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Style at your fingertips with Garnier Thiebaut

An ongoing study has shown that an especially decorated table and table linen can make your food taste better. In this way, not solely table cloths add class and style to any supper time. They could affect how we see food. A patio outing, lunchtime on a balcony, week’s end breakfast, or formal supper will all vibe exciting and extraordinary. They will give a lovely and rich feeling when set with spotless Garnier Thiebaut decorative linens, napkins, and sprinters.

Garnier Thiebaut sheets and table covers help to convey the subject and level of service at your dinner or event. They also protect tables and make the inviting visual allure. If you own an ideal and exquisite feasting table cover from Garnier Thiebaut, you can improve the engagement of your dining experiences.

What to Consider When Purchasing Table Linens

Table covers can address the decision time in the picture you’re attempting to depict. From kid-accommodating, superfluous plastic table covers to upscale texture materials for your five-star setting, the choices are unending.

The following are a couple of things you’ll have to consider:

Size and Shape

A table material size conveys the general convention. For example, a 6-8″ drop is appropriate; a 10-15″ depth is seriously fitting for formal occasions.

The Tone of Room or Event

Decorative liners from Garnier Thiebaut assist with setting the perspective for supper – whether carefree, wealthy and heartfelt, or genuine and capable.


Material decorative liners assist with making upscale settings and are designed to endure everyday use. The dispensable covers are better for easygoing events and single-use.


While white decorative spread and ivory are average for formal settings, solid shades make dramatic sceneries and bubbly festive displays when worked with other tabletop components.

Cleanup Requirements

More great workplaces with additional room and washing gear can oblige reusable decorative liners, while on-the-go administrations and easygoing events might lean toward nonessential covers.


With such gigantic quantities of the tablecloth and Garnier Thiebaut sheet choices open, it’s workable to observe table covers that address all of your issues, including squeezing them into your spending plan!

Instructions to Choose The Perfect Table Cover

Observing your table’s ideal size and decorative sheets is a primary system. All you need to get right is the best shade and drop for your table cloth. It doesn’t affect what important shape it is, whether it is a square, rectangular, or round decorative spread; Garnier Thiebaut will give you the best manual to choose the best and ideal table cloth for your table.

Step 1: Identify Your Table Size

Knowing the size of your table is a dire piece of choosing the right decorative liner. It will help sort out what styling will help select each table setting. Measure the exact length and width of the tabletop.

It would help if you gauged the going with:

  • Length of the tabletop
  • Width of the tabletop
  • Range from tabletop to the floor

Step 2: Determine the Desired Tablecloth Drop

Could you like your table cover to drop to the floor? Could you want it to level 12″? Shouldn’t something be said around 15″? Deciding how much you’d like your table cover to hang will conclude the size required.

Tip-If you expect to have people positioned at the table, a recommended drop is 12-15″ for most excellent comfort and solace.

Step 3: Select the Right Size Tablecloth

When you have assessed the table and concluded the ideal decorative liner drop, the opportunity has arrived to complete the decorative spread size required. It is ultimately a direct figure to choose this.

Side 1: Length of tabletop + (needed drop x 2)

Side 2: Width of tabletop + (needed drop x 2)

Step 4: Choose the Right Color for Your Tablecloth

The sort of occasion or event cannot entirely settle the table cover you will work with. The shade of your decorative spread concludes the perspective you wish to make, the subject of a room, and it can add the show to an inert table setting.

Tip-If, the goal for your picked decorative spread is a long stretch, like unbiased tones. For instance, white, dim, ivory, beige, beige, or dark brown ensure the use of these garments for various events over an extensive stretch.

Step 5: How Many Table Linens are Required

Purchase an extra two dozen napkins for every 100 napkins. For every ten decorative spreads you want, you ought to orchestrate an additional 2pcs. For example, if you have 30 tables, organize 36 decorative linens.

What measure of the shade should there be on a decorative spread?

Decorative liner Overhang. In a relaxed environment, it’s the norm to have around six drags of shade on all sides of the table. An inexorably formal setting might use eight to twelve inches of shade. You should gauge the stature of the tables you should use.

What measure of drop should there be on a decorative liner?

Through some research, a Garnier Thiebaut decorative liner drop length of around 8 inches is recommended. A more elaborative drop length is suggested for formal eating occasions, even up to 12 inches.

Table setting guide for table runners

The table cloth is a slim length of material of the decorative liner or an uncovered table. Table clothes are produced in various ways:

  • Set out the point of convergence of the table for the plan
  • Laid over the table to portray seating or used to carry out a theme

To oblige the typical spot setting, the decorative liner is about 14 to 17 inches wide, and the drop at the closures is around 15 inches down.

Must-Know Tips for Choosing a Table Runner

A Garnier Thiebaut decorative linen is one of the most flexible bits of table materials you can possess. Helpful in countless such pieces of your stylistic theme, table cloths are accessible in any material, style, shading, and length possible.

These decisions can be overpowering, yet continue to peruse for specific tips to assist you with picking the best one for your requirements.

Instructions to pick the right size decorative linen. Of all inquiries posed about decorative linens, this is the most famous. This is pretty straightforward, yet there are a few inquiries to address before knowing precisely what to gauge and how to manage those estimations.

What are your table’s aspects? Regardless of assuming it is of use on a feasting table or one more plain in the home, estimating the elements of the table is the pivotal initial step. Remember to incorporate any lip around a table’s edge in your estimation.

The decorative linen is put down in the table’s middle or put evenly rather than placemats? Assuming that used down the middle, there is a recipe to pick the correct sprinter width: measure the table’s width and gap by three. Then, the decorative linen or sprinters will place to fill in as placemats; they should be 16 to 20 inches wide.


Is it true that you are using the tablecloth with a decorative liner? Typically, a table cloth length hangs around six inches over each end of the table, whether it’s plain or decorative linen.

  • Consider the area which will cover your table cloth while picking the texture because its exhibition and style can affect the ideal decision for your table.
  • Pick decorative linens produced using glossy polyester silk for formal tables with polished surfaces like glass or lacquered wood.
  • Choose a cotton, twill, or burlap table cloth for a table made of wood or metal in a less proper style.

Use a short Garnier Thiebaut table cloth as the foundation of a casual highlight. The length should leave room on each table’s finish for a spot setting for this utilization. Next, pick a corresponding texture and focus your decorative design or beautifications on it.

For instance, a natural farmhouse-style decorative linen would look extraordinary under a pewter pitcher with daisies. An occasion highlight could be foliage from a holly hedge and merry candles on top of a topical table cloth.

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