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Top 5 Cake Shops Offer Best Cake Delivery in Singapore

The concept of celebration is quite imperfect without dessert. In fact, dessert doubles the joy and merriment of an event. No denial, the cake is one of the most popular desserts globally, and people love to cut cakes on their big days.

Let’s talk about your birthday; can you celebrate your special day without any cake cutting ceremony? Definitely No because cake embodies cheerfulness, ecstasy, and fun.

You can indeed bake delicious cakes at home, but it’s quite risky to bake a cake for some significant events (and when you aren’t much pro in baking). That’s why; it is always preferable to buy your dream cake from the best cake shop and make your day worth remembering. No problem if you can’t go to the cake shop due to the busy schedule because almost every other best cake shop in Singapore ensures online cake delivery without any trouble.

We have listed down the top 10 cake shops for you as you can opt for any of the shops as per your preference.

Bob The Baker Boy

If you are looking for a customized cake for a special event, choose ‘Bob and The Baker Boy’ without any second thought. They prepare the finest, yummiest, and eye-catching bespoke cakes in the town. You can trust their capabilities as they are pro at bringing any sweet vision to life. If you want something exclusive for your kid’s birthday, then choose their special cake topped with fondant unicorn or try their money-pulling cake and win the hearts of your beloved ones.

We are not bragging, but their mini cakes are just perfect for intimate parties. Don’t worry if you are on a diet because the cake shop also prepares cakes with less sugar and European butter. You can choose any of the desired flavors, including signature, unique honey, diabetic-friendly, etc. So, taste their cakes if you haven’t tried them yet.


This Japanese cake shop is immensely eminent for dainty cakes that mainly include unusual fruits and lighter pastry cream. The latest seasonal creation introduction enriches prize fruits, including Pione grapes, white peaches, and shine Muscat. We suggest you try their Yamanashi White peach cake as this lip-smacking cake is delicious. So, taste something sweet and healthy this time for a special event.

Sinpopo Brand

The introduction of a great variety of new cakes has won the hearts of Singaporeans. Well, Gula Melaka and Pandan kaya cake were already famous. Still, recently the enclosure of banana toffee cake, tres leches cake, and sticky date pudding cake has made this bakery impressively popular. You can order any of their cake online as they do not assure top quality cake but prompt delivery.


Stop fretting if you are looking for urgent cake delivery in Singapore. We have resolvedthis issue for you because Whyzee delivers top-quality cake at your doorstep and that too in an hour. They have many cakes, including Chocolate Desire, Banana Cake, and Tropical Mango Mousse. Interestingly, Whyzee’s signature Banana Cake contains a subtle combination of banana and other fresh ingredients. You can also try ombre rosette cake as it’s a healthy choice for diet conscious people. Their eggless cakes are full of aroma, flavor, and texture, but diet-aware people can eat them without fear of getting fat. If you want something complementary to live-up your party’s fun, Whyzee also delivers flower bouquets and balloons. So, double the pleasure of your party and order their incomparable cake now.

Cat and The Fiddle

Let’s introduce something extraordinary and delicious for cheesecake lovers. You can find all the fancy variants of cheesecake at this mesmerizing cake shop. Although their physical stores are closed for pick-up (amidst this pandemic), you can still order their incredible assortment of cheesecakes online. Undeniably, the availability of multiple cheesecake types makes it difficult for you to choose your favorite one, but their Over the Moon classic New York deserves 11/10. You should also try Madam Roselle and Paws of Fury cheesecake as they are delectable and tasty. Honestly, Milo Dinosaur is the finest choice for your kids’ birthday celebration.

Order Your Favorite Cake Online and Enjoy the Party

Indeed, we have chosen the top 5 cake shops for you. You can pick any of them based on your preferences and budget. So, order your favorite cake and enjoy your party without any trouble. Remember, this novel pandemic isn’t over yet. That’s why; please stay home and follow all the preventive measures seriously. Therefore, choose your desired cake online and provide all the required information correctly. You don’t need to worry about taste and quality as all these cake shops guarantee the best services without compromising the quality standards.

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