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Top places to visit in Neelam valley

Neelam valley is a beautiful area near Muzaffarabad in Azad Kashmir. Neelam is the largest district of Azad Kashmir that is about 200 km in area. The valley is situated alongside the River “Neelam River” whose previous name was “Kishan Ganga” before partition. It takes 7 to 8 hours to watch Neelam valley from Islamabad. Tourists across the world come to see the beauty of Neelam valley and the surrounding areas of Azad Kashmir. It has a lot of tourist attractions including crystal clear water lakes, long waterfalls, worth watching places with lush green landscape, and the Neelam River.

Weather condition

The weather of the area is very cool; there is heavy snowfall in the winter season. Giant Mountain peaks remain covered with the snow until the summer season comes. Snow starts melting and the lakes are filled with water. The summer season is best for the tourists to visit the area and enjoy the beauty. During this season, there is no chance of trouble like the road blockage by heavy snowfalls and chill weather, ice-covered lakes. You are free to enjoy the beauty of nature while enjoying the pleasant weather.

Neelam valley tour

While planning a tour to Neelam valley, you must search out the places to visit there. Also, search for a good hotel to stay there. This can take a long time to a complete workout. Moreover, if you have not your own conveyance then it can be more expensive to hire a private car. To get rid of all the worries and enjoy the trip, it is better than contacting a travel agency. By giving your demands and the days of the tour, you can take a complete plan from them with all the facilities within your budget. There are many travel agencies that are working in Pakistan and providing services to tourists across the world. But it is necessary to select a reputed travel agency so that you may not get worried throughout the complete tour.

Zufta Travel Tours is a well-known travel agency providing local tours especially in northern areas of Pakistan. Neelam valley is the most visited place among these areas due to its charming beauty. Due to the larger interest of the tourists in Neelam valley, Zufta Travel & Tours offers the best Neelam valley tour packages in Pakistan. We are not only offering their services to large groups and families but also to the individuals who want to go out for some days. We can attach individuals with a group tour. Our travel agents will know the area and the eye-catching places to guide the customers to visit them. They have a complete schedule of all the days so the visitors do not miss any one of the amazing places to visit.

Must see places

Although, the complete valley is much beautiful some are worth watching. Their beauty mesmerizes the tourists, they capture the beautiful scenes in their camera and love to come again in their next holidays. Following are some places, you should never miss when visiting Neelam valley.

Dhani waterfall

This is the biggest waterfall among other waterfalls in Neelam valley. In the winter season, due to heavy snow, it has not the running water while in summer; it has beauty at its peak. Visitors love to see the amazing scenery.

Kutton waterfall

It is also a famous tourist attraction in Neelam valley. This waterfall has a water source from Kutton, so it is named as Kutton waterfall.

Keran village

Keran; a beautiful small village, has all the basic facilities. People are very loving to welcome tourists. If you want to stay here, there are hotels in good condition and show a pleasant view outside. This village is on the way to Ratti Gali Lake, which is a famous lake surrounded by the snow capped mountains.


It is also a small and beautiful village.  It is situated next to Keran village. People who stay in Keran can book jeeps to travel to Ratti Gali Lake via Dawarian. Four-wheel jeeps are available on rent to the upper valley from the village. There are pleasant sights on the way to enjoy.

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