Tips to Choose a Custom Picture Pendant Based on Your Face Shape

Jewelry is one of the finest accessories that can make or break your look if you don’t know how to style it well. While most people opt for minimalistic pieces, some like to go all out by wearing a gold picture pendant necklace and leaving their mark wherever they go. However, knowing your face shape can help you in choosing the best piece that will help you achieve that feature. And should you be looking for the tips to propose to your partner, why not make use of the sparkling stuff made from metal and alloy. So, today, let’s find out how to give an edge to your styling routine and boost your confidence through the perfect piece of jewelry.

How to Identify the Shape of Your Face?

Well, to begin with, you may be aware that no two face shapes are symmetrical, and everyone is different in their way. However, the structure of the face remains the same, and identifying the shape is easier than it sounds. You can, however, follow these steps to know the exact face shape before you head on to buy the jewelry:

  1. Pull your hair back to a ponytail by adding pins or a headband. Ensure that all your hair is off the face, completely, before moving ahead.
  2. Measure or trace your face as you look into the mirror. You can lay a piece of tracing paper over the mirror and then move on to outline the reflection of the face through it. Alternatively, you can also draw directly on the glass using an overhead projection or wet-erase marker. Printing a picture of your face and then tracing the shape can also be another method, but that is mostly not as accurate as it could’ve been.

As you do that, you may find several pictures on the internet that gives you a rough idea of what your face shape is – oval, diamond, round, rectangular, square, heart, or triangle. While your outline might not exactly match the geometrical shapes you find online, and the edges seem different, the general shape would be the same, and you can use that guide to buy the best custom picture pendant.

Necklace Types that Suit Your Face Shape

Now that you have a fair idea of what the shape of your face is; check out a few types of necklaces that would suit you the most:

Oval: Typically, those with oval faces would have a high forehead that is longer than wide. The forehead tends to be rounded near the hairline and has the same width as the cheekbones. Interestingly, this is one face shape that will match all types of necklaces across chain sizes as well. If, however, you are thinking of leaving a deep impact on others, you may choose to wear teardrop designs that mimic your face shape to look more mesmerizing.

Round: Contrary to popular belief, oval and round are two different types of face shapes. Those with a round face will have wide cheekbones that narrow only a bit towards the jaw-line and near the forehead. To make the best of the face shape, you may proceed to buy a gold picture pendant that drops below your collarbone to create a ‘V’ shape towards the décolletage. You may also choose geometric shapes to add some contrast to your features.

Square: Another very common face shape, a square is identified by the strong jaw-line and angular cheekbones. They don’t tend to narrow much from the cheeks toward the forehead, and the chin isn’t that sharp and wide as you would’ve imagined. But, the general shape will remind you of a square at a glance. To match the strong lines on your face, the best piece of jewelry for you would be the long, vertical ones, which have eye-catching components that steal; the focus. Try not to wear any harsh or geometric designs as they may compromise your entire look.

Heart: Yes, there are people with a heart face shape, and an all-time powerful celebrity Scarlet Johansson is proof of that. Those with a heart face shape would have a pointed forehead and chin that are wider than the cheekbones. All your other features might be angular and soft, but the general shape would be that of an inverted triangle. To suit your face shape, look for short necklaces that have round pearls or curves that add fullness around your neck and balance the forehead width. As you avoid plunging necklines, opt for layered pieces and horizontal motifs in custom picture pendants.

Conclusion: As you think about your face shape, you might not always be so sure about your findings from the outlines. In that case, if you want to wear a necklace that suits you the most, you can opt for a solid diamond picture pendant. Always looking chic and timeliness, you can wear this as a style statement over the years, and the shine never goes away. If you want to add an extra impact, try to wear a gold custom picture pendant necklace cut to your face shape, and there you have it – the best way to choose a piece of jewelry that best suits you.

Inzamam Akram

As the owner of Amerikan Gold Jewelry, Inzamam stays up-to-date with the latest style and fashion trends and often shares his observations through extremely well-articulated blogs and articles. Being an expert in this field, he offers fashion tips that can never go wrong and simply elevate one’s personality. In his spare time, he also likes playing games and binge-watch web-series.

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