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The Immortal to Make Its Way Onto Switch Online

NES classic adventure mystery game, The Immortal, is all set to make its debut on the company’s online platform, Nintendo Switch Online (NSO). Amidst legendary names on July’s list of NSO games to be launched, you might’ve missed this classic RPG. The game debuted on the Apple IIGS, in 1990, followed by a release for other platforms such as Atari ST, NES, and Amiga. And now it makes its way to Switch, along with other classic Nintendo games.

Games to look out for!

July’s list of games is an exciting one to watch out for as Nintendo is going to release two more games along with The Immortal. These include the incredible and fan-favorite Donkey Kong Country and the wrestling game, Natsume Championship Wrestling. These are both iconic games that are being reprised for the NSO platform.

Labyrinth of Eternity is yours to conquer

The Immortal is a mystery adventure game set in the mystifying Labyrinth of Eternity. Your character in the game is an unnamed wizard who is trying to figure a way out of the dangerous dungeon you’re stuck in. The aim is to get out of there and find your mentor, Mordamir. The player has to go through nine levels of the labyrinth to save his mentor. Using magical spells, avoiding death traps, and finding quick solutions to fatal predicaments, you can unlock your character’s true potential and wiggle your way out of a densely horrifying place.

Goblins and Trolls are at war

And while you try to figure a way out of there, you also encounter a war between the two most prominent creatures of the fictional world, the Goblins, and the Trolls. The game mode switched between top-down view and two-dimension real-time engine for fights. As you fight, spell, and shout your way out, you are faced with battles that require you to react swiftly and smartly. And, since you’re a wizard, you can blast people off by using certain spells.

There isn’t much information provided by the makers about the modern-version of the game. Thus, it might be that the new version is just the old one but for a more modern platform, which is enough to give people a taste of the 90’s wizardly arcade video game world. The game launched on July 15 and is available to all NSO users.

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