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Things you should know about WordPress

Are you planning to go digital to revive your COVID-affected business? But one thing you must know is that it takes a significant amount of time and money to create a website from scratch. Developing a service-based website from the beginning needs a lot of investment too. All thanks to WordPress, a popular and powerful content management system, now you do not have to spare a heft-amount of on-site creation. 

WordPress provides a wide range of features that are beneficial for developing intuitive websites. It has emerged as an effective and reliable was gehört in den sperrmüll custom website service proving tool for building highly professional business and eCommerce-type websites. Opting for WordPress website development services can benefit you in the long run. 

Here are some of the benefits of choosing custom WordPress development services for your business website

1. Simple customization:

Custom WordPress development company makes the most out of this platform as it is simple to customize. Whether it is design or the back-end, everything can be handled effortlessly if you have a premium version. In addition, if it is content management and SEO, WordPress offers easy personalization for the users. 

2. SEO-friendly:

WordPress is a search engine-friendly tool, as it is coding is easy which makes it simpler for reading and indexing content on the site. Moreover, it provides you complete control over the personalization of SEO elements for all pages so that you could achieve higher search engine rankings. 

3. Intuitive design:

Today, mobile is considered the best means for gathering traffic for websites, they should be responsive to reach out to your potential clients on the mobile channel. With WordPress website development services, you will get a responsive design that will assure smooth performance on various devices. This removes the requirement to develop various websites to run on them. 

4. Colossal community:

The most important part about WordPress is its vast community support. This community contains several WordPress developers, designers, CEOs, and project managers who are consistently working on the smooth performance of WordPress websites. You can find several tutorials related to the development that you can refer to anytime whenever you face any challenges associated t WP. 

5. Highly scalable:

If you prefer WordPress, then your website will grow with your business expansion. This is because of the excellent scalability of this platform. You could add several pages or blog posts to your website without hampering its overall performance. For this particular reason, WordPress serves as the perfect platform for enterprises that have significant potential to grow in the future. 

6. Phenomenal Blogging Platform:

WordPress has attained a huge position as the best blogging platform. By selecting it for developing your website, a blog section will be included by default. Not only this, but it also offers a wide range of blogging features like tags, plugins, widgets, categories, etc. that makes it appropriate to handle a blogging section. 

  1. Powerful website development:

A website developed with the help of WordPress that runs 28% of the total websites build on the internet is completely responsive and dynamic to the core. They are mobile-friendly which is the priority of all businesses. All enterprises must be mobile-friendly so that your business can attract 80% of the smartphone users that are dependent on mobile access instead of desktop browsing. 

  1. Ocean of Theme options to choose from:

Themes are beneficial in deciding the look and feel of your website. Using WordPress, you will get a wide range of themes options that are highly customizable that match a lot of business requirements. It enables users to download themes in agreement with the category and use them for developing websites that could help in increasing brand presence online. 

Here are some of the things that every entrepreneur should understand before choosing a WordPress 

1. WordPress is the most popular CMS globally:

Today, an ocean of websites is powered by WordPress than other CMS all around the world. As a matter of fact, it powers 4.5% of the entire internet. Around 50-60% of websites that use a content management system are developed on the WordPress platform. Every second of every day, 17 blogs are being published all over the world. 

2. A lot of high profile brands leveraging WordPress:

Many websites you might know use WordPress. CNN for instance uses it for blogs and so is Reuters’. Forbes, Wall Street Journal, and Mashable The New Yorker, The Next Web are all developed on the WordPress platforms. The Rolling Stones, Vogue, MTV News, Facebook, NASA, etc. are also using this CMS. If WordPress is powerful enough to handle these websites, it can easily manage almost every site. 

3. WordPress is more than just Blogging:

Initially, WordPress became popular as a blogging platform, later, programmers realized that they can enhance its functionalities and features. Today, WordPress is empowering almost everything right from eCommerce websites to the community, to online courses, etc. It doesn’t matter if you want to create a basic website for a local business or a huge online store selling hundreds and thousands of products, everything can be done pretty easily. 

4. An Ocean of plugins to add an ocean of functionality:

WordPress allows you to enhance what it can do using plugins. Currently, there are more than 45000 free plugins in the official WordPress inventory. That does not contain all the premium plugins that can add even more functionality to your website. 

5. WordPress skills are beneficial even if you do not want to be a programmer:

Developers and programmers are not the only tech professionals out there who need WordPress skills. Business owners can seriously benefit from knowing it, as it is such a remarkable tool for setting up an online business. Marketers can also leverage WordPress skills. You can use it to make landing pages and for publishing blogs. 

6. You can develop Intranet sites too:

There are hundreds and thousands of plugins available that could enhance WordPress’ functionality, but what a lot of people do not acknowledge is that some of those plugins are perfect for back-end functionality that enterprises needs. Things like customer relationship software (CRM), issue tracking, and intranet are possible with WordPress. Self-hosting kinds of applications without having to pay a service provider can save you some bucks every year. 

  1. Better error protection:

A fatal error is one of the primary reasons why a significant amount of websites are abandoned after a short time of use. The platform used to restrict website managers the access to the admin panel for restoring it, you will have to access the page with an FTP client and undo the latest modifications or contact a hosting provider for help. 

The good news is that fatal errors are a new huge update WP is planning to roll out in the next version. The moment a website experiences a fatal error, an administrator will be alerted by the system. WordPress will share an email with a link to the admin dashboard login tab. Website managers can access the admin panel and restore the damage that triggered the error. 


Your website is the most important part of your present online presence. You have to ensure that it perfectly represents your brand. It doesn’t matter if you are revamping your existing website or developing a site from zero, you must consider trying WordPress. If you have to avail top-notch Woocommerce Development Services, then you can approach 8therate. We have a team of highly trained professionals who are capable of developing functional and scalable websites to expand your firm. 

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