Top 10 Effective B2C Marketing Strategies

Business-to-consumer marketing or B2C marketing is the strategy and tactic in which a company promotes its services and products on an individual level through advertisement and other means. To understand some of the effective B2C marketing and advertising strategies, here is a quick reference guide for you, listed below.



Social Networks and Viral Marketing

Viral marketing, as a strategy uses existing social networks to promote a product. It can help in creating a positive impact during your promotional product launches or campaigns. It allows you to get tremendous visibility and better traffic, which increases sales revenue.

Paid Media Advertising

It is an essential component of revenue growth that helps you create awareness about your brand The strategy involves a paid placement of ad space for promoting your brand to a larger audience.it is an essential component of revenue growth and brand awareness.

Internet Marketing

Internet marketing allows you to market your brand through the use of the internet and online-based digital technologies. It is the process of promoting the business using the tools of the internet that helps in driving traffic, leads, and sales.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is a highly effective marketing strategy that allows you to send emails to your prospective customers at once with just a single click. It helps to connect with your audience to promote your brand while also allowing you to sell products, share news, or improve your cart abandonment rate.

Direct Selling

With direct selling, you can sell your products directly to your customers in a non-retail environment. The marketing of products is done through independent sales representatives from person to person. It gives the customers an opportunity of trying and testing before buying. There is direct contact with the seller that helps in building trust.

Point-Of-Purchase (POP) Marketing

With the Point-Of-Purchase (POP) method of Marketing, messages are delivered to the target customers of the brand at the point of purchase either online or in a retail store. A successful POP marketing campaign helps in effectively drawing the customer’s attention and persuades them to make a purchase.

Co-Branding, Affinity and Cause Marketing

Co-Branding is a strategic advertising and marketing partnership between two businesses in which the success of one brand brings success to its partner brand as well. It is an effective way of building businesses, boost awareness, and break into new markets. The loyalties of the brands are shared.

Conversational Marketing

It is a new, personalized approach to doing business online. Conversational marketing leads to an increase in the success of the business by building relationships with prospects and customers. It is the fastest way of moving buyers through your marketing and sales funnel with the power of real-time conversations.

Earned Media / PR

Earned media is the publicity that is gained through promotional efforts other than paid media advertising. It includes publicity gained through word-of-mouth, buzz, reviews, comments, news coverage etc. It is any mention or conversation about the brand that is done voluntarily.


It lets you present your brand narrative in a story form. Storytelling strategy helps you to lay the foundation of your brand’s narrative and setting goals for your work. Through storytelling marketing, you will be able to build a stronger and deeper connection with your audience. The strategy is progressive and has the potential of driving revenue with increased customer retention.

You can follow these strategies to reach out to your customers for B2C marketing which will help you garner higher customer traffic and increased sales revenue.

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