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The Best Computer Desks in the Year 2020

Your intention to purchase a computer desk may include setting up a homework station, home office, or gaming at home. But, the most important thing is your computer desk should serve as an anchor providing enough space to house your keyboard, computer, mouse, and other items. A good and comfortable computer desk offers a great design that allows users to study, work, and enjoy online gaming conveniently. If you have a suitable computer desk, it will help you keep your game work accessories organized and accessible. Further, it will save you from getting frustrated and enhance your productivity.

When you choose a computer desk to serve your needs, it should have a combination of both, i.e., functionality and fashion. Plus, it should deliver the best gaming experience and an organized and neat work area. A variety of computer desks with various features are available in the market, making it difficult for you to choose the best one for your needs. You can select a computer desk ranging from advanced features to a traditional one. While choosing a comfortable computer desk, you should think about space availability required to set up your computer desk. Computer desks come in a wide variety of configurations that can help you utilize the most out of your area.

The users can choose from a straight and straightforward tabletop design, L-shaped desks, corner desks, etc. Besides, you can choose the computer desk that can even fit easily over your bed. Here are some of the best computer desks that can help you to make your selections easy:-

Bush Furniture Cabot L-shaped Computer Desk

Bush Furniture Cabot L-shaped Computer Desk

The computer desk offers a classic and comfortable office style and features the L-shape making it suitable to use even in a corner. The fully finished desk on its backside has made it convenient to work in any location. The use of espresso oak in the computer desk has given it a beautiful finishing. It is available in white, harvest cherry, storm gray, natural maple, and ash gray. Some other worthy features of the computer desk include a spacious storage cubby suitable to fit your computer’s slide-out keyboard.

Also, it has file drawers and a sliding cabinet. The integration of the file drawer has made it easy for the users to reach A-4 files, legal and standard letters. Moreover, the computer desk has a vertical cabinet and a drawer for storing things. You can easily fit your CPU in the upright cabinet.

Apart from these, you will get scratch-resistant workspaces, which are two with a spacious surface. The in-built 4-Port USB hub is very much convenient for connections. In brief, the computer desk has a timeless style with the updated, smart, and latest features, including advanced chrome hardware. It is perfect for your every use, whether for studying, business, online gaming, or office or at the home office. Above all, the computer desk is highly durable and warping or cracking resistant, which makes it great when it comes to long term use.

Novogratz Computer Desk with Marble Finish

Novogratz Computer Desk with Marble Finish

The beautiful computer desk with classic design and marble finish has a very simple and straightforward workspace. The workspace has cubbies that you can use for storing things. It is open on two sides. While the computer desk can add a touch of beauty and class to any space with its marbleized black and white finishing, it is also durable and scratch-resistant due to high quality and PVC-laminated particleboard. You can store your gaming or office accessories and supplies in the spacious dual opened cubbies, which are just below the work surface, making it easy for you to access things conveniently.

This particular feature helps to keep your work surface uncluttered and straightforward. A long storage cubby that opens in the back of this computer desk is perfect when it comes to hiding the power strip. Also, there is a  wire grommet that can keep your wires and cords organized, tangle-free, and out of sight.

Each of the two cubbies can hold the items up to five pounds, and the workspace can support the gaming and office equipment up to 80 pounds. Besides, the computer desk comes entirely assembled. You will need to build only legs, which can be done quickly with its manual having easy and complete instructions to attach the legs.

Monarch Specialties Hollow-Core Left or Right Facing Corner Desk


The computer desk with L-shape, modern and sleek design offers ample space for all your gaming or office work supplies. You will find it suitable and spacious enough for a laptop, computer desktop, and printer. Its open and roomy storage shelves, however, open on one side but provide extra workspace. The other side of the computer desk has two storage drawers, which are quite spacious, and an additional drawer for keeping your large-sized and standard documents. All the drawers provided on the computer desk are easy and smooth to open due to their metal gliders. There are also open and wide shelves useful to keep your gaming and office items.

Also, there is ample space in the cubby for your books. Apart from these features, the computer desk comes in dark taupe, cappuccino, or white finish on a durable and sturdy engineered wood making it scratch resistant and tough. It can be the best computer desk for studying, working at home, and gaming.

