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This is The Easiest and Safest Process of Switching to iPhone from Android

You can have many reasons to switch to an iPhone from your Android smartphone, but when you try to make it real, you might face certain issues. Transferring your old data from an Android device to the iPhone is a challenging task. There is a risk of losing your data or getting it corrupted or sometimes there are incidents when the functioning of your device is affected if you use some third-party tool. if you have decided to switch to the iPhone from Android and you are worried about transferring the photos, videos, music, and other important files in your device, then we have got you covered. In this article, we will elaborate on how you can transfer your data from an Android phone to your iPhone in quick steps. Let’s scroll down.


There is an app for everything these days, so certainly there is an app for this process of transferring your data from Android devices to the iPhone. The app we are talking about here is Move to iOS, which is a reliable app as it is developed by Apple itself to make things easier for new customers. Using this app saves a lot of time in comparison to using any other source while transferring your data from Android to iPhone. This app is pretty easy to use and we will tell you how you can use this app for the purpose easily.

The very first step of transferring your data from an Android device to your iPhone is to connect both the phones to Wi-Fi and power. You should also make sure that there is enough storage on the iPhone for the amount of data it is going to receive. It is also notable that the Move to iOS app works on Android 4.0 or higher versions only. The very first thing you have to do after getting your devices ready is to install the Move to iOS app on your Android device. After finishing the installation, go through the initial setup of your new iPhone and when you reach the Apps and Data screen, select the option that says Move Data from Android. This process will create an exclusive private Wi-Fi connection between your Android device and iPhone.

The second step is to open the Move to iOS app on your Android device and navigate to Find Your Code screen. This process will generate an access code for these devices after tapping Next and turning on your iPhone. You will find a pairing code displaying on the screen of your iPhone (just like it happens when we connect two devices with Bluetooth), and once you enter the right code on your Android device, the app will pair these devices and make them ready to transfer the files.

Once your devices are ready to initiate the transfer, you will get options for selecting the data you want to transfer. You can transfer your contacts, your message history, your photos and videos from your camera roll, your web bookmarks, your calendar, and your email accounts with this app. If you don’t want to copy any of these, then you can uncheck that option.

If you are transferring a lot of data from your Android device to the iPhone, then it will take some time. You will get a notification on your iPhone once the transfer is complete. It’s better to not disturb any of these devices during this process as it might cause the process to restart, taking more time. Once you are notified about the completion of the transfer, you can start using your devices. You can look for the apps that you had installed on your Android device in the Apple Store and start fresh downloading. This process will successfully switch you from Android to iPhone.

It is a tricky process to transfer your data from Android to iPhone as it involves a lot of sensitive data. In this article, we have elaborated the easiest and safest process for this purpose which you can use if needed.

Source-Process of Switching to iPhone from Android

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