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Top Instagram Live Streaming Tips to Increase More Engagement

If you face a problem in getting audiences for your live stream, you’re at the right place.  The post briefs you about the power of live video. Regardless if you’re on Instagram, YouTube or Facebook live video. Live streaming has become more powerful when driving more traffic and more reach into your social media platforms. That’s why if you aren’t currently using live video within your business strategy. In this article, you will be able to explore some of the most important tips & tricks about how you will get started with your live video.

Lots of people know that live video is important, but many people are petrified to get started. Creating live content and delivering it in real-time to an authentic audience engaging with you can be very nerve-wracking. That’s why the post shares some specific strategies to help you get consistent with live video. Let briefs about the power of live video.

Instagram Platform Live Streaming:

Have you noticed that every time someone goes on live video, almost everyone who follows you will get a notification? Not only this, when you go live on Instagram, you are prioritized in the story feed. It is impressive and evident for your content to sweeten the pot just a little bit.

Suppose you go live with someone else as well. Not only do your followers get notifications, but their followers do as well, and also, there is an option to boost up by buying Instagram live views if you don’t have that much time to get engagement. That’s why you’ll be able to increase your visibility by a lot when you choose to use live video.  It also has been noticed that Instagram has added more and more features and functions to the live stream feature, which shows that they’re truly investing in live streams because they value it for their platform.

It is one of the most organic and engaging ways that you can speak to your audience. For example, did you know that people can use live chat with you? Not only this, new features such as pictures have now allowed content creators to create even more engaging live streams by sharing photos, slide decks, videos, whatever you can think of that you can share with your audience.  Instagram is truly pushing live streams on their platform.

Live Streaming Platforms Such as YouTube or Facebook:

With a Facebook live stream, you will get way more reach and engagement on the posts than you pre-plan in advance. That is a true testament to how Facebook truly values live content and pushes it further on people’s feeds.

This is not only this as a pro tip. If you have a Facebook group and go on live stream often in your Facebook group, that will allow your Facebook group to rank higher in a Facebook algorithm. So, if you have a personal page or business page or you’re using Facebook in general, regardless of its group or not, to actually grow your audience, leveraging live video can genuinely give you that extra boost that you’re looking for.

Not only this, if you’re on YouTube, did you know that when you go on live video, it will rank higher within search and the algorithm. That’s why, if you’re not leveraging live video on either platform that you choose.

At this point in the post, you might be convinced that live video helps bring your business to the next, but part of you is probably also nervous and worried about getting started with live video.  That’s why the post shares with you some tips and strategies for live video.

1. Practice on Instagram Stories First:

You need to practice on Instagram stories first or any bite-sized content pieces that don’t require much time but aren’t necessarily live. If you’re nervous about being live on Instagram, then at least get comfortable speaking to a camera first.

2. Create Bite-sized Content First:

When they want to go live for the first time, many people are getting high expectations. They automatically dive into creating 20 minutes 30 minute live streams. That can be stressful for you at the beginning. 

That’s why instead of telling yourself that you need to nail a 20-minute live stream or deliver a 30-minute presentation live to your audience, Instead you need to go on live for five minutes.  It would help to create concise bite-sized content pieces for you to at least get your feet wet of going live in general.

As you get more confident, then you can start increasing the times that you go on live. For example, you can go live from five minutes to 15, 15 to 30, and 30 to an hour if you’d like.

It is advised that you should not make it harder on yourself by feeling like you need to deliver 20 minutes of value if you are intimidated by a live stream.

Instead, tell yourself, hey, I’m going to go live for five minutes and only deliver a one-bit tip to my audience. That’s why, if you’re intimidated by a live stream, make sure that you do create bite-sized content first.

3. Create a Formula for Yourself:

You need to create a formula for yourself to follow every single time when you go live stream. If you offer to coach, then with your live stream, you need to teach and coach your audience to improve their coaching efforts. So your formula has to be at the beginning of every live stream.

  • It would help if you gave a takeaway. You are required to promise your audience what they’ll learn from your live stream.
  • Next, you need to talk about personal experience regardless of the theme of that live stream. It would help if you tied it back to a unique understanding of why you’re there to share this particular topic.
  • Then it would help if you talked about mistakes that some of the coaches might be making or business owners might be making.
  • Then it would help if you talked about the undesired outcomes that come from those mistakes.
  • And last but not least, you then need to offer a solution for them.

These are the formulas that you need to use in all your live streams. It is recommended that you create a plug-and-play formula for yourself that you can replicate for every single live stream that you do and truly streamline your content creation process.

4. Start With Doing Interviews Instead of Solo Shows:

The following tips for starting with the live stream are doing solo shows and doing interviews rather. It would help if you created more interviews with other people. By doing this, you will find that doing a live stream with someone else is far better than doing them alone. Not only this one, but it’s also an interview style. 

You can get in the moment of having a conversation with someone else, and you forget the fact that you’re even a live stream. Not only this to sweeten the pot. If you’re the interview host and you’re asking the questions and not the one being interviewed, that takes a lot more edge when it comes to living video.

That’s why if you’re uncomfortable with live video, you need to try to pair up with someone else or use it as an excellent excuse to do interviews and network with other people so that you don’t have to feel alone when doing live content.

5. Choose an Unpopular Time to Go Live:

If you are uncomfortable doing live videos, you need to choose an unpopular time to go live. You will have honest people going on and watching you in real-time. That’s why you need to precisely and strategically choose when you know people are either sleeping or at work to do your live stream. And over time, you will get more confident in having a smaller audience watching you and then later, and you can start to migrate your live stream to more popular times where you’ll have a bigger audience.

That’s why, if you’re someone who is still very nervous about being on live television simply just because you know other people are watching you, then don’t make it harder on yourself. And specifically, choose the time you know that there is no bigger audience watching.

Take Away:

The post has covered a lot of ground when it comes to living video and live streaming. You have always needed to remember that live stream is only a tiny portion of your content strategy. And the content strategy is also a small portion of the entire process to turn a follower into a client for your business.

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