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Top Signs That You Need To Hire A Healthcare Call Center Outsourcing Company

Until very recently, terms like “customer support”, “customer experiences”, and “customer satisfaction” were only reserved for the retail or other service-based industries. In the Healthcare industry, patients didn’t care much as long as they received quality treatment for their ailments. Value-based patient care has become an integral aspect of modern healthcare, helping medical facilities improve their patient experiences while also achieving their financial objectives along the way. In the end, your medical facility needs all the business you can get from patient retention and physician referrals.

If you start to feel like you are not getting the best patient responses and that it’s affecting your bottom line, it may be a sign that you need Healthcare BPO Services. With professional intervention, you will be able to enjoy improved brand recognition and patient loyalty to help your healthcare facility achieve maximum outcomes and hit your bottom lines consistently.

Balancing Medical Care And Patient Support Has Become Absolutely Critical In Modern Healthcare


  • Offering updated medical information to patients
  • Managing patient data and medical records
  • Resolving customer queries and grievances
  • Scheduling patients for physician appointments and medical tests
  • Coordinating physician schedules for patient appointments, surgeries, etc.
  • Raising patient awareness for new medical treatments, current medical conditions, and latest trends in the healthcare industry
  • Conducting patient surveys to understand patient requirements and expectations

These non-core responsibilities are as important as the core responsibilities of a medical facility. Healthcare organizations must find the perfect balance of updated medical treatments and complete patient support in order to provide overall patient care. As a result, Healthcare Call Center Outsourcing services have become absolutely critical as they help your medical facility stay ahead of the curve through advanced and comprehensive patient support.

Why It Is Important?

Most healthcare organizations, regardless of their size, think that employing an in-house customer support system can deal with these non-core responsibilities. However, there are several challenges to hiring and managing an in-house customer service department. The most important among these challenges is their ability to manage efficiency and effectiveness, especially when scaling their customer services. Unfortunately, this can often result in unhappy customers, frustrated employees, and unsatisfactory patient experiences.

As a healthcare business owner, you need to recognize the need for the professional services of a Healthcare BPO company and appreciate the value they bring to your business. You will also need to identify the areas in your healthcare business where these services can be of immense benefit and employ the appropriate medical BPO services.

Signs That May Highlight Your Need For Healthcare BPO Services

While you may understand the value of medical BPO services for your healthcare business, you must also identify the vulnerabilities that make these services a necessity for