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TOP 5 Epic Road Trips From Leeds BY CAR

Let’s look through some interesting routes and safe driving tips

Everyone knows about Leeds. First of all, this is a big metropolis with plenty of shops, restaurants, cafes, and places to stay and relax. Nevertheless, this is not only the largest city in Northern England but also a large cultural area. There is so much to see! That’s why all roads lead to Leeds! With the help of the car, you can have some unforgettable car trips and unlock the beauty of Yorkshire, small market villages, valleys just from the postcards, and historical scenes. But first, let’s look through some interesting routes and safe driving tips. 


Transport here is represented by cars. There are so many large motorways around and each of them takes you to the neighbor cities through the picturesque rural areas. So, M1, M62 will take you to the south and A1 goes to the east. Be careful when driving through the city. There is a Clean Air Zone in the center where you should leave your car and go on foot. The trespassers are charged according to the new city rules. Car hire companies are available at the airport or here and there in the city. It would be great if you hire an auto beforehand so that you can learn the prices and pick the best car for your situation. Here we go!

High Force



  1. Go to Harrogate

Meet a small town with a great history. Harrogate is also called a Victorian spa town due to its famous spa treatment. So, follow the A61 highway to the north from Leeds for about an hour. What to see in the town? First of all, try some local dishes and visit popular market spots you can’t miss. Go to Masham, Boroughbridge, or Pateley Bridge. Secondly, drive your car to visit the Yorkshire Dales. Your visit to a national park mounts up to the physical activity. Try biking, kayaking, hiking, and many other adventure activities.

  1. Go to High Force

Have you ever heard about High Force? This is one of the most popular and viewy waterfalls in UK. How to find this place? You badly need an auto! Car hire in Leeds will give you the most comfortable car in English terms. Go to the north following A1 for about 50 minutes and you’ll reach a famous Whin Rock and, of course, the River Tees. The water falls from a height of 20 meters into a beautiful pool. It lies in the heart of woods and rocks. You can take a river tour or go fishing. On your way, you’ll meet small villages with atmospheric food spots.

  1. Go to the Dalby Forest

Do you want to see more than 8 000 acres of beauty? Go to the North East from Leeds to reach Dably Forest in 2 hours. If you want to know what to do in the woodland except for admiring the views and arranging picnics, follow the tourist information at the entrance. You can go cycling or just walk in the wood. The tourist routes are divided according to your abilities and physical form. If you are tired or just travel with kids, you can hire a park car, stop at the cafes, souvenir shops, children’s’ play areas, and activity centers. Some families take electric buggies, others want to ride a bike. You choose!

  1. Go to Holmfirth

This place is always on the top list of must-visit places for all tourists. You should drive your car to the South West of Leeds. It will take you about 45 minutes. What makes this area so popular? Tourists come here for the original show programs. This is your chance to take photos, try local food, and see the much-loved festival program. The Holmfirth Folk Festival can boast numerous food attractions, different activities for kids, sport challenges, and more. Actually, this local festival is a chic opportunity to meet local culture, watch performances, parades, listen to folk music, try workshops. There is one more autumn festival which is called the Holmfirth Food & Drink Festival. This is a huge performance which includes hundreds of food selling spots where you can try all sorts of beer, local gins, meat and cheese, and different entertainments.

If you are interested in wine history, you can spend just 10 minutes to walk to the Holmfirth Vineyard. This unique place welcomes visitors for wine tasting sessions, serves home-made food. So, if you are late for dinner or tea, welcome to Holmfirth. They also offer wine guided tours and wine tasting sessions. There is also a small hotel with luxury conditions!


  1. Go to Richmond

Everyone knows about Richmond. Who doesn’t? If translate from French, Richmond means ‘strong hill’. It was a meaningful trading place in the medieval period and one of the best-visited tourist places now. You can observe a charming city, small towns around, Georgian-era buildings, market places, churches, and museums. As a history lover, you should go to see the Holy Trinity Church. Also, climb up the Culloden Tower and visit the world-popular Richmond Museum and the Georgian Theatre. How to get to Richmond in the fastest way? Just go to the North-South from Leeds by A66.

That’s so simple to drive around Leeds. The routes are interesting, the motorways are well-cared, and the views are really impressive. Of course, it is impossible to visit all the interesting places around. But you can plan your route in such a way to see everything and make the most of your car trip.

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