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T-Mobile + Sprint Merger-Their Customers New Advantages

In this article, we’re going to talk a little bit about something that affects a lot of people, 98.3 million to be exact, with the T Mobile Sprint merger having closed that’s the total number of postpaid and prepaid customers the combined companies now service. According to a T Mobile press release in August. So, if you’re a Sprint customer looking to upgrade your phone right now or Verizon or AT&T customer, Considering your options and looking at other carriers. What does this new, larger T Mobile mean for you? Let’s discuss below,

T-Mobile + Sprint Merger:

First things first, it’s important to know the order of things, T Mobile absorbed sprint, which means little to nothing will change for existing t mobile users, other than the ability to access Sprint’s low band spectrum, but we’ll get into that in a bit. Sprint customers, on the other hand, are the biggest beneficiaries of this contract. I was a sprint user a year ago and I left the network because they had some tower sharing those which expired and significantly decreased their coverage. But, now that sprint has been absorbed by T Mobile. Sprint users on LTE phones can expect to see increased coverage, how you ask, Well, if you’re in an LTE area where T Mobile has LTE coverage, and you don’t, you’ll automatically roam onto T Mobile cell towers.

T-Mobile Sprint Merger
T-Mobile Sprint Merger

Maybe you’ve already noticed this. The same does not hold true for T Mobile customers, they won’t roll onto sprint towers for LTE. At some point in the future, the two networks will merge and everyone will be on both networks. And they’ll see the benefits of the new network and experience greater coverage but for now, Sprint customers rejoice, your network just got bigger and you won’t have to pay more for the privilege, at least not until 2023. What happens after that is somebody’s imagination.

T-Mobile + Sprint Merger 5G Advantages:

Now, what about 5g. That’s the hot new thing right, it’s what’s next for you and I, with regard to the future of smartphone service. Okay, well, what’s on the Verizon will take years to deploy but it all comes down to building penetration and the death of some older 5g phones. Sprint owns quite a bit of mid-band wireless spectrum, which has better building penetration than the faster millimeter wave spectrum.

T-Mobile Sprint Merger
T-Mobile Sprint Merger

And now that T Mobile owns that mid-band spectrum. They’ve already begun, deploying it in cities around the country. If you’re a sprint user on a 5g phone with a Snapdragon 865, or 865 plus processor, you’ll be able to connect to T mobile’s 5g network. Now, the 5g modems in those phones, the  Galaxy Note 20 Ultra being a good example. So you might be good to go. Older 5g sprint phones are now rendered obsolete. Since T Mobile had to shut down Sprint’s 5g network in order to facilitate the network integration. Thinking about how to unlock t mobile smartphone paid or free, We have the solution on the given link.

Speaking of the LTE and 5g network ramifications of the merger. If you’re a sprint customer and looking to buy a phone. Now, what should you buy? I’d go and expensive and buy unlocked. We have several phones, which would be ideal choices for that use case, the Motorola Moto G Stylus works and supports voice over LTE. You can also pick up an iPhone SE, and Google’s pixel 4A. So, if it’s the 5g network you’re looking to tap into any of the unlocked Samsung S 20s or the Galaxy note 20s should work just fine. And the Sprint-branded version of the One Plus 8 gets you a great phone for well under $1,000. Everything I’ve read from sprint, and T Mobile forums to Reddit subforums, says that the One Plus 8 Pro has yet to be certified for Sprint’s network. So you’re likely out of luck there. And one of my favorite and I think the most underrated flagships of 2020 LG is outstanding V 60G is also an option. If you’re looking to go that 5g route. Something to consider as you’re looking at phones and thinking that just because, something works on one network. Now, that they’ve merged, it should work on both is that both companies are still using their in-house computer billing and payments infrastructure. So, in order to use a specific phone that you really want, you may have to switch from a sprint account to a native

T Mobile account. I experienced this myself years and years ago When I was a Nextel customer and Sprint first bought them. Jumping, to a native T Mobile account, since their one company now. Sounds like a no-brainer right, not necessarily because their rate plans may differ based on what rate plan you’re currently on. If you’re using an older grandfathered re-plan, meaning you’re on a plan that neither company no longer offers. And in some cases, it may be more advantageous to stick with Sprint and ride things out, until they fully merged computer systems. Case in point, when T Mobile shut down Sprint’s 5G network and users on sprint already had 5G phones, which immediately became paperweights Sprint offered those users. An upgrade path to Galaxy S 20s, the one plus 8 and LG V60 G.

T-Mobile Sprint Merger
T-Mobile Sprint Merger

One Reddit user even posted the details Sprint offered him or her, and among them was that LG V60 G which normally goes for $37.50 a month with the nondual screen. For this offer, Sprint was selling it to legacy users for $14.16 a month with the dual-screen. That is a deal worth jumping on. So the last part of this, prepaid phones are a huge market. When this all went down many of you sprint users were on Boost Mobile which is Sprint’s prepaid unit, for those of you on Metro by T Mobile. But, the Boost Mobile unit was bought out by Dish networks as part of the merger deal that the Federal Communications Commission and Department of Justice approved. Now, that sounds like it would be horrible, Right. You’re with the satellite company who’s just beginning their journey into the mobile realm. Sounds like problems. Right. Yeah, there may be some uncertainty here and there. But, it’s not all that bad. As a part of this arrangement Dish customers who were previously Boost customers, which was operated by Sprint will now find themselves accessing T mobile’s larger network. Through what boost calls their boost mobile’s new upgraded network isn’t just fast, its newly expanded data network.

Final thoughts:                    

So, Sprint users hit me in the comments below and let us know how the transition has been for you. We would enjoy hearing from you and see how it’s going. And for continuing coverage of the merger, and all the changes that come along with it, check back this website regularly, and we’ll have all you need to know.





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