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Static vs. Post Feed Homepage For WordPress Sites: Which Is Best?

Static vs. Post Feed Homepage For WordPress
The homepage is very important as it is the front page of your online business. Thus, the homepage can harm your website’s success badly. The visitor would not like to visit your website again if they found that your website is poorly maintained. Due to lower conversion rate and higher bounce rate, the search engines will not like your website and will unable to index your website.

If you prefer WordPress then you will have multiple options for creating a homepage. Post feed homepages and static homepages are supported by WordPress.

What do you mean by static homepage?

The static homepage can be known as a traditional homepage whose content is not dynamic.

In WordPress, from different pages, the content will be fetched for a static homepage. As a static homepage, you can set any page, but will not be able to set posts to showcase static homepage. Post related elements such as authors, tags, and categories will not be shown on static pages. To showcase changeable content on a static homepage you can make use of the page builder plugin.

What do you mean by the Post Feed Homepage?

A post feed homepage can be considered as a fluid homepage layout that consists of all the website’s posts.

By default, the 10 most latest posts get to appear on the post feed homepage in a reverse-chronological form. On the original URL, the posts will be published such as mywebsite.com/second-post and mywebsite.com/first-post.

When visiting your website’s homepage, users will find the websites with the most latest posts with a post feed homepage.

For example, your website homepage will showcase a total of 7,500 words if you have added 10 posts with 750 words each.

Rather than the complete content, your website homepage will only showcase the first 55 words of the post. Next to that “read more” or “continue” link will be added.

Advantages of the static homepage

It is the default for WordPress, so you can say that the post feed homepage is better for your website. Before no WordPress developer would like to use the default setting as it can be ineffective.

With post feed homepage you will be able to create a successful website but with a static homepage, you can expect better results.

Your website content with a static homepage will be more logical and concentrated whereas post feed homepage might seem distracting content for visitors.

For a positive user experience, it is recommended to utilize a static homepage.

The static homepage will work well if you are running an eCommerce website.

On the static homepage, testimonials, customer reviews can be added.

Higher search rankings are the other advantages of using a static homepage.

Rather than ranking post-feed layouts, Bing and Google will prefer the homepage with a static layout.

No duplicate content will contain in static homepage whereas post feed homepages do.

Advantages of post feed homepage

As we have seen above that static homepage has more advantages but still, there are few reasons why you should consider post feed homepages for your web pages.

If you create a new website, you might be looking to publish posts only. Where you just have an option to use post feed homepage.

To market their latest published posts, most of the bloggers use a post feed homepage. You should use this homepage format if you are running a WordPress blog based on professional WordPress themes. Your blog posts will be able to recognize it quickly. Post feed homepage is good for blogs and news websites rather one should prefer static homepages.


It is important to have well designed and appealing homepage to leave a strong first impression on your visitors. As post feed homepages and static homepages are supported by WordPress, the best is former layout. High conversion rate, high search rankings and positive user experience will be obtained with static homepages.

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