Tips For UPS Consumes Power and How to Find UPS Inverter Best Price in Pakistan?

Inverters are considered one of the best investments, especially if you live in an area with frequent and unexpected power outages. A fully functioning inverter will provide 4-12 hours of uninterrupted power during a power outage. The minimum UPS inverter price in Pakistan is Rs. 5,000 and the average price is Rs. 50,000. Buy updated August 2021 price for Intex, Crown, Simtek, Stabimatic, APC, Vertiv and other products by a home inverter.

UPS components are online at the best price in Pakistan. In 2021 Buy genuine components like up to 5 kVA, 5 kVA to 10 kVA, 10 kVA to 20 kVA in Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Multan, Peshawar and all over Pakistan.

How Much UPS Consumer Power?

If you wanted UPS to last at least 60 minutes in the event of a power outage. If you need more power! Your solution: car batteries.


An inverter with at least twice the power planned (see step 8 to see why).

  1. Electrical wire (12 AWG or more; two different colours).
  2. Solder
  3. Heat shrink tubing
  4. Car battery with terminals on top
  5. Adapter to connect car battery terminals to the threaded rod.
  6. The wingnuts are the same size as the threaded rod.
  7. Crimp the cable lugs that fit on the threaded rod.
  8. Plastic case for car battery
  9. Fuse holder (Radio Shack).
  10. 30-amp fuse for a fuse holder (at any auto shop).
  11. Tools
  12. Screwdriver
  13. Wirecutter
  14. Wire stripper
  15. Soldering iron
  16. Scissors (optional)
  17. Heat gun or other
  18. Drill

How to determine your needs

If you tried to power two computers (desktop and file server) and two flat-panel monitors. Our total power consumption was about 500 peak watts (I currently use two 300-watt inverters) (NOTE: VA value does not equal WATTS value. Determine WATT value) with one computer and one monitor on each. Even though both monitors were connected to the same computer, I needed to distribute the load more evenly to extend the battery life of my small inverters.


  1. I learned the hard way that you need at least twice the power of an inverter after nearly setting a fire and destroying an inverter. You won’t be able to run on that power for longer than a few minutes, but the batteries will run out before that becomes a problem.
  2. So, now I know I need 500 watts, and I want 60 minutes of run time… that means:
  3. P / V = I
  4. 500 watts / 120 volts = 4.16 amp hours (at 120 volts).

How to connect inverter Batteries in Series?

  1. Inverter batteries are usually 12-volt, but some have two batteries connected in series. Check first to see if you need two car batteries.
  2. So, if I assume 12 volts, that means that after correcting for the voltage difference, I need a battery with at least 41.6-ampere-hours. (Yes, I know there are inefficiencies in the inverter, but let’s keep the math simple).
  3. Remove the plug from the inverter outlet and unplug all appliances.
  4. Remove any screws you can find and open the box.
  5. If you’re lucky like me, there are terminals on the battery that you can remove. Otherwise, cut the wires as close to the battery as possible.
  6. Once you take the battery out, you will find something similar to what is shown in the picture.
  7. The wires from the inverter are usually not long enough to extend beyond the battery. We will have to lengthen them to reach the battery in our car.


  1. Cut the terminals (if any) of the inverter wires.
  2. Remove at least 3/8 inch of inverter wire.
  3. Strip at least 3/8 inch of the wire we want to extend.
  4. I used a metal clamp to ensure a good connection, but this is optional.
  5. Solder the wires together. This soldered connection should be able to withstand a lot of currents. We will be drawing a lot of current through it, and if we have a voltage drop, the inverter won’t last as long.
  6. After making sure that the connection is well soldered, put some heat shrink tubing over it and seal it well. Next, we need to make a place for the cables that come out of the inverter and go to the car battery.
  7. I drilled a hole. Use the correct size for the two wires.
  8. Add a strain relief so you can’t pull on the connections made or the circuit board of the unit. I just tied a knot on each of the wires.
  9. Then pull the wires through the hole and gently set the device in place.

How Many Top UPS Inverter Brands in Pakistan?

Inveresk is also one of the leading brands for UPS systems. The company is known for its quality products and good customer service. This is the 2020 model of the Inverex Aerox 1.2KW solar inverter. However, the company still sells this particular model, which is a very good option for the price considering the quality.


  1. 1200W
  2. 170 – 280VAC (for computers)
  3. 90 – 280V AC (for household appliances)
  4. Efficiency from 90% to 93
  5. Transmission Time: 10 ms for computers and 20 ms for appliances.
  6. Pure sine wave
  7. Solar charging
  8. Advanced MPPT solar charger with up to 50 AMP
  9. Battery balancing
  10. Output power factor 1 Compatible SNMP box/Wifi box
  11. New intelligent LCD display adaptable to mains voltage/generator output
  12. Conformal coating for protection against dust and moisture
  13. AC/solar input priority adjustable via LCD display Overload and short circuit protection
  14. Updated LCD display and generation
  15. 5 Crown Micro CMU-1200-M UPS – Rs. 20,000
  16. Crown Micro is a well-known brand when it comes to UPS, and it’s a good choice if you’re looking for the best UPS in the price range under Rs. 20,000.
  17. The UPS system provides a reliable backup solution for your fans, lights and electronic devices like computers, with many safety features that make the product well worth it for its price.

Homage inverter – Rs 28,000

Homage is one of the best brands when it comes to inverters in Pakistan. The company offers reliable products and good after-sales service in case there are problems with the products.

Homage Vertex HVS-1214-SCC UPS inverter is a good option at an affordable price with many features and support for simultaneous power and solar power.


  1. 1200VA/1000Watt/12VDC/230VAC
  2. Allows you to power mains and solar at the same time.
  3. Wide input voltage range: 90-280VAC
  4. Built-in 55A MPPT charge controller for solar panels
  5. Selectable AC charging current of 10A or 25A
  6. Overload and short circuit protection
  7. User-friendly LCD display
  8. Replaceable fan for easy maintenance
  9. LCD display with LED indicator for comprehensive information
  10. Hyundai Inverter – Rs 28,000

Hyundai is known for producing UPS inverters and generators that are reliable and good value for money compared to competitors. Hyundai’s UPS inverter, the HIS-2200 model, is a very good option if you are looking for a step up from the aforementioned Homage UPS inverter. It’s a little more expensive but offers more capacity to meet your summer needs.


  1. Overload protection
  2. Short Circuit Protection
  3. Overload and low battery protection
  4. Overvoltage protection
  5. AVR
  6. Cold start function
  7. Filter function for output noise
  8. 1200W/750W+ POWER SUPPLY

This was our list of the top 5 inverters in Pakistan for 2021, but there are other options depending on your needs. We made this list with a minimum budget in mind, as most people don’t put all their eggs in one basket at UPS. For reasons of common sense, which may not be obvious to everyone, I plugged all of my computers into UPS backup batteries. After getting frustrated one day when my power flickered, I immediately bought a UPS. Shortly thereafter, the power went out, and for longer than the battery could keep my computer afloat. I needed a better solution!

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