Top 10 Wedding Dresses for 2020

Wedding Dresses

Whenever we hear the word wedding we usually think about the whitest wedding dress/gown for the bride. You will find your girl more charming in a wedding dress and that’s what you may have dreamed of. That particular wedding moment isn’t going to happen again thus you must make a great effort to create the best memories and a great wedding dress will help you do the same.

Girls think a lot about their wedding dress compared to boys but males also want to look special during their wedding ceremony. If you are also planning to exchange rings and marry your girl/boy this year then this post is going to be very helpful for you.

Everyone has a dream of making their wedding more special and you must start it by buying a quality wedding dress. Whether, if you are the girl or the prince charming of your future better half, you must do great research in order to choose the best possible wedding dress for yourself and even for your life partner. I have done the job for you by featuring this list of top 10 wedding dresses for 2020.

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Wedding Dresses for Bride


  1. Wedding Dress with Feathers

Featherd Dress
Featherd Dress

If you are looking for trendy and chick wedding dress then you must go with the feather concept this time. They are more romantic and will add more elegance to your wedding look. Whether you want to keep it minimal, simple or luxurious, choose from a great range of wedding dresses having a different density, pattern, and design of feathers.

Wedding dresses crafted with feathers are both glamorous and romantic. The two in one combination will make you look gorgeous at your wedding night. Feathers are the perfect blend of gentle sensibility and feminism hence most of the world-famous fashion designers opt for feathers.

2. Corset Dress

The corset wedding dress is one of the most famous bridal trends. It has gained huge popularity in recent times and is going stronger with every passing day. If you are the kind of bride looking for something sexier, vert flattering and figure-hugging wedding dress then this Corset dress would be the better option to go with.

3. Pearl Beaded

Pearl Beaded
Pearl Beaded

Nothing is more interesting and chic than a pearl beaded dress and at the same time, this particular concept is among the top wedding fashion trends in 2020. A white wedding dress embedded with tiny and regular sized pearls is chic, classic yet interesting and modern.

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4. Deconstructed Skirt

Wedding dresses don’t mean only white gowns, it is more diverse and you must give a look at other options too. An elegantly designed deconstructed skirt could be a better choice to go with and the effectiveness of this particular wedding dress is more powerful. With a long or short front, a deconstructed skirt is awesome and sensational in every form.

5. Colors and Colors

Colorful Wedding Dress
Colorful Wedding Dress

Yes, most of the girls do not prefer anything else wearing than an off white or white dress for their wedding but many females do a little experiment with their wedding dress. Go with a colored dress or wedding gown with different color accents.

Choosing a colorful dress for your wedding would be a unique and special choice which will loudly speak to your personality and will no doubt complement your wedding theme. Look for the best trending colors and currently green and rose tones are trending in 2020.

Wedding Dresses for Grooms

6. Men in Black

Black Suit
Black Suit

Yes, black suits are staple wedding dresses for men and the charm of an elegantly stitched black suit, compatible tie, bow, trouser, and shiny shoes never go out of fashion. No matter if you are the groom living in his 30s or have finally decided to marry your girl at the age of 40, a black suit will surely enhance your silhouette and make people notice in the crowd.

7. Soothing Colors

How about switching black colored suits with some soothing colors? That would be fantastic no doubt but make sure to keep it more soothing. A pale blue or pink colored suit made with raw textured fabric would be enough drool-worthy.

8. Quirky this time

For fashionable grooms, it’s time to cover their body with some quirky styled suits and to create some stir in the atmosphere. Include a satin collar and bow to your regular white or pale suit to look it more elegant and interesting.

You can also have a designed suit relevant to your wedding theme and that’s going to be adding new dimensions to your elegance. Make the atmosphere lighter and more livable with your non-traditional wedding outfits.

9. Velvet

Velvets never go out of fashion and will make you boast with your attractive silhouette at your wedding night. Make your marriage moment more memorable by investing in some of the best wedding outfits. Wrap your body with an elegantly designed and stitched velvet wedding suit and be the prince charming of your girl and get more and more attention from her.

10. Sherwani


If you are an Indian groom then no outfit is going to be more suitable and attractive then a sherwani. When it comes to traditional Indian wedding outfits for males then the list is huge and more diverse. Each part of India has a different culture which makes it incredible.

Sherwani is the staple wedding outfit for Indian grooms or dulha. Sherwani could carry more diversity compared to suits no matter if you are a Brit or American, marrying your girl in the Indian style and wearing Indian ethnic wears this could be a great idea.

Bottom Line:

Wedding occasions are just awesome and you can make it more and more fantastic by purchasing some of the top wedding dresses. It’s a good idea to keep the outfit idea more basic and traditional but trying something more trendy and chic could also be a great move.

Whether you are the groom or the girl going to exchange ring with her Mr. Perfect, make sure to make more from your wedding dress investment by choosing some of the top wedding outfits and for doing the same, you may get some inspirations from this featured list of top 10 wedding dresses for 2020.

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