Diroan Kids Functional Desk and Chair Set

Diroan Kids Functional Desk and Chair Set

It can be the best computer desk for your children. The computer desk comes in either blue and white or pink and white with an ergonomic design perfect for playing online games, drawing, and homeschooling or homework. It features a scratch-resistant and durable Medium density fiberboard desktop and a steel frame on the chair and desk. Both the desk and the chair can bear the weight up to 190 pounds, which is exceptional. The highly durable protectors made of rubber and surrounded along the legs has made it damage and scratch resistant even after the most energetic uses.

The children between the age groups of 4 to 15 can use it conveniently. The computer desk has a tilting surface, which is perfect for artwork and handwriting practice. The users can adjust the tilting surface according to the needs of their child.

Apart from these, the child-friendly computer desk features a drawer that can be pulled out and save enough space. The in-built cup and pencil holder helps your children keep their crayons, pens, and pencils organized and tidy. Besides, the book stand included in this computer desk is ideal when it comes to holding a tablet, iPad, or a book while learning, studying, or gaming. The detachable and adjustable LED light provides eye-protecting light by avoiding glare for doing schoolwork. This computer desk also has the backrest, which is not only comfortable but also you can adjust it to get the maximum comfort.

Tribesigns Overbed Computer Table With Wheels

Tribesigns Overbed Computer Table With Wheels

The computer desk featuring classic and clean lines and available in black or white is suitable for any decor. You can fit the computer desk on your size bed, whether it is a small, big, double, queen-size, or twin bed.  The computer desk has the heavy-duty and durable frame of steel and boards of thick wood, providing a sturdy and smooth surface. You can place your laptop, computer, and other study or work supplies on its smooth surface, holding weight up to 350 pounds. Its surface size of 71 by 16-inches provides plenty of space to study, work, or even play online games.

 Side and back baffle added to the computer desk helps to prevent your items from sliding off it. It must-have for pregnant women, and the users recovering from any illness need bed rest. The computer desk is versatile and best for those users who have limited space in their homes. You can assemble this computer desk quickly as it comes with a screwdriver and a complete guide.

Tangula Corner Computer Desk

Tangula Corner Computer Desk

The computer desk serves the best if you don’t have enough floor space, and perfect for small areas. It can be used in a more versatile way in small areas and even as a makeup table or vanity. The computer desk features a pull-out tray for keyboard and a spacious design that can house your mouse and keyboard and provide ample space for your legs, chair, and lap. It’s two shelves that open on the sides of the computer desk function entirely and adequately when it comes to storing paper, books, and other supplies on one side and storing CPU for your desktop computer on the other side and that too all within your reach.

 Some of its other outstanding features include highly durable and smooth work surfaces made with high-quality wood making it scratch and corrosion-resistant. It is available in black, white, and cherry brown finish. Also, the computer desk is available in the storage drawer.

Vipek Gaming Desk or Home Office Computer Table

Vipek Gaming Desk or Home Office Computer Table

The computer desk featuring the ergonomic and updated look with a work surface made with the tough carbon fiber and heavy-duty frame of steel is perfect for playing online video games. The computer offers a convenient and spacious comfort for online game players to sit and play with its slightly indented work surface. Its dual shelves, which are removable also, are perfect for holding two monitors entirely depending on your gaming and working needs. Besides, it has a scratch and rust-resistant working surface, and footpads adjusted according to your foot movements while playing online games. The computer desk also provides some convenient extras such as a headgear hook and a detachable cup holder.

Walker Edison Furniture Company Modern Corner L-Shaped Glass Computer, Writing, Gaming Desk


The computer desk in L-shape has not only a sleek, modern, and sophisticated design but also it can be fitted into any corner. The use of black steel and a glittering safety surface made of the tempered glass has given it a classy, updated, and clean look. The computer desk can save space not only in your room but also saves your desktop space. The integration of a pull-out tray for placing the keyboard helps give the surface of your desktop an uncluttered appearance. With its L-shape design, you can set your office supplies on one side and keep your computer on the other side.

