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Tips for decorating your home in Stratham – Christmas edition

It’s the happiest time of the year – Christmas is coming! As we’re coming closer to the holidays, we start thinking about the decoration of our homes – especially if you have kids. And as we’re spending more time in our homes this year, you can dedicate your time more to this beautiful tradition. If you have a big home, there’s more work to do, so this guide is exactly what you need. In the text below, read all the tips for decorating your home in Stratham – and welcome Christmas in the best way possible.

Do some planning before decorating your home

Decorating the whole house is not an easy task. Even though we love decorating, we need to say it takes time and energy to do it right. Also, it costs money to make the house beautiful for the holidays. That’s why we recommend you do some planning first. After reading this guide, decide what are parts of your home you want to decorate. This way, it will be easier to estimate how much time and decorations you’ll need to put your plan into action. Furthermore, this plan should also include moving some furniture around and maybe transporting unnecessary items to the storage. In this case, it’s best to contact a skilled crew ready to assist you with these tasks. This way, you’ll protect your fragile items and furniture from damage, but also stay safe from common injuries that happen when lifting and carrying heavy objects.

Pick the style

Picking the style of your Christmas decorations is one of the first steps of decorating your home in Stratham. The most common challenge is creating a balance between what’s in style, and what you like. Magazines, blogs, and Pinterest give us so many ideas, so sometimes it’s hard to decide on one style only. Traditional, modern, Nordic – what style looks best on your house? We recommend you start making plans early, by creating a mood board on Pinterest, for example. Make sure you pick decoration according to your home interior and exterior style, as well as the colors of your walls, furniture, etc. Everything needs to be well blended, so it looks elegant and homey. Also, be sure to check the decorations you already have, so you can use them this year as well, and save some money when purchasing new pieces.

A decorated Christmas tree.
Before you start buying ornaments, decide which color palette you want to use for decorating your home for Christmas.

Start with the central part of your home

Think about what’s the room where your family spends the most time. This is usually the living room or a dining room. This room should be the center of your attention. Here are the main tips for decorating your living room in your Statham home:

  • Pick the illumination – the light you pick for each section of your home should be of the same tone. Pick among white, yellow, colorful lights, and make sure you have enough of them, as well as batteries and outlets.
  • Decorate your tree – depending on the size of your tree, gather enough lights and decorations to make it perfect. To make decorating simpler, think in layers – lights, ornaments, ribbons, etc. Thinking of personalized ornaments? Visit Polar X Ornaments for the best-personalized ornaments. If you find it difficult to make the right combination, there are sets of ornaments and ribbons you can purchase and make things easier. However, be sure to add some statement pieces that reflect your family’s style and personality.
  • Decorate the fireplace – if you have a fireplace in the living room, be sure to decorate it and make the room even more Christmassy. You can hang a wreath on the wall above the fireplace, or put some greenery, faux flowers, and ornaments on it.
  • Don’t forget the windows – there are many ways windows can become a very interesting part of holiday décor. Hang lights, greenery, or some other ornaments. And if you’re creative enough, use some glass paint or white markers to draw beautiful Christmassy doodles and make the view even more beautiful.
A beautifully decorated fire place and a Christmas tree next to it.
The fireplace can be a statement piece in your living room when decorating your home in Stratham.

Make room for the tree

A big Christmas tree and other decorations take a lot of space in your home. That’s why to be sure to free some space by removing certain pieces until the holidays are over. You can put away everything you won’t need in storage space, and let it sit safely until the end of the holiday season. And once that moment comes, that storage unit will be a perfect place to store all those decorations until the next year.

A Christmas tree for decorating your home in Stratham.
A big Christmas tree needs some space, so keep that in mind when decorating your home in Stratham.

The other rooms

Even though you have a central focus when decorating your home in Stratham, don’t forget to bring the Christmas spirit to the other rooms. Here are some ideas:


In case you have a multi-story house, your staircase can look amazing during the holidays. Add the mix of greenery and lights to stair rails and banisters and give your home a completely different look.


Add holiday-inspired beddings, cinnamon-scented candles, and maybe a smaller Christmas tree to your bedroom.


Shelves you have in your kitchen, hallways, or some other rooms can look very unique during holidays. Add some greenery, holiday-themed framed prints, mini wreaths, figurines, and make your shelves statement pieces.

The exterior

Don’t think you’re done decorating your home in Stratham after finishing the interior. There are plenty of things you can do about the exterior, too. Start with the front door and a beautiful Christmas wreath, as your entrance is the first thing people see when coming to the house. External lighting and additional greenery in the same color scheme is a final touch you can never go wrong with.


…don’t forget to enjoy the whole process. Holidays are about feeling good and spend more time with your family, so let the decoration process be the same. Merry Christmas!

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