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The Best 4K Camera for Filmmaking, Photographers and Vloggers in 2020

Whether you are an aspiring filmmaker, photographer or Vlogger, you need the best 4K camera to shoot videos. These 4K cameras should be the latest, capable, and also affordable.

If you are a filmmaker, then you need a camera particularly equipped with features and controls required for filmmaking. All these you can get only from the best 4K cameras. The video market is witnessing tremendous changes with the arrival of Mirrorless cameras. These cameras, like Panasonic Lumix S1H and Sigma fp, are challenging to the cinema cameras with their powerful and remarkable features. Meanwhile, the products like Olympus OM-D E-M1 Mark III and Fujifilm X-T4 are coming with extraordinary features like in-body stabilization of image and digital video stabilization. These all products with enhanced features are impressive and can serve the needs of all filmmakers, vloggers and photographers.

the Best 4K Camera for Filmmaking, Photographers and Vloggers in 2020

The main point is that various videographers are there, ranging from stills photographers to vloggers and YouTubers. The requirements of all these are different with different budgets. The below section has been created to guide all three includes vloggers, filmmakers and photographers. They can choose the most suitable 4K cameras according to their needs and budget.

4K Cameras Suitable for Photographers

These 4K cameras are suitable for both video making and shooting stills at home. These are stills cameras enhanced by introducing features needed for capturing 4K video. Many professionals and production companies are using these cameras. These cameras with enhanced 4K video features can beat even those cameras which are dedicated features for videos.

Fujifilm X-T3


The mirrorless camera has impressive capabilities for capturing 4K videos. It can capture 4K video up to 60p frame rate for a 2x smooth slow-motion effect. Moreover, it can obtain an even more comprehensive 4K Cinema format at the same frame rate. Besides, the camera is capable of capturing even 10-bit video of higher quality internally. The users can save the 4K video at the more top quality of color sampling with the ratio 4:2:2 by connecting a recorder externally. The 4K camera comes with the dynamic mode range F-Log and the HLG mode through firmware. However, it lacks the in-body stabilization system.

Panasonic Lumix S1H


The mirrorless camera is genuinely bridging the gaps between the cameras with conventional systems and high-end cinema systems. It is the first camera which has got the A approval from Netflix. The headline spec used in the camera can capture videos of even 6Kat the frame rate of 24fp in 3:2 ratio. Also, it can capture videos with 10-bit at the quality of 4:2:0. The users can use even capture at the frame rate of 60fps

for fast action and playback. You can continue filming or capturing videos as long as you want. The internal fan dissipates the heat produced during such long video capturing.

Nikon Z6


The camera can capture 4K videos even if they are oversampled. It works much better if its ISO settings are at high. Moreover, it is stuffed with stabilization of the in-body image system. If you want to record high-quality footage of 10-bit with 4:2:2, then connecting a recorder externally will be much useful. Also, it includes the highly dynamic mode F-Log for users who need flexibility while carrying out color grading. Moreover, it has been upgraded through firmware for card compatibility of CFexpress.

Sony A7 III


Since its launch, the camera is setting a new and high standard for capturing 4K videos. It can serve the needs of those photographers substantially who are willing to move to the full-frame without spending a considerable amount. It comes with the frame rate of 3fps and S-Log mode to capture highly dynamic scenes of various ranges and color grading.  It can give high quality while capturing oversampled 4K videos. Moreover, it uses a sensor of 24MP teamed up with a BIONZ X and LSI front end processor resulting in the faster readout of data and fast processing. The users can choose Flexible spot mode, AF, Center AF or Zone AF and while can expand spot mode to make the camera stay focused on the object straying outside the area you have selected.

Panasonic Lumix S1


The camera is an all-rounder performer when it comes to shooting both video and stills. The internal recording of 10 bit with 4:2:2 is possible with the camera. It offers a unique blend of touch and direct control, along with supporting the super-fast memory card format CFexpress. The camera can give you the sharp shots of even fast-moving objects which is impressive. Its other prominent features include in-body image stabilization system, the sensor of 24.2 MP, support for Wi-Fi and Bluetooth and the excellent touch screen allowing the users to adjust settings easily and quickly.

