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Start A Profitable Coal Business In India With Easy Steps

India is an agricultural country, but the work of factories and industries is also increasing very fast. Factories are opening everywhere in India. Some products are made in every factory.

The product also requires the use of fire. No factory cuts trees for firewood. Every factory uses coal to accomplish this. As a result, coal is in high demand. So let us know how to start a coal business today. What do you need to do for this company? Where can you get coal?

If you want to know in detail about how to do business with coal, then you read this post completely, which will be very beneficial for you. 

What is coal?

Coal is a type of combustible fuel that is obtained from the excavation of mines and mines. It is also obtained from burning wood, which is artificial coal. They are made of carbon which cannot be made.

Types Of Coal

There are four coal types based on carbon measured based on their quality.

  • Anthracite coal –  The quality of this coal is the highest compared to the rest of the coal because of the amount of carbon found in it. This coal is high-quality coal.
  • Bituminous coal – The quality of this coal is less than anthracite coal because it has less carbon content.
  • Lignite Coal –  The quality of this coal is less than bituminous coal.
  • Coco peat –  This coal is the lowest quality coal because it contains the least amount of carbon; burning it gives more smoke.

What Is The Coal Business?

You do not have to face much trouble in doing coal business. You can start this business according to the points given below. The coal business is to earn profit by extracting coal from the ground in the coal mines and selling it in the market, spreading all over India today.

How To Start A Coal Business

You can easily do business with artificial coal because it is readily available. However, if you want to do business with natural coal, you should have enough capital because you may need to invest a lot of money first.

Where to find coal for the coal industry. Now comes the question of where you will get your coal for your coal business. So that you don’t have too much trouble with this, we’ll tell you about some places where you can easily get bulk coal.

Firstly, we know where you can do business by getting natural coal. You can ask for coal in bulk by contacting small coal mines. But before ordering coal, find the price of coal that you have suitable. 

If you want to do business with artificial coal, you can go to the village and talk to the people there because the people of the village mostly use wood for cooking, from which they can collect the remains of coal made from wood. So you will get some income, and you will get coal at a low cost. In addition, you will also need a vehicle to carry all the loads, and it needs to be economical. Mahindra Blazo X 28 tipper Price is very appropriate according to its specifications and offers high value in your portfolio. 

Use Of Coal In The Market

Coal is a fuel that is mainly used to generate electricity in India. But, apart from this, it is also used in places like factories and restaurants. So if you want to sell your coal, then you can sell coal in places like restaurants and Dhabas in your city. And in the season of weddings also you will have a lot of coal sold from where you can earn good profits.

Do Market Research

Before starting the coal business, you must research coal in the market. So that you will be able to know to whom you can sell coal and who needs coal but which people need it so that you will be able to increase your business efficiently.

Coal Business Cost

The cost of a coal business depends on your business, how much you invest, and how big you choose the place. Still, we will tell you how much it will cost.

If you do business in natural coal, you will have to carry a budget of about 5 to 6 lakhs initially. You will need transport vehicles so that you can easily transport coal from one place to another. To do this business, you can go with an Eicher Pro 6028 tipper because this truck comes with a robust body frame and is available on a valuable budget in India. But if you do this business of coal made from burning wood, it will cost you less. You can do this business from 10,000 to 30,000.

Choose A Place

Now it comes to where to keep the coal so that the coal remains safe and there is no problem in giving it to the people or loading it in the vehicle. So you should choose an important location for the coal business where you can store a large quantity of coal. And for carrying coal, it is necessary to pay attention to the big vehicles like trucks, and other vehicles etc., approach roads and everything else. 

Marketing The Coal Business

If you want to succeed in the coal business, you must market it correctly. So that as many people as possible are aware of your coal business.

You can market coal in the following ways –

  • Get the poster made and put it at the shop.
  • Make a pamphlet and distribute it to the people.
  • Paste the pamphlets on the walls of your area as well.
  • Advertise in the local newspaper.

Licence For The Coal Business

You will need a licence to start a coal business. With which you can open your coal business freely. You cannot do coal business without a licence. If you open a shop for your coal business, then you need a lot to get a Gumasta licence. You cannot start your business without a licence.

If you start your business without a Gumasta licence, then you can also read the penalty for doing this business, and your business will also be considered illegal.

To get a Gumasta licence, you have to go to the official website of your state. After this, you can register your business by entering all the information about your business. After registering, your Gumasta licence arrives at your home.

The following types of permits are required –

  • trade licence
  • GST Registration
  • Gumasta Licence

Where to Buy Coal

To do this business, you first need coal, and you can buy coal from different villages. Most of the people in the village cook food on the stove, due to which they have a lot of coal reserves. Moreover, if you have any other way, then you can buy coal from there too.

Where Did the Coal Sell?

You can batch coal in many places; most of the coal is required in the factory. For this, you can contact any factory and batch the coal. Apart from this, the government also buys coal. Therefore, you can also batch coal by checking them. This way, you can buy coal and batch and do your business.

Profit In The Coal Business

In the coal business, you get profits after doing the marketing correctly. If you do this business with complete hard work and planning, you can earn 20 to 25% profit.

If you require more business ideas like this blog, please stay tuned with us. 

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