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Computers and Technology

The AI Revolution – Building the Future Workforce

AI Revolution

Picture this, the year 2028… AI to mimic an artist and generate a top 40 pop song. AI to use as a narrative arc in videos to predict how people will react after watching them. AI will also be able to use the text input just to generate a video giving its first cut within ten seconds. These are transformative changes the AI promises in the near future.

It is important how we should realize the growing impact AI has on our lives. And it should be essential to think about how technology will be used for societal benefit.

Artificial intelligence has proven quite promising in China. The demand for AI professionals in this country is growing by leaps and bounds.

As the government ramp up the effort of upgrading the country’s economy and encourage companies to compete in tech and innovation, highly skilled professionals in AI have become one of the most sought after talents in China.

Dr. Liu Xu, a Ph.D. holder in AI, has been studying artificial intelligence since graduate school. Currently, he is working for Watrix, an AI-based company in Beijing. Liu says, he chose AI because he thinks it is very interesting.

Like face recognition, Liu uses AI to identify the identities of people by analyzing their body shape and walking posture. This is now being used in areas with heavy security such as the customs, the port area, and police work.

Being an AI engineer Liu told the CGTN what his job responsibility was.

He said, “firstly we need to collect a lot of data of people’s walking posture and analyze these data, and then we use machine learning technologies to let the computer learn these data, and figure out the unique gesture of one person,” he detailed.

In the academic environment, their algorithm is more than 90 percent accurate. But they have to apply it to different scenarios and keep fine-tuning their AI model to achieve better performances.

“The development of AI technology is very fast. We have to adapt to the quick changes and keep learning. It’s very interesting, but also challenging.”

The AI demand

According to LinkedIn, the 2020 Emerging Jobs Report mentions AI experts to rank first in demand. The report also states, as the development on the internet, computer software, and the technology industry grows, the AI professional career has grown up to 75 percent annually in the last five years.

According to Alibaba, AI specialists in the US earn an average of USD 136,000. At times, AI engineers are even more expensive to hire in China than in Silicon Valley.

Huang Yongzhen, CEO of Watrix shared with the media what they require from the AI professionals.

The history of AI is nearly about 60 years. However, the changes this technology has undergone have been fast and rapid. When Huang was a Ph.D. candidate, there were studying more of theory and less of engineering methods. And since the technology has changed, it now relies on data and computing power. With so much advancement in technology, many AI engineers now believe they need more practical knowledge rather than a theoretical foundation. But this does not work at all times. When you’re solving complex problems, having a solid theoretical knowledge always helps says Huang.

China as a country has made great advancements in industrializing AI and now looks forward to making it the engine for economic growth. According to analysts, development in AI will bring a drastic change in the jobs market, leading to some job losses while creating double the amount of job it destroys.

However, every country must now take a vow of readying their workforce for the upcoming changes.

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