Olympus OM-D E-M1 Mark III

Olympus mark 3

The camera has impressive capabilities to shoot 4K videos with its stabilization of the in-body system. The system works with the optical stabilization in the new lenses of Olympus offering stabilization up to seven stops. You can capture videos of 4K UHD at the frame rate of 30fps and 4K  Cinema videos at the frame rate of 24fps. The camera can capture clear and crisp videos which are natural-looking with only rolling the shutter effects slightly. Besides, the camera is adept at capturing videos of even fast-moving objects while handheld.

Sigma fp


Even though the camera comes in small size but its features are enormous and equally advantageous. The camera is best at capturing videos however not so good for stills. The camera is so tiny that you can carry it even in the pocket of your trousers. Moreover, it has been designed to serve the purpose of both serious stills photographers and 4K Cinema video shooting. Besides, you can use it as a webcam through your computer for live streaming. The feature is significant at the moment when most of the people are staying at home and looking for ways to spend their time.

Panasonic Lumix G9


The camera comes with many exciting features including an image sensor of 20.3 MP with fast and quick autofocus. It has the rapid frame rate of 12fps and has been made much better through firmware v2.0 updates. It is a strong proposition for photographers and filmmakers. The camera is also stuffed with the system of 6.5-stop dual stabilization. Moreover, it is compatible with the devices Profoto Connect -O/P, Profoto Air Remote TTL-O/P, new AF-ON: Near Shift and Far shift to identify the distant objects and prioritize them. The  AF Animal Detect mode and enhanced functionalities to capture videos have also been featured in the camera.

 4K cameras for Vlogging

These cameras appeal to the vloggers and pro photographers looking for something at budget. These are stuffed with advanced features to fulfil the requirements of these people.

Sony A6400


The camera has been introduced with the high tech and the latest AF system along with the screen of flip-over. The flip-over screen is suitable for taking selfies, but at the same time, it also serves the needs of vloggers. The camera can be a dream for the independent content creators, bloggers and vloggers. The quality of the still image is good, but for 4K videos, it is excellent. It has the Eye AF feature, which can be much useful for tracking objects in real-time as it is based on the object recognition system powered by artificial intelligence. It processes the distance and color of the object with spatial information. The camera comes with Hybrid Log-Gamma to support HDR based playback on TVs compatible with the device.

Olympus Pen E-PL9


The camera comes with a flip-over screen of about 180 degrees, easy to use touch screen and system for in-body stabilization. Even though the makers are using sensors of 16.1 megapixel instead of modern 20.4MP, still it has a lot to offer to the photographers. It comes in compact and lightweight and serves much to vloggers and photographers.

 4K cameras  for Filmmakers

The requirements of filmmakers are quite different in comparison to vloggers and photographers. The needs are not only specific to shooting some videos or capturing stills. Instead, they require a whole set of video capturing cameras compatible with cinema rigs, lenses, pieces of equipment and accessories of sound and movies. Here are the cameras fulfilling these needs:

Canon EOS C300 Mark II


The 4K camera is well capable of meeting the needs of cinematographers and professional videographers. Its design is modular, allowing you to attach external grips, monitors, sound equipment making it the best for filmmaking. The inclusion of 8MP megapixels sensor makes 4K video capturing much convenient and accessible without pixel binning, image cropping and oversampling. The 4K camera can even capture an image in 4:2:2 in footage of 10-bit internally due to the presence of two memory cards of CFast. The in-built ND filters make it a significant asset when capturing videos outdoors. However, the amateurs can find it challenging to handle due to its complicated controls.

Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 6K


The specialized and unique video camera has exceptional design and specifications. It has been styled compactly with a lens and a Micro Four Thirds sensor. It uses the sensor format of 35mm, which is considered as the super large. It is equipped with the Canon EF lens and can capture raw 6K videos at the speed of 60/50p. Technically, the camera is extraordinary with no such disturbing limitations.

Source: The Best 4K Camera for Filmmaking, Photographers and Vloggers in 2020

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