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Step by step instructions to Tape a Hockey Stick

Hockey tape - Wikipedia

For hockey players, one of their most valued belongings is their hockey stick, particularly when it’s new. Perhaps the most ideal approach to deal with a hockey stick is to ensure you have a viable hockey tape work on both the sharp edge and the hockey shaft.

This is a dreary cycle for a few, yet an appropriately taped hockey stick sharp edge can likewise be the central factor to whether you kill that extra time match dominating objective! In numerous storage spaces, totally taped hockey sticks are viewed as a show-stopper.

First of all, you will require a move of 1.5-inch or 1-inch Renfrew Hockey Tape (white or dark, contingent upon inclination), stick wax, and some scissors, if necessary.

There are three fundamental areas of a hockey stick that can be taped: the handle, the shaft, and the sharp edge. With each part, it is imperative to recall the accompanying tips. Use fabric tape. Never use sock tape or any tape that has a non-grippy surface.

The material tape will give you control of the stick and puck while in real life. Another tip is to attempt to be as exact and reliable as could be expected under the circumstances. Take as much time as is needed and ensure you are getting in any event, separating between each wrap and guarantee there are no knocks or spaces.

China ice hockey may be set to join basketball in top charts: Scott O'Neil

Diving deeper

Taping the highest point of the stick is significant, as this is from where practically all control of your stick will be created. It will directly affect your shooting, passing, stickhandling, etc. All things considered, there are numerous varieties and it will require some investment to sort out which strategy you like best. A few players like a major handle at the top with a ton of tape folded over, some favor practically zero handles, some like the “sweets stick” hold, some lean toward a stick grasp like the Buttendz Twirl 88 hold, and some lean toward a totally extraordinary style.

The most general style is a basic fair size handle. You will need to begin at the highest point of the stick and fold the tape over the highest point of it until it gets to your ideal size.

Just cut the tape when the handle gets to your ideal size. Most players stop when their pinky finger serenely folds over the handle while holding the stick with a couple of gloves on. From that point, beginning just beneath the handle, you will immovably fold the tape over the stick, descending askew, until you arrive at your ideal length.

The regular lengths for tape handles are somewhere in the range of 4 and 10 inches. When you get to your ideal length, do one final lap at the base that is even and covering a piece, and afterward cut it. Now, a few players like to add hold tape around the handle, which adds an alternate surface, helping protect the palms of your gloves. Some people add tapes to their hockey skates too. If you have a tape then don’t forget to try these things!

Question Mark by Joel Plosz on Dribbble

Why people do it?

Since certain sticks have hold and others don’t, another choice for added grasp and control is to tape the shaft of the stick.

One name that rings a bell when talking about taping the shaft is that of Phil Kessel. The arrangement here is the customary sweets stick strategy. With 1-inch tape, start directly underneath the butt end and fold over the stick with your 1.5 to 2 crawls in the middle of each wrap.

Continue down the stick until you arrive at your ideal length, and afterward polish it off as you did with the hold at the top. This strategy isn’t regularly used, as most players want to be able to eliminate and slide their base hand when essential on the ice.


Finally, we show up at the sharp edge of the stick, which is seemingly a hockey player’s most significant piece of their stick. Much like the hold of the stick, there are numerous varieties with regards to taping the cutting edge of the stick.

One of the most ordinarily posed inquiries is whether the tape occupation should be done toe-to-heel or heel-to-toe. Some express the heel-to-toe technique, while somewhat diminishing their shot speed, which adds turn to the puck that makes it hard for goalies to control.


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