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The Lash Professional DD Curl Lashes Collection??

The Lash Professional DD Curl Lashes Collection??

DD Curl lashes are a favorite among many beauty lovers, and The Lash Professional’s volume lash collection is just what you need. These lashes are full without looking too dramatic. They are soft and look very natural. They’re made with a specially developed adhesive that bonds them to the lashes. If you’ve ever tried wearing false lashes, you know that they’re not as natural-looking as they should be.
DD Curl lashes

The CC or DD curl lashes have the most dramatic curled appearance, but aren’t for everyone. Some clients may have eyelids that don’t have a dramatic upward curl, and this type of lash may hit those eyelids, causing discomfort. For a more natural looking look, try U or DD curled lashes. The only downside to these lashes is that they tend to wear out more quickly. For this reason, it’s best to use them on clients who don’t mind a dramatic look and a downturned eye.

CC or D curl

Generally, a lash stylist will know how to apply a CC or D curl. While it’s not necessary to be an expert in each type, learning about the different types of curls will help make your job easier. Whether you like a naturally curled look or want a dramatic one, you need to know the different types of curls. The C-curl is the most natural and gives the most lift, and it’s the most common type of curl. A lash stylist will need to choose a curl that’s right for the client.

A client with natural lashes with a slight curl should get a C curl. This type of curl will create a flattering open eye effect. Clients with droopy or hooded eyelids should go for slightly longer lashes, which tend to hide underneath eyelids when the eyes are open. The stronger the curl, the shorter the eyelashes will appear. If a client has an eyelid that’s a bit higher than normal, a D curl will give them a slightly more dramatic effect.

A client with small, close-set eyes can get an M curl, which is slightly curlier. This curl is ideal for lifting deep-set or Asian eyes. It can also help hide eye imperfections. If you’re looking for a curlier lash, choose a C curl or D curl if your eyes are close to one another. In addition to giving you a wide-eyed look, these curls can also give you more volume and lift.

CC Curl lashes

CC Curl lashes are the most common types of lash curled in the market, which creates a more open eye effect and more lift than a J-Curl. The D-Curl offers the most lift, while LD-Curl has an interesting shape and straight base. LC-Curl lashes are slightly curled like C-Curl, but the base is straight and the curl is more intense.

CC Curl lashes have a curlier tip than DD-curl lashes. These lashes are ideal for clients with deep-set eyes. Their intense curvature is best applied close to the outer corner of the eye, while a more subtle curvature can be used closer to the inner corner. This type of curl will lift the corners of the eye and make the eyes appear larger, but if placed too close to the middle, they will make eyes appear even more rounded.


For a slightly downward angle, C-curl lashes are great. They will give a flattering open eye effect and give your natural lashes a lift. However, if your natural lashes point downward, this curl might not be the best option. If your natural lashes are straight and not curled, try D-curl lashes. A curled eye will give your eyes a more defined look.

CC Curl lashes are the most dramatic type of lash extensions. They have the most dramatic curl. However, they are not appropriate for clients with highly prominent eyes. They may hit the eyelids and cause discomfort. DD-curl and U-curl lashes are the most natural looking and are ideal for clients with deep-set eyes. Choosing the correct length and diameter of these lashes is essential to achieving a flawless look.

Ultra Bond Adhesive

Outlash Extensions Pro US Ultra Bond Adhesive for DD curl lashes is the ideal lash adhesive for lash techs who work one eye at a time. This lash adhesive locks on to natural lashes securely and easily. This adhesive works with all types of eyelash extensions. Each 5ml bottle holds up to 90 sets of lashes. It can be applied to one or both eyes with ease.
Lash Primer

The DD Curl Lash Primer is the ultimate mascara-boosting eyelash primer. Powered by Outlash Extensions Pro US, this cruelty-free, 100% vegan lash primer is easy to use and delivers the same curl as a traditional eyelash curler. This mascara-enhancing primer is infused with natural oils to condition lashes. Its black pigment gives lashes the extra lift and volume that they need to look their best.

The lightweight formula creates a smooth base for mascara application. Its rose oil content helps the mascara adhere to the lashes. It also creates a fuller fringe and adds volume and length. The mascara is applied after the eyelash primer. The mascara will stay on longer and look more vibrant when you use this eyelash primer. This primer is recommended for all ages and skin types. It’s available at drugstores nationwide.

Training Courses

Those who are interested in a more advanced level of lashing should enroll in a training course that covers Russian volume. To learn this technique, you must have a Classic (1 by 1) Eyelash Extensions certification and have experience with applying this style. This course also requires you to know about lash placement, creating direction, infills, and eye styling. Finally, Russian volume is all about lash retention and eye styling.

If you’d like to become an expert in volume lash application, a great training course will offer you a free online course with all the essential products. After you complete the training course, you’ll receive three certificates, one for each of the three levels you complete. These certificates serve as proof that you have completed the training course and demonstrated the knowledge and skill set necessary to become a highly skilled professional. There are many other courses available, so take advantage of this one today!

Ultra Bond Adhesive

An Ultra Bond Adhesive lash lift is a fast and easy way to increase your lash volume. Ultra Bond Adhesive has added flexibility to the eyelash lift adhesive formula. It attaches in as little as four to five seconds, cures quickly and holds for up to six weeks. This technique is ideal for newly certified lash artists, those in humid climates, or those with precise isolation.

To ensure that your lash lift treatment is as safe as possible, you should use only a high-quality adhesive. A higher chill temperature can ensure your adhesive’s freshness, and a bar fridge is an ideal investment. This way, condensation is less likely to form on the outside of the bottle. You can also freeze adhesive to extend its shelf life. This technique does require you to defrost it for four hours.

If you want to be a professional lash lift technician, you can choose an Ultra Bond Adhesive lash lift training course online. The course will give you the skills necessary to apply these eyelash extensions. The training program will teach you how to work with this type of adhesive, and what precautions you should take in order to avoid potential complications. As with any other type of adhesive, a proper education is essential.


Outlash Extensions provides eyelash extensions supplies and products to lash artists globally. Our products are professionally sourced and salon tested. Our goal is simple - provide exceptional products that just work to make your lash practice efficient.

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