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The Best Way to Get Low Rates on Your Car insurance in Dubai UAE

Having car insurance policy in while driving your vehicle in Dubai is a judicial requirement. It would help if you had vehicle protection from a well-known & trustworthy company, and price must not be your only consideration while obtaining car insurance.

An insurance firm offering car insurance in Dubai UAE gives you an estimate for your insurance plan based on as many details as you give about your car and yourself. For an exact quotation, you will have to provide the following information:

  • The model of your car
  • The current market rate of your car
  • The model and the year of the model
  • On which Emirate your vehicle has registration
  • Your age and your nationality
  • How long you’ve owned your UAE license
  • In which country your driving license was originally allotted
  • When did you last make a claim on your car insurance


Besides the above details, in some cases you have to provide a few other details to your insurance provider. . Incomplete details may force you to end up getting a higher quote or not getting an estimate at all. Providing all the data will ensure a quote will have certain discounts, which you may avail easily.. There is no deficit of car insurance alternatives in Dubai, and even your dealership can help you find an insurance provider.

With large numbers of insurance providers offering car insurance in Dubai UAE, car insurance can be effortlessly availed, and most of the leading insurance companies are well recognized in the UAE region. There are two types of motor insurance available – third party liability protection and comprehensive protection.

The third-party liability coverage provides insurance for the other vehicle if you cause the collision. If your car suffers any type of damage in the crash, you’ll have to pay for fixing it. This policy is essentially taken out for more worn vehicles that are restricted for a comprehensive cover. Extensive insurance grants full protection in the event of an accident irrespective of whose fault it was. Depending on the insurer, following are the other supplementary options obtainable in a comprehensive cover:

  • Injury, personal accident, and passenger cover

This cover guarantees that both you and your passengers are insured in the event of injury caused in an accident involving your insured vehicle. Typically, this is an additional expense above the primary cover. Another alternative is an emergency medical expense that comprises of an agreed sum if any medical treatment is needed. Some covers safeguard against the injury or the loss to an agreed sum if the damage is due to lightning, fire, or external explosion.

  • Agency repair

This kind of policy renders coverage for repairs on the cars not older than five years. Mostly, this policy is taken out solely for new vehicles.

Some other car insurance in Dubai UAE include standard or optional replacement of your car if it is beyond repairs. Some of the policies also render roadside assistance, such as towing to the service center or authorized mechanic if it breaks down. Supplementary covers involve jump-starting in the case of a disrupted battery.

Advantages of comparing car insurance policies online

  • Convenience: Several websites on the internet enable you to compare quotes from the top car insurance in Dubai UAE, without any hassle. A cumulative online comparison can be made from the convenience of your home with a click of a button.
  • Clarity of policy details: You get to comprehend the perfect coverage for your car, potential discounts, and the fair value. You also get a clear picture of the exclusions and deductibles, which in turn speeds up your purchasing decision.
  • Various Options: With an array of choices to select from, you will be able to pick the most suitable insurance that matches your requirements and budget. Making a comparison online will let you know if there are any latest insurers in the market, offering better schemes.
  • Transparency: You can compare several insurance providers in terms of the premiums they charge. It is more beneficial as you can distinctly examine the specifications of the products that insurance providers offer.


Online comparison of car insurance in Dubai has hundreds of articles, info graphics, and videos to help you understand the insurance’s precise details. Be a tech-savvy and smart buyer. Just remember to obtain all the information about car insurance before you even make the purchase and own a vehicle of your own.

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