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Top 5 Google Alternatives You Must Try

Google is the leading search engine in the world. With always evolving technology and algorithms, Google provides you a personalized user experience while searching for anything and that makes it popular enough among users to have a market share of more than 87% in the field. There is no doubt that Google is the best in business when it comes to search engines, but in case if you are wondering if there are any other options also available for you, or willing to use any other search engine to keep your private data secured from being sold to advertisers or even if for an experiment, then we have got you covered. In this article, we are going to look at some Google alternatives which provide you a good experience of searching and sometimes even better.



Bing is the most popular search engine after Google. Bing is offered by Microsoft, that’s why its capacity, capabilities, and security cannot be doubted. Since it is competing with the biggest giant in the market, so there are some rewards also for you when you search on it. You receive points if you use Bing to search for things on the internet, and those points can be redeemed to buy stuff at Microsoft or Windows store. Bing can be said to be having better image search results than its rivals. This search engine has a very easy and interactive user interface. Search results for videos are not biased for YouTube also.


Yandex is a popular search engine especially in Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Turkey, and Ukraine. Just like Google, Yandex also offers free email, live traffic maps, music, videos, photo storage, and other products. Yandex has also got a smooth search and easy interface to use. The offerings and capacities make it a perfect alternative to Google, and especially in the Russian region.

CC Search

CC Search is an amazing platform to provide you with copy-right free content. If you are looking for music, images, or anything else to include in your work, without any copyrights, then CC Search is a very suitable choice. You can use CC Search in dark mode also. CC search also allows you to sync your custom settings and bookmarks across devices. The content of search results in CC Search is drawn from Soundcloud, Wikimedia, and Flickr and that content is listed as Creative Commons, material which you can use with any of your work without worrying about the copyrights.


Swisscows is a popular search engine opinion and it is the best pick if you are concerned about your privacy. Swisscows promise to respect user’s privacy and they claim that they never collect, store, or track data of their users. It is supported by artificial intelligence to display accurate results for you. Swisscows keep you anonymous when you search something on it. Swisscows is also seen as a family-friendly search engine that claims to be promoting moral values and digital media education and hating violence and pornography. This is a very secure and user-friendly alternative to Google.


DuckDuckGo is another amazing search engine on our list that cares about your privacy most. DuckDuckGo is very safe to use as it does not collect or store any of your data. All the searches conducted on this search engine are anonymous. Advanced and interesting features of this search engine can help you in writing poetry, answer your little queries, generate passwords, solve anagrams, and many such features, and all these while protecting your privacy.

There are many search engines available in the digital world but Google reigns in the market. In this article, we have listed the top alternatives to Google, which will give you an amazing search experience and protect your privacy at the same time.

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