It is the best computer desk when it comes to placing multiple desktop computers and various monitors. The construction of the computer desk is sturdy and durable. However, its sleek and open design can make it difficult for you to organize or hide cords and so getting the zip ties before proceeding to assemble the computer will be a good idea.

Topeakmart 2-Tier Computer Desk With Printer Shelf

Topeakmart 2-Tier Computer Desk With Printer Shelf

The computer desk comes with a vertical design, which is space-saving. It has a shelf fitted on its top to house your scanner, printer, or fax machine conveniently. Besides, the storage rack on its side can save your office supplies, books, or gaming accessories, and the slide-out tray is well enough to house the keyboard and save surface space. The bottom shelf of the computer desk is spacious enough to hold your CPU. Moreover, the use of durable materials in the computer desk manufacturing has made it sturdy, supporting plenty of heavyweights.

It comes with trendy gray and black colors and can blend very well with any furnishing. You can quickly assemble the computer desk as it comes with the wrench and screwdriver of Phillips. Above all, the integration of castors on its bottom has made it movable. It is one of the best computer desks for sturdy work, and of course, for online gaming.

 Bestier Z-Line Designs Computer Desk With 3 Tiers


It can be described as one of the best computer desks in simple, small, and modern design. It offers a combination of fashion and function featuring an open layout with carbon fiber and a metal frame on its top. Being the user, you can find it ideal for gaming, working, and studying with its spacious area that can fit a keyboard, computer, accessories, and mouse. Its metal base frame in Z-style and back support in X shape has given it exceptional sturdiness.

The integration of open shelves in three tiers is perfect for housing your CPU and holding your gaming equipment, books, and office supplies. There is also a hook which is handy when it comes to organizing cords and hanging headphones. Since the computer desk is small in size, it is perfect for bedrooms, smaller rooms, and dorm rooms. Also, it is portable and can be disassembled easily.

Most of the users spend hours at a computer desk, which increases much more when it comes to enjoying online games. When we choose the best computer desk with many excellent and useful features, it brings more comfort and convenience. Whether you are studying, playing online games, or working from home, if your computer desk is not comfortable, it can make everything frustrating. The best computer desktop should be configured to give the users the utmost comfort.

Configured to bring comfort

While choosing a computer desk for yourself, always consider the surface space that you need. Look at your desk’s dimensions to find out the area you want space for two monitors or enjoy a space for your CPU with the desktop computer. Besides, it is essential to look for a computer desk to make you feel comfortable while sitting and working. The contemporary computer desk features a more narrow space for surface area. If the desk’s surface space is too deep, you will end up wasting space behind the monitor. Nowadays, some computer desks are featuring a slight inward curve that can help you sit relatively closer to your monitor and keyboard.

Your chosen computer desk should fit your space. If space in the home is limited, look for some computer desk with a vertical and space-saving design. The computer desks with vertical design often offer shelves with steep inclination. Such vertically inclined shelves utilize space efficiently, providing you ample space to store things on upper shelves. Upper shelves serve the best and give ample space when it comes to placing your scanner, fax machine, or printer. L-shaped and corner desks design prevalent in computer desks are also space-saving and fit perfectly to save your space.

After looking into the shape and size, the other most significant factor that should be considered is the quality and sturdy construction. If you have a lot of office and gaming accessories and equipment, then purchase a computer desk made with highly durable materials to bear the weight of your objects. Also, consider the factors like scratch and rust-resistant features in the computer desks.

Alluring Extras

Many of the best designs of computer desks offer various enticing features like pull out keyboard tray. It helps to save surface area on your computer desk while allowing a separate space to house your keyboard. If you are using a desktop computer, you need a designated slot on your computer desk to house your CPU. So, search for a computer desk with a cabinet or a lower shelf to house your CPU. The online game players can search for the computer desks offering hooks for hanging your headgear and shelves for dual monitors. If you need to keep many papers, files, and books, then choose computer desks providing extra cubbies and drawers to prevent your workspace from looking cluttered.

For the users’ convenience, furniture companies are offering many best-designed computer desks that are well suited to today’s users’ needs. Whether you want a computer desk for studying, working from home, or gaming, you can easily find a suitable one with the best features.

Source:The Best Computer Desks in the Year 2020

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