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There Are a Lot of Methods for Decorating Gift Card Boxes

Boxes have been utilized to provide safety and fortification to the products and things. From the time when the era of modernization starts, they have been used to maintain the gifting tradition and sending gift cards to most beloved people at long distances. Gift card boxes are up to the mark in this regard. They come in a number of designs and shapes and are customizable up to the desires of their users. They are manufactured out of cardboard and sturdy Kraft paper materials. They contain rich quality printing as they are printed with the latest offset, screen, and digital printing technologies that allow packaging manufacturers to make them exceptional to make events special and memorable. Their catchy fonts, unique and event-oriented themes, and gold and silver foiling make them remarkable in every aspect. That is why they are globally used for gifting, and happy moments and gifts packaged in such packaging solutions are opened, preferably.

Custom gift card packaging boxes are found unique in helping gift card senders in making a great impression on the recipients. And in this regard, their decoration with different and unique elements plays a significant role.

There are thousands of ways in which you can decorate these boxes to make your gift cards stand out for your beloved ones, and a few ideas in this respect are as following:

Fabric or Plastic Ribboning

Using the idea of fabric ribboning to decorate custom gift card boxes is one of the most trendy, simple, and cost-efficient ways that you can adopt. Making flowers with fabric or plastic ribbons of different colors and applying them on the lids of your gift card packages will help you enhance their beauty and making them attractive for recipients. Although it’s a simple and inexpensive idea of decorating gift card holders, it gives a special feeling while opening these boxes. It has been witnessed that most of the people who are still keeping the tradition of sending gift cards alive, make use of fabric or plastic ribbons to decorate these boxes.

Velvet and Silk Finishing

In making any packaging solution specifically for gifting or sending gift cards catchy and attractive, the role of adding high-end finishing is undeniable. Among decorative gift card holder ideas, you cannot ignore the importance of soft and silky touch. To provide your beloved ones with an outstanding unboxing experience, you can ask your packaging suppliers to include velvety and silky finishing to these boxes. It will help you bring a smile on the face s of your gift card recipients. Among too many customization possibilities, going with this one can help you make your gift card packages luxury and lavish and will help you make a great impression on people who will come across to them.

Incorporation of Decorative Shapes

Apart from the purpose of sending to your beloved ones, even if you are doing a business of such cards, you can decorate these boxes through numerous customization aspects, including different window cut shapes and die cuts. It will not only make these packages attractive to customers but will also help you increase your sales and profitability. You can ask your gift card boxes wholesale suppliers, to make shapes such as hearts, flowers, or any other that can make these boxes attractive catchy for your customers. A lot of retailers use this decorative approach for these boxes and are enjoying higher sales and profits.

Fabric Flowers and Pom-Poms

Another beautiful and unique idea for durable gift cards packaging decoration is the incorporation of fabric flowers and pom-poms. Fabric flowers and pom-poms are highly exclusive for decorating things related to kids with artistic minds, and when it comes to sending gift cards packaged in decorated boxes with such elements, in always enhances the worth of gift card sender in their eyes. Even if you want to decorate these boxes at home, these pom-poms and fabric flowers are easily available in the market and come very cheap, so you can enhance the beauty of your gift card box holder for a birthday or other events.

Office Supply Stickers

Another cheap and easy method to decorate present card boxes wholesale is to make use of office supply stickers. Every day we receive a lot of stickers and labels in office supplies. It will be a fun thing to add them to your gift card packages as it will not only enhance their decor, but you can utilize them to send a firm and strong message to the receivers. You can get these stickers in order and according to your needs and compatibility with the event.

Paper Confetti 

The usage of paper confetti is also a remarkable idea to decorate custom printed present card boxes. In this regard, you just have to have some papers of different colors, punching tool, and glue. Make confetti with papers by using punching tools and apply them with the help of glue on the desired packaging boxes. It will give your boxes an artistic look and will enhance their grace.

There are a lot of ways and techniques that can be utilized for decorating gift card boxes. The above explained are a few of them which are impeccable and easy to use in this regard. Either you are going to use these boxes for personal use to send them to your beloved ones, or you are a retailer of gift products and cards, adoption of these remarkable yet cost-effective ways to decorate gift card boxes bulk to make them stand out.


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