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The Best-found Ideas to Spruce Up Your Hardwood Floor!

Having a hardwood floor in your home has its own timeless benefits. Not only does it look classy and sophisticated in any kind of interior but stays in a good condition for decades. In short, if you are opting for hardwood floors, you are designing a home that’s meant for generations to enjoy. But let’s not constrain the decoration of your house only to the floor. You can do lots of other things to enhance the beauty of these floors and even your house.

Add Better Beauty to Your Hardwood Floor by Some Easy Tips and Tricks!

We know you chose the best timber flooring in Melbourne from Ceramic Tile Imports, and these look super classy and alluring in your home. But this isn’t all. The warmth and charm of this flooring can be easily enhanced if you try some good tips and tricks. These won’t only make your floor look better, but even your interiors would appear more appealing.

  • Lighten its effects

If you are too bored of the old dark brownish shades of wooden floor, you can always opt for Maplewood flooring which comes in natural blonde tones. And if you’ve already installed a hardwood floor then light sanding or polishing on it can do the magic. If not, you can let the floor stay in its own position but lighten up your walls and the furniture around to create a pleasant contrast in your room.

  • Layer it warmly

We agree that a vast stretch of hardwood floor looks extremely catchy and sophisticated in your home. But say, if your home flaunts that look for a while and you want to break the monotony, you can always break the chain by opting for warm oriental or Turkish rugs or just use beautiful runners at proper intervals. But remember, choose a design or shade one that complements your wooden flooring nicely.

  • Create Distraction

The all too wooden outlook in your home can seem too sombre sometimes. If you want the distraction, opt for contrasting furniture and even pick the paints for your walls and ceiling in the opposite shades. You’ll love the new panoramic view of your room. This way your attention shall not solely stick to the gorgeous floors.

  • Use reclaimed wood to pair it well

Ok, you have a hardwood floor installed at home. But your furniture is total of the opposite color. If you want to change it to a monochromatic theme, then instead of using some other kind of wood or polish on your furniture or walls, use the reclaimed woods. They have their own distinct charm and finish and would pair really well with the hardwood floor. You can even paint your walls in tones of the same color, say, taupe, or sandy beige. That way colors of the same tone would create a texture that would break the monotony of the monochrome.

  • Why not patterned flooring

We know you are thinking as to how the idea of patterned flooring possible with that of a wooden one. Well, it’s simple. Just create a magnificent motif design by matching pieces of hardwood together and the result is always pleasant.

Hardwood floors are presently used in the most creative and unique way in your home décor. Just pay attention to the details and it would be the best part of your home.

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