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Top 10 Interesting Taxi Services in World – Nottingham Taxi


By: Nottingham Taxi

We like to consider ourselves Nottingham Taxi the best taxi organization in Nottingham. Be that as it may, we are by all account not the only taxi organization on the planet. All throughout the planet, taxis look altogether different.

Today, we need to investigate what taxis resemble in different spots across the globe. These are the ten that we discover to be the most fascinating.


In the number ten spot, we have the dark and yellow fiat, usually found in Mumbai. These vehicles are for the most part dark, yet their particular yellow rooftops make them clear that they are what you should go to on the off chance that you need a taxi.

Despite the fact that the pattern began during the 1940s, the greater part of the ones around today were made during the 1960s.

Today, regardless of being a couple of left, they are not even close as mainstream as they used to be. An enormous justification this is that Mumbai is getting all the more monetarily steady. In this manner a greater amount of its residents are driving, and more cabbies have fresher vehicles.

Notwithstanding, you could in any case see the exemplary yellow and dark fiat, kept around due to its legacy.


At the point when you consider London, odds are one thing you’ll consider is the exemplary “Dark Cab”. Another name for this is the Hackney Carriage, named after the territory in London where they started. In those days, they weren’t mechanized however drawn by ponies.

Today, the most widely recognized model is the TX4, made by The London Taxi Company, claimed by Geely Automobile of China.



If I somehow managed to request that you picture a gridlock in New York, I would envision, your image would include a couple of the famous yellow taxis.

They began in 1897 when Samuel’s electric carriage and cart organization provided the vast majority of them. They started to ascend in ubiquity until 1907.

In that year, a fire obliterated large numbers of their vehicles. This caused a second ascent in horse-drawn carriages.

Today, they are less famous than they were previously, because of organizations like Uber.


Perhaps the most well-known types of taxi in India is known as the “Auto Rickshaw”. This sort of vehicle is a mechanized form of the cart, which was generally pulled or cycled.

Another regular term for this kind of transport is the “TukTuk”. Dissimilar to different taxis that we’ve expressed about, the Auto Rickshaw is available to the air, likely more pleasant when you’re in the rustic pieces of India.

India is likewise home to the Rickshaw Run, a race that circumvents India across hazardous streets.


In Madagascar, they have a kind of vehicle called the Taxi Brousse. Consider this a blend of a taxi, a minibus, and a transport.

The vehicle is a minibus, however they will go to individuals’ objections, getting others in transit. These taxis will in general become exceptionally busy, so maybe not ideal in case you’re tall.

Be that as it may, it tends to be an incredible method to address a portion of local people.


On the off chance that you at any point travel to Munich, in Germany, you may be adequately fortunate to go in one of their cream-hued taxis. These vehicles are typically one of the extravagance brands like Mercedes, BMW, or even Porsche.

In Germany, taking public vehicle is more normal than it is here, so taking a taxi is uncommon. Consequently, most feel supported in going in extravagance on the uncommon events they do.

The vast majority of individuals who use them will be individuals of higher wages.


Thailand has become a famous vacationer location for British individuals. In spite of the fact that Tuk Tuks are normal in numerous pieces of the world, they like to make them look decent in Thailand. As opposed to simply being the commonplace yellow, Tuk Tuks in Thailand are frequently painted in lovely tones.

Albeit a large portion of them are utilized as taxis (predominantly for sightseers), a few organizations will permit you to enlist your own bright tuk-tuk to cruise all over for the afternoon.

The Thai culture is regularly loaded up with shading, delight and joy. This claims a ton to sightseers.


At the point when most consider bicycles transformed into taxis, one country not many of us will consider is Paris. However, today, four organizations run “Bicycle Taxis”.

Indeed, taking one of these will be a reasonable piece more slow than taking an average taxi. Nonetheless, they are essential for France’s work to decrease its fossil fuel byproducts. They are protected, so can be driven in the downpour, and the clients can sit in comfort.

In case you’re concerned at the cyclists getting drained, these utilization a mix of pedal force and an electric battery.


In the lovely city of Vienna, instead of going in a vehicle, they have the Fiaker. You can go back on schedule and show up at your objective in a pony drawn carriage.

However much I might want to disclose to you this is the normal sort of taxi over yonder, more often than not, they are just utilized for unique events like weddings.

In the event that you need to feel unique, nothing can do that like a pony drawn carriage.


In China, you can plunge into the way of life of the Chinese and travel on a Sanlunche. A three-wheeled push bicycle that can best be portrayed as “basic however excellent”. Recollect how we talked before about the auto Rickshaw? The Sanlunche resembles that however fueled totally by pedal.

Generally, individuals who might utilize them were well off Chinese society. Today, they would most usually be utilized by vacationers who need to experience Chinese culture.

It’s not the most agreeable taxi on the planet, but rather there is a rooftop covering the travelers’ heads.


In case you’re after somebody to cycle you all over, or you need to go around Nottingham with ponies, I’m apprehensive we are not the taxi organization for you.

Notwithstanding, in case you’re after a certified driver who knows Nottingham and drives an agreeable vehicle, Nottingham Taxi will be the best Nottingham cab company for you.

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