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Spicy Chicken Sandwich – All You Need to Know

Good things nearby feel great for your heart and mental relief. And nothing soothes well apart from good food on the table. For this, we make sure that our dinner table is filled with special food that carries great flavors and essence. However, not everything feels great until you cook it perfectly.

Sometimes, the simplest dishes do not make a good mark since they have poor taste. And poor taste comes from not following the recipe. This also includes using the wrong ingredients and a bad quantity. But you need to remain focused especially with these simple dishes.

Your chicken sandwich does not need to remain as an extra element from now. There is a trend that sandwiches appear on the table as an addition. Or sometimes to accommodate your snack time. But we feel there is more respect that you can give to the dish.

Thus, we bring some great news for you regarding a chicken sandwich recipe that can make your mark among others. A spicy chicken sandwich appears mouthwatering. And with the right crust and cracking flavor combinations, there is little you or others can complain about them.

What to Expect from our Spicy Chicken Sandwich?

Chicken sandwiches seem like a dish of the older time. Or a dish that you cannot present as one. You can just add a few sandwiches to the menu or the table to appear diverse. In essence, it felt like serving them is a sign of poverty or humility. But not long when people begin to diversify the recipes for this chicken dish. In addition, there is more to our recipe. We know taste is the first requirement for cooking a dish. And without flavors, you cannot get much with them. However, improving the dish is what you need, but we ensure that time does not come.

Our chicken sandwich recipe is going to give you the following aspects:

  • Crispiness: Frying the sandwich bread and the chicken is going to feel royalty with our guide.
  • Juiciness: The tender chicken and flavor combinations will make sure the sandwich remains soft and wet!
  • Glaze: Your sandwich will carry the perfect toning of color, bread thickness, and tenderness, while the chicken and spices will appear shining.
  • Flavorful: And what comes more than a dish rich in flavors and spectacular essence.

Without wasting further time, let us get on the job and be ready for serving the guests scrumptious chicken sandwiches.

The Detailed Guide

Often, we include a stepwise guide that covers the major things you need to perform. But this time, you will be finding every tool that will serve you. In addition, we will be highlighting how a single step needs clarification and importance when you begin cooking.

1. Pounding your Chicken

A chicken sandwich is nothing without a chicken, and it has to serve the purpose perfectly. In addition, your sandwich needs to have the perfect chicken size, width, and thickness. For this, the pounding method comes to the rescue. It is a way of beating the chicken with a wooden tool for the kitchen. However, many people use the chicken without pounding it and ask for the benefits of this step. For them, we bring two key features that a pounded chicken carries against a non-pounded one.

  • With pounding, your meat has even thickness either way. Moreover, pounding is necessary to make it thin so cooking becomes easier. And even thickness makes sure that cooking is even and takes lesser time.
  • Making your chicken tender is what crispiness is all about. And pounding your chicken gives the added benefits of tenderness.

2. Sauce

After you decide on the chicken and how you want to pound it, a good sauce is what you need next. Moreover, the importance of your sauce selection is the requirement. It is since the sauce will impart the highlighting flavors to your sandwich. And without it, you cannot get the most out of bread and chicken for your dish. In addition, different sauce options can come likewise for your sandwich. People can select from a simple mustard sauce to ketchup.

But this is what you do wrong with sandwiches. You need the perfect sauce with a good blend of mixture and taste. We suggest you go with a hot sauce. Something like a vinegar mixture can do the trick. And our choice is based on the sandwich side you will make. Our target is to make a spicy chicken sandwich. Thus, we will make sure that you get the necessary flavors.

3. Never Countless on Buttermilk

One of the requirements when making a spicy chicken sandwich is to bring tenderness to your dish. However, for this, you need the perfect ingredient to keep the chicken tender. We suggest that you use buttermilk and do not count anything less at first. However, if you do not find it, you can look for other substitutes such as:

  • Plain yogurt and milk
  • Milk and vinegar

But using buttermilk brings the best out of your chicken. At first, it is a great agent to increase tenderizing of your chicken due to the acidity that it brings. Moreover, it brings consistency to your chicken with the taste throughout.

4. Marinating

Next, your chicken needs to undergo marinating and get into the flavors. For this, you will need to dip your chicken into a flavorful mixture. This mixture consists of salt, hot sauce, pepper, and buttermilk. You have to dip and keep your chicken within this mixture but the time can vary likewise.

You can either perform marinating for 4 hours or you can do it for 30 minutes. It depends on the flavors you want to add for longer. Some people do not want elongated flavors in the chicken. Whereas some want to keep the chicken in the mixture for longer. Hence, the timing can vary.

5. Spicy Coating

You need your chicken to have the perfect coating instantly after marinating it. When you marinate your chicken, you will need to cover it with some seasonings. The spices can vary a lot since your local flavors will matter a lot. You can select from striking spices but make sure to use flour with it. Thus, you will need to develop the right flavorful mixture.

Try to coat your chicken to the full, but the central part needs to be fully coated. It is since the sandwich will be full of saucy flavors at the center. And with the chicken thick at the cents, it will appear great.

6. Fry Your Chicken

You will need to fry your chicken perfectly. This matters since you will need to keep the tenderness. KFC styling is another key element that many people like to include in the chicken. However, we prefer you to follow these steps:

  • Use an oil that has a high smoking point. Sunflower oil, for example, can work best but avoid using olive oil for frying.
  • Fry your chicken in small batches to avoid filling your pot. This also causes the flavors and tenderness to go elsewhere.
  • You need to keep your oil at a steady temperature. This keeps the chicken perfect and fine to cook.

7. Spicy Chicken Glaze

The last thing that will require preparation is the glaze that you need to add. We spoke of how our chicken sandwich differs from others. And this is the peak point. The chicken glaze is a great addition after frying it. You need to make a thin or thick paste and use a brush to add to the chicken. Our recommended chicken glaze consists of honey, hot sauce, and paprika.

8. Bread

You can use regular bread, special bread such as Italian bread, or a bun to go for sandwiches. But this comes at your choice. We also suggest treating your bread or bun in a pot to give it a crusty look. Moreover, it is better to microwave them rather offering them in a raw shape.

Dress your chicken sandwich however you like with additives such as vegetables, extra sauces, and a cold drink to go along!


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