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Steps to Properly Clean your Car Tires

Questions like how do I clean and protect my tires are common. Cleaning tires are a vital part of car care.

A car is a big expense. So, it is important to take care of it. Cleaning tires does not mean making it shine. Everyone’s not tire-shine fanatic.

You must know, there are endless options. Various products and tools are easily available in the market. Choose according to the type of your wheels.

Steps to Clean Tires:

If you are also spending some time cleaning your tires, the following steps can be helpful.

Step 1: Know the Type of your Tires:

What types of tires does your car have? Knowing this is important.

Check from this list:

  • Clear coated painted
  • Chrome
  • Polished aluminum
  • Powder coated
  • Clear coated polished aluminum

Knowing your tires will help in choosing the right cleaners. New car and tire cleaners are pouring constantly onto the market

Considering the coatings and tire finishes, make sure you choose the right chemical. Selecting the wrong one can harm the tires.

Step 2: Gather the cleaners and tools:

Before beginning, make sure you have all the tools and the right cleaners with you.

The following tools are required:

  • Wheel brush
  • Hose and spray nozzle
  • Clean and dry towels
  • Bucket
  • Pressure washer
  • Foam pads (optional)
  • Waxing mitt (optional)
  • Bristled brush

Now, find the best cleaner. Tire cleaners are specially designed to clean the stains, dust, dirt, and mud on your tires.

Do not stick with the all-purpose car soap. Tire cleaners are highly recommended. These not only improve appearance but also fill in the cracks.

Over time, your tires get contaminated with dirt, grime, loose stone, and brake dust. These can make your tires look worn out and ugly. Even the used car buyers don’t prefer it this way.

Look for the following things when buying a tire cleaner:

  • Its formation – it can be in the form of gels, sprays, or foam. Choose the one you find easiest and helpful.
  • A neutral pH – Remember to check the pH value. Too acidic can affect your car’s paint.
  • Strength – It should be powerful. The strong ones don’t even require any scrubbing.

Step 3: Apply the cleaners on the tires:

Choose one tire at a time when applying. Don’t try applying it on all wheels together. It will dry. You will need more time to clean it then.

Apply on one, wash, rinse, and then move to the next one.
For chrome and aluminum tires, stronger cleaners can be used. For example, the Chrome Wheel Cleaner by Mother’s.

This cleaner is not safe for coated wheels. Some gel formulas loosen brake dust easily. You can also find some professional-grade wheel cleaners that include butyl ethers and caustic acids.

Use a small or medium-sized bristled brush to clean your tires. It will help in rubbing off the dirt easily.

Scrub your tires, it won’t damage them. You can also apply a lot of pressure.

Allow the cleaner to sit for at least a minute. Even if your cleaner is powerful, it is challenging to get the grime and brake dust off.

Step 4: Wash your tires:

As you apply the cleaner to tires, start washing them. Use a clean bucket of water.

Rinsing the tires with a pressure hose is highly recommended. A high-pressure hose is essential. However, make sure you keep your eyes protected. A hose may hurt you.

Make sure all the soap and chemicals are washed off properly. Then, move to the next tire.

Step 5: Dry your Tires:

Once you’re done cleaning, dry your wheels. You can use a microfiber all-purpose towel. Make sure you don’t use the same towel on other parts of your car.

A towel should be separately kept for the tires only. Drying the tires can aid in getting rid of every last bit of brake dust.

It’s done. Your tires must be shining by now.

Step 6: Wax your tires:

After cleaning and drying, it is recommended that you apply a wheel protectant. Choose a quality one. It acts as a seal on the surface of tires.

An applicator pad is used to apply the wax on wheels. It adds extra shine. Also, makes your tires look cleaner for long.

Tips on Cleaning Tires Safely:

Here are some tips that can be helpful for you:

  • Always follow the instructions
  • Start cleaning the rims and tires first
  • Use a hose or a bucket with water – a separate one for your tires
  • Take separate and clean sponges for tires
  • Some cleaners have damaging effects. Do not splash it over the rim or the car body.

How to Protect Car Tires?

Tires are expensive. They require care and attention.

After cleaning. Make sure you have some protection on your tires.

For the protection, you can use the following ways:
Tire sealants are beneficial – It is a type of coating. Sealants also prevent further damage.
Tire dressing can be used. Choose a water-based or a solvent-based dressing.
You can also use tire wax. It lubricates the tires. Also, can be easily removed when required.

Keep the vehicle on non-petroleum surfaces, such as cement. In extreme weather, avoid storing the vehicle outside. Do not leave your vehicle parked on frozen ground for an extended period of time. If you have to leave it outside during the winter, put something under the tires to keep them from freezing to the ground.

Tires can contain antioxidants and anti-ozone agents. If you clean them with harmful chemicals, you will peel away protection layer, causing the tires to deteriorate prematurely.

One of the leading causes of automobile tire failure is rocky and rugged terrain. Rough terrain puts strain and wear on tires, causing them to thin out and become unable to withstand the weight of the vehicle. In extreme situations, uneven surfaces may puncture the tire’s entire surface or poke tiny holes in the rubber, resulting in the fast or slow removal of all air from the tires

Similarly, running around the side of a curb or turning turns too fast adds more friction to the tire’s surface, causing it to wear and tear even sooner.

Avoiding rugged terrain would save motorists money and they will not have to change their tires as much and will be able to use the same package for a much longer period of time.

Each vehicle has a certain load or weight capability. This guarantees the safety of the passengers and prevents any harm to the vehicle. Overloading has a strong impact on vehicle tires. If the vehicle is carrying a large load, this places a lot of strain on the tires and can pose a safety danger. Tires that sustain an overloaded vehicle are extremely vulnerable to injury.

Final Thoughts:

Sidewalls of the tires get dirty and brown easily. If you are using your car, you can’t get rid of it. Cleaning is not only about applying tire dressing. Learn the basics and follow the steps.

You can take care of your tires to protect your vehicle. It increases the durability of your wheels. Tire scrubbing is recommended every two days.

The wax can be applied once a week. Some people also prefer coating their tires. It acts as a rock-hard protector.

Used car buyers must pay more attention on cleaning their car tires. It can increase the life of your vehicle.

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