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These are the Items You Should Unpack First After Moving In

Well done for having completed your house move so smoothly and efficiently! After months of planning, preparation and hard work, you have finally moved into your new home. We know how excited you are, wanting to celebrate among your friends and family. But alas! You can’t do that right now because you’re still left with unpacking. Unboxing your belongings after a house move can be as exhausting and strenuous as packing. However, there is one way you can organize your unpacking procedure and finish it off quickly. It’s by engaging the unpacking services of a professional furniture removals Sydney company. The professionals can unpack the various household items. This includes reassembling the furniture pieces, installing the electronic devices and placing the items as per your instructions.

Unpacking after a house move also requires proper planning and organizational skills. Even if you plan to unpack all the boxes in one day, in the perfect reality, that’s simply not possible. So, without further delay, let’s find out the items you should unpack first.

Items You Should Be Unpacking First After You Move In

First of all Unpack the Furniture

Among all your belongings, furniture items are the heaviest and high-value possessions. Carrying those heavy wardrobes, tables or couches is risky as well as complicated. Besides being bulky, some pieces, like the bed and sofa, have to be reassembled before putting them in the correct places. Will this leg go this side? Does this screw belong here? There can be a lot of confusion if you’re reassembling the furniture yourself. You might as well hire a professional furniture removalist as unpacking furniture isn’t a one-man show. Furniture must be unloaded from the trucks, moved into your home, reassembled and put at appropriate places. But before unpacking furniture, make sure you have a suitable layout of your new home. This will help you to determine the right places for the furniture items.

Professional removalists are experienced in unloading furniture from the truck and transporting them to your new home. They have the necessary expertise to unpack your delicate and expensive furniture pieces very carefully. Reassembling the various parts can be tricky. But your movers perfectly know how to do that. It’s because of their in-depth knowledge and access to a great variety of tools. All you need to do is tell them the correct places where you want the furniture to be placed. And then? They’ll arrange them just the way you wanted in no time!

Set up the Kitchen Next

You can sleep in the living room or hall. But you can’t take a shower except the bathroom, right? Similarly, when it comes to cooking, you need the kitchen. Without the correct kitchenware, preparing the various dishes can be quite challenging. At least, you need the oven, ingredients and some utensils to roast, bake or steam. This explains why the kitchen is the first room you should unpack after moving into your new house. You might order food from any restaurant today. You can do that tomorrow. But what about the day after tomorrow? You’ll have to prepare breakfast, lunch and dinner for your family. Hence, without further delay, you better get started with kitchen unpacking.

When unpacking kitchen, here are some important things you should remember:

  • Unpack the kitchen essentials first. This includes the dishes, bowls, mugs, flatware, kitchen towels and anything else that you’ll need for cooking. An easy access to these essentials will speed up your cooking time.
  • Keep the kitchen items at convenient places. For example, the oven mitts, kitchen towels, spoons, forks and knives in accessible drawers. Frequently used cookware like pots and pans should be inside cabinets close to the oven. Keep your regular glassware like cups, bowls and mugs on lower shelves for an easier reach.
  • The drawer beneath the oven, (if you have one) is the best place to keep the flat pans and roasting pans.
  • You can keep the kitchen cleaning supplies like dishwashing soap, all-purpose cleaner and cleaning cloths beneath the sink.

Unpack your Bathroom Items

The bathroom is where you wash away your daylong stress and come out refreshed. You can have a functional bathroom only when all the toiletries and other bathroom products are where they should be. With the water flowing and the lights working, what you have now is a semi-functional bathroom ready for you. But that won’t work out for long. To make your bathroom completely functional and usable, start unpacking the bath linens and toiletries. If you don’t want to have a frustrating experience while having a good wash, arrange your bathroom items now!

Put the shampoo, conditioner, shaving foam and soap on the shelves. Got a beautiful bathroom cabinet? That’s great! Here you can place all the towels and bathrobes inside. When required, you can take out a towel or bathrobe and use it easily. Set up the shower curtains and keep the medications, body care and personal hygiene products inside the armoire. There you go. Now, you have a proper bathroom to experience a relaxing shower, today and everyday.

Take Out Your Belongings from the Essentials box

You must have heard before about packing an essentials box. This box contains basic toiletries, regular medicines, important documents, bedsheets, pillows, charges, clothes and light snacks. By packing the essentials, you’ll be having all items required to make your initials days comfortable in your new home. You won’t be unpacking all the boxes on the first day, would you? You don’t have to dive into your boxes to search for a particular item when you have an essentials box. So, it makes sense to have all your essentials at a place you can easily reach out to.

For your own convenience, you can dedicate one corner of a room for keeping your daily essentials. Whether you need your nightwear, medicine or flashlight, you know where you have to look for. For the bedding items, if your bed isn’t prepared yet, you might have to sleep on the floor. Spread the bedsheet on the mattress and place the pillows. Once your bed is ready to use, you can arrange the bedding items in proper order.

Install and check the appliances

Installing the household appliances like the flat screen TV, refrigerator or washing machine is a fairly tricky task. If you retain the manuals, you can refer to them while installing the appliances. You need to know the exact points where the plugs and cables go in. However, to be on the safer side and prevent any kind of irreparable damage, you can trust professionals for furniture removals in Sydney. They can do this job adeptly and keep your electronics safe when installing. The reason why they are the best at this task is for their several years of experience. They know the installation procedure of household appliances and thus, you can entrust this responsibility to reliable movers. They have the knowledge about how to plug in the different electronics. While you are busy unpacking the other items, they can install the electronics and make them ready for immediate use.

So, how about finishing your unpacking and catching up on your favourite TV show?

Arrange the bedroom next

Now, we come to the most comfortable room of your home, the bedroom. You relax in here. Without your bed and pillow, having a good night’s sleep is impossible, isn’t it? After encountering an exhausting day, the bed is what you’ll be seeking as soon as you accomplish the unpacking mission. Thus, prepare the bed and other bedroom essentials you might need over the next few days. Reassembling the bed or other furniture can be a time-taking process. So, let your furniture removalists reassemble the bed and put back the mattress. When these are done, you can unfurl a fresh, clean bedsheet and have all the pillows neatly arranged.

With the bed ready, now, move over to the closets, shelves and other furniture items. After the furniture pieces are kept at your desired places, you can do the rest of the unpacking. Put your clothes inside closets, keep the books on the shelves and hang the artworks on the walls. Too tired to unpack all your bedroom items? We never said you must unpack the bedroom within a day! You can unpack the essentials and leave the rest for later.

Wrapping Up

We all know the toils and troubles we have to endure when packing several household items. You feel overwhelmed, exhausted. The same thing reoccurs during unpacking of your household possessions. You must do it properly to stay comfortably in your new home. Do you know why unpacking can also be strenuous? That’s because most homeowners plan a lot about packing and transportation of their belongings but tend to forget unpacking. Organizing your belongings after relocation can be exhausting and arduous. It happens more when you don’t hire experienced removalists like Sydney Domain Furniture Removals.

The leading furniture removalist company in Sydney excels in providing top-notch packing, transportation and unpacking services. The team comprises highly skilled and qualified professionals who adopt the best practices to make your relocation a pleasance experience. The removalists take great care of your possessions while packing, shipping and unpacking them in your new home.

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