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Tips to Clean Out Blocked PVC Plumbing

One of the most common problems that come with pipes at the home is blocking the drains that people face every day throughout the world. You may have various types of pipes installed in your home for different purpose applications including upvc pipes. When you neglect that plumbing problem without repairing, that blockages may be affected by leaking the water from drains, possibly damaging the business or home facility.

Severe blockages may make the pipes burst, which can need more money to make repairs. So, here, in this article, you can know some of the tips to repair yourself when the pipes are blocked without wasting any time or money on it. Let’s have a look at the discussion on it.

Boiling Water:

To fix blocked drains quickly, try to pour some boiling water inside the pipe of that specific drain. In many situations, this tip is enough to release or dissolve that blockage drain without resorting to more extreme measures. But, you need to utilize this tip on ceramic or metal pipes because the heat might be loosening the PVC pipes. So, if it is PVC pipes, just use semi-hot water instead of boiling. This tip can be useful when there is food build-up in the sink or grease, but this is incredible to use for strong blockages.

Natural Cleaner:

Well, when there is no time to buy the chemicals to clean the drain or no person to repair, then you can prepare the natural cleaner by adding white vinegar and bicarb soda. Pour this bicarb chemical into the blocked drain, which is considered by vinegar.

After pouring, it covers that blocked drain to eliminate the waste that is fixed in the form of bubbling that comes out through a pipe. This chemical reaction among vinegar and bicarb generates oxygen, which cleans inside of any pipes, by clearing it and sending them out. You must repeat this process two to three times to prevent the blockage completely. Once the chemical which you pour works, the blockage makes a flush with boiled water to eliminate any leftover residue.

Caustic Cleaner:

When you think it is a common problem and you need to fix it yourself, it is better to buy caustic chemical cleaners, especially for drain blockage problems at nearby supermarkets or hardware stores. This chemical cleaner has a capacity of melting grease, food, hair, and many other blockages. Even though they are dangerous to the atmosphere, you should utilize them sparingly.

It not only works on strong masses, such as small household things or tree roots. Always save your face and hands when using this cleaner and then flush the pipes afterward with water to prevent lingering chemicals.


A plunger that is available every store can clear any blocked drain just as it clear a regular clogged toilet. Make sure that before starting this process, cover your nose, mouth, because it has a strong seal. The make-up-and-down force produced with your plunger may support loosening the blockages inside the pipes that can move smoothly next time. Plunging is useful mostly for solid drain blockages, but this is not much powerful on grease that developed and mineral deposits.

These are some of the tips you can use when there is no chance to visit a repair person or any other else. Sure that these are more effective to use if you want to eliminate the blocked drain stains. Mostly the upvc pipe manufacturers use these tips to eliminate the strains that present on them. Make sure to recommend to your friends and family members to use these tips if they face any drain blocked problems. 

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