification is aimed at improving a tester’s software performance testing abilities. ASTQB Performance Testing Certification is for everyone who wants to raise their knowledge about software performance testing and also aims to enhance their understanding of the performance engineering domain.

  1. CAST

CAST (Certified Associate in Software Testing) is delivered by QA (Quality Assurance) Institute in the United States. One may be eligible to undertake the course only if they have 3 to 4 years of experience in an accredited college or IT field. After registration, the candidate would get a software testing body of knowledge book which would assist them in the prepare of the examination.

Additionally, the Certified Associate in Software Testing (CAST) certification provides an advanced level understanding of quality testing practices or principles. It also plays a crucial role in terms of rapid career advancement.

  1. CSTE (Certified Software Tester Engineer Certification)

CSTE course is delivered by QA institute of USA. It comes in an intermediate level for the certifications of software testing. Certified Software Tester Engineer certification (CSTE) assures an expert-level competence in the practices and principles of QA. This is considered to be the most leading certification for software testing, to begin with, a human career. Despite this, the certification is appropriate for bagging the role of quality control advisor or manager in software testing.

  1. Certified Software Quality Analyst (CSQA)

Certified Software Quality Analyst certification is perfect for anyone who wants to become an expert in the IT profession. CSQA certification is mainly intended to create standards for primary qualification or offer direction for the software QA function via the aggressive learning program.  CSQA provides more rapid advancement in career development.

  1. Software Testing Training Certification Course

STTCC (Software Testing Training Certification Course) is an online software testing training or Quality Assurance Certification course which is offered jointly by CredibleSoft and CDAC (Centre for Development of Advanced Computing). For those who are seeking software testing and QA certification, this certificate is the right choice for them.

  1. Advanced level Security Tester Certificate

Advanced level Security Tester Certificate is intended for testing experts who already have accumulated multiple years of experience and are now looking to take a step ahead in their lives. Advanced level Security Tester Certificate is capable of the following features:

  • Documenting and analyzing security test requirements
  • Helping an association in constructing security awareness
  • Estimating an existing security test suite
  • Suggesting extra security tests
  • Evaluating, planning, and performing security tests from numerous perspectives, concluding risk-based, vulnerability-based, and policy-based.
  1. CQA (Certified Quality Auditor)

Certified Quality Auditor is the Quality Assurance tester software testing certification course. This certification helps experts to develop their testing capabilities. They are also capable of learning the principles and standards associated with auditing. A CQA can utilize several evaluation techniques to examine the production system’s powers or weak points in quality control. The certified Quality Auditor provides insights to the organization on significant problems and efficiently monitors fulfillment with standards. CQA career is best suited to experts who emphasize quality. So this plays a great role in their life and builds their career fast.

Here is a list of a few more added software testing certifications:

  • Advanced Level Test Automation Engineer Certification by ISTQB
  • Automation Functional Testing Certification by V skills
  • CASTP-P (Certified Agile Software Test Professional Practitioner) by IIST
  • CMSTP (Certified Mobile Software Test Professional) or Certified Software Test Automation Specialist by IIST
  • Certified Professional Scrum Developer by Scrum


If you’re confused about which certification to begin your testing journey with or are evaluating a promising candidature for your testing requirements, all the above-listed certificates are your best buy. Be it a choice to mark the best software testing certifications or to hire software testers for QA outsourcing, any added certification to their skillset is an added advantage and marks them apart from the crowd. Be it automation testing or manual testing tools, certifications promote the QA professionals in increasing their practical knowledge. Hence all the above-mentioned lists are considered to be leading or effective software testing certifications that not only help to enhance your skills but also boost your career.

Based on recommendations, LambdaTest Certifications are the most sought-after certifications by industry standards. LambdaTest offers various certifications in Selenium Testing that play a crucial role in the learning and implementation phase of a software tester’s career. Based on the different fields of learning and the various languages, different certifications have their diverse use and implementation.

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