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Top 5 Things You Must Know About Hair Transplant in Dubai

Nowadays, hair transplants are gaining immense popularity among men and women. Everyone with excessive hair loss considers this treatment as one of the securest ways of regrowing hair. Amazingly, Hair Transplant in Dubai has increased dramatically in the past few years as the treatment involves minimum side-effects. No doubt, more and more people are contemplating this treatment due to its miraculous effects. Still, it is quite necessary to gather all the preliminary information about it in the first place. Just because your friend had a thriving experience, it doesn’t mean that you can experience an equal success rate.

So, before you opt for the most optimal hair transplant option, it is imperative to correctly research the procedure. Additionally, complete knowledge about pre-op-tricks can help you in experiencing the desired outcomes.

Here in the present discussion, we highlight some significant factors everyone should know before hair transplant surgery in Dubai. Indeed, you can get a better idea about the most suitable hair transplant technique for you and its overall cost.

Hair Transplant & Major Factors to Consider

Indeed, getting hair transplantation is not a simple procedure as it requires proper planning and process to ensure a success rate. That’s why; we have accumulated the list of top 5 things everyone must mull over before the hair transplantation starts.

  1. Skills & Expertise of Surgeon
  2. Hair Transplantation Technique
  3. The overall period to recover
  4. Follow-Up sessions
  5. The expected cost of the surgery

Now, let’s talk about all these factors in detail.

  1. Skills & Expertise of Surgeon

Professional attitude, skills, and the surgeon’s working experience are the most crucial factors to consider. People choose a surgeon based on his popularity, but it’s not enough as you need to consider some other significant aspects.  Just because everyone knows the surgeon; doesn’t mean he can operate like a pro. Keep one thing in mind that a famous surgeon doesn’t have to be the most suitable surgeon for you.

You can evaluate the surgeon’s proficiencies during the initial consultation. So, before you step into the surgeon’s clinic, it is always recommended to prepare a list of questions you want to discuss with the surgeon.  If your surgeon resolves all your queries correctly, you can trust his proficiencies. Otherwise, there is a risk of wasting your money and putting your health in danger.

  1. Hair Transplantation Technique

The next primary thing is to consider the most suitable hair transplant techniques in Dubai. Usually, surgeons preferred the two most common techniques;

  • FUE (Follicular Unit Excision)
  • FUT (Follicular Unit Transplant)

No doubt, both of these techniques are FDA approved with minimum risks and no side-effects. But, everyone has a different type of hair loss. That’s why; it is imperative to discuss your hair loss type with the surgeon. This way, he can suggest the optimal transplantation technique for you. Generally, the FUE technique is considered safe because it leaves no visible scars on the donor’s site compared to the FUT technique. But your surgeon can make the final decision about any of the suitable techniques after examining your hair problem properly.

  1. The overall period to recover

Usually, people overlook the discussion about the recovery period in the consultation session. You don’t have to do this as a proper discussion is necessary to manage your work schedule correctly. FUT treatment involves visible scars, and it takes considerable time to recover from those scars. So, it is better to don’t resume your hectic work schedule for two weeks. However, the downtime of FUE treatment is a few days because this treatment doesn’t involve visible scars or any other side-effects.

That’s why; we recommend you to discuss the most suitable hair treatment technique beforehand because this way, you can manage your work schedule proficiently.

  1. Follow-Up Sessions

Undeniably, the hair transplant in Dubai doesn’t require frequent hair transplant session due to the professional surgeons. Every patient has a unique type of hair loss, and each of them requires different hair grafts. Most of the time, one session is necessary to complete the entire process, but for excessive hair loss, a patient may need two or more follow-up sessions.

  1. The expected cost of the surgery

Lastly, this treatment’s expected cost is one of the significant factors that shouldn’t be ignored at any cost. So, discuss everything, including expected expenses, with your surgeon ahead of time. Undoubtedly, a hair transplant is quite expensive, so you must manage your budget before the first consultation.

Final Words

Remember, all these factors play a vital role in finding the most suitable hair transplantation surgeon and technique in Dubai. We recommend you deem all such aspects if you want to experience a successful hair transplant. An experienced and well-reputed surgeon can make the entire process of hair transplantation treatment less throbbing for you. So, think wisely as haste makes waste.

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