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Tips for buying a runner rug

Buying Designer Rugs can be a challenge for anyone who is looking to renovate their home, but what becomes most challenging is when you have to decide on a runner rug for your hallway.

Runners are long, rectangular mats that you can put in any zone with a great deal of traffic. In addition to the fact that runners protect your ground surface from wear and tear, however, they can likewise have an enormous design impact on a thin space. To find. here are a few tips on buying a designer rug.

1.Measuring the space

measuring space for rug

Before buying a rug no matter what kind it is you need to measure the space so that you purchase the item that fits according to your needs and looks good as well. In case of buying a runner rug for your hallway, you need to measure the length and the width of the area so that you get the right runner rug.

2. Style

You can find may find many runner Rugs For Sale as you start looking to shop them, but before that, you need to decide the style you want that makes your hallway more stylish. The right styled rug will not only give your hallway a lavish look and appreciating the interior work as well but will also provide your guests with a feeling that they are walking on a red carpet.

3. Pattern

Once the style of the rug is determined you need to decide on the pattern because a good patterned rug can set things in motion. For a grand entrance look, you can go with a striped pattern that visually extends your hallway.

4. Color

The right color for the rug is of utmost importance as you need something that also compliments your furniture and the color of the walls as well, if your walls are painted with neutral and light colors you can go with a bright color or the runner rug as it will complement the walls and give out a great look to the hallway.

5. Material

Choosing the quality of the material should be your top priority as a low-quality rug will tend to get dirty more and won’t last long. So a good quality material should have opted so that it can face these issues head-on and not bother you after every two to three months.

6. Pile height

pile size of rug

You can now buy rugs for sale at many rug outlets in Karachi, and now many interior designers have published their designer rug collection as well which are very stylish and not for the common man.

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