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The Best Methods Of Composite Deck Screws Removal

Installing a complete deck can be a costly task. Therefore, no one wants to sacrifice the expense of such a thing. This is why placing the correct screws on decks is a major issue. Because a screw with a bad choice can cause damage to the deck’s material or the surface. In order to avoid this problem you must select the self tapping masonry screws to be utilised.

If your surface is made of composite deck screws. For wooden surfaces, this will be to wood screws. If you’re searching for the one that has the most grip screw made of composite is the best choice. If cost is a problem, you can go with wood screws.

Looking For Composite Deck Screws? A Quick Trailer

This was basically an introduction to the main distinctions. However, if you’re short on time, you can read our general overview to get more understanding.

Differentialities Between Steel Screws And Composite Deck Screws

Sometimes, it’s hard to locate the right screws for decks for attaching to your deck. This is why it’s not uncommon to be confused between wood and composite screws. It’s time to set aside that confusion and look deeper to discover the best option.

The Purpose

The first thing to do is we suspected that you’d want to know the reason behind the two hinge screws. We’ve found the answer you’ve looking for. To better understand the functions for composite deck screws as well as wood screws, check out the information below.

Screws For Composite Decks

Therefore, we’re assuming you know what a composite deck screw is. The reason for this is easy to understand by the name. If you’re still not sure why let us clarify.

Composite deck screws have been design, especially for use on composite decking. Their grip is ideal for composite decking because it is resistant to corrosion. The top of the screws aren’t visually appealing either. Therefore, it doesn’t damage the surface of the composite.

However, you’ll see people using composite deck screws on wood decking, too. While it can be employ on both surfaces, a few issues remain.

Since wood decking tends to be less brittle than composite ones, wood particles require a soft grip. In the absence of this, there’s a good likelihood of the decking breaking when the screw for composite is turned too extremely hard.

Therefore, it is recommend to select the best one for the need. Like you would make sure you use the finest stairs risers made of wood.

Wood Screws

Like composite screws self tapping masonry screws are also used to set and fix decks. However, they can’t be used on all surfaces. Their supple grip on the wooden surface distinguishes these screws from deck screws made of composite. For more precise information they can work great on the top floorings for beam and pier houses.

Therefore, taking into consideration the intended use it is advised to use composite screws if you have composite decking, you should opt for self tapping masonry screws made of composite. If the deck you have is wooden one, then wood screws will be the ideal option for you.


You may have a clue as to which to pick between m7 and m42 bits. However, it is still possible to get confuse between wood and composite deck screws.

We’re here to help; we’ve examined these two alternatives to help you get rid of your confusion. In order to make things easier for our readers, we’ve created the following table in which you’ll discover everything you’ll need to be aware of.

If the rock’s surface is hard and firm, then you must drive self tapping masonry screws made of composite. Because the all body threading allows it to penetrate deeply into the surface. It also has a greater threading height, which is an advantage.

However, the half-body type of threading is ideal for decks made of wood because they’re made of thick and soft material. This allows them to move effortlessly through the layers of wood without breaking the wood layer.

You’ve figured out that if you’re in search of an extra secure and solid grip, select wood deck screws. But, to put the deck without weakening internal wood particles that make up your deck, choose wood screws.

Then, it comes down to the material you’re creating with. If you’re constructing wooden basement stairs or a deck, go for wooden deck screws. However use screws made of composite if your deck is construct of composite materials.

Do I Need To Pre-Drill Deck Screws?

We do suggest that you drill the deck screws before you do. Pre-drilling means drilling a hole into the board with a diameter smaller than the diameter for the screw. This hole is also known as the pilot hole. Pilot holes serve three main functions.

  • They first lighten the work of the bigger drill and direct it to the proper location.
  • The second option is to use them to put in another hole-making device.
  • The third and perhaps the most important pilot holes offer enough space for self-threading screws inside boards so that they don’t damage them.

The pilot holes are especially important when screwing on the edges of the board. Screws for decks cut their threads while driving them into wood. If you drill a pre-drill screw before drilling, the screw may be used as a wedge.

The screws creates outward pressure, which could result in the wood being cracked or split and weaken in time. A screw that is not pilot could cause damage to the screw due to binding the core.

Then, How Do You Install The Correct The Pilot Holes Into Your Deck Boards?

Make sure you use the correct-size drill bit. The pilot hole you drill should be smaller or about similar to the smaller dimension of the screw. The goal is for you to create a hole that’s diameter is similar to the diameter of the screw’s main cylindrical cylinder.

However, the threads of the screw cut the wood, creating solid connections. If you can’t see it, you can refer to charts to show the appropriate drills for various screw sizes. The depth of the pilot hole should be of the same length as the screw. Woodworkers who are experience will know when they are at this point and stop drilling.

Why Is It Important To Make Space Between Your Deck Boards?

Expansion And Contraction Of The Wood

The fluctuations in the volume of structural timber screws are driven by the water, with wood fibers capable of holding it. If you expose deck boards to moisture they absorb it quickly and expand.

However, under dry conditions, wood can shrink and dry out. Because you put the deck boards outdoors, they constantly expose them to fluctuating conditions and weather conditions. Their size will alter, based on the weather.

For Proper Drainage

The gap between the decking boards will provide a dependable drain for water that is on the deck. This will decrease or even eliminate the chance of water pools onto your deck. The drainage of your deck is crucial to stopping moisture damage to the deck boards, as well as mould growth and decay.

To Allow For Good Airflow

The proper size gaps between the decking boards can assist in allowing airflow to flow through the deck. The gaps will let evaporated air out and help in making sure that your deck is free of rot.


Since the deck is outside and exposed to the elements, it is like this needs some sort of maintenance at times. It is possible that there is a significant amount of trash gushing down onto your deck. Deck boards that are space properly allow some debris to drop through the gaps and onto the ground, which makes your cleanup easier.


James Harris

James Harris, the marketing manager of Multi-Fix Direct, is widely regarded as an expert in business and marketing. An experienced user experience professional and service thinker, he welcomes new challenges and opportunities that add value to the company's brand image. He often posts to the most prominent blogs, enabling him to share his decades of experience with a wider audience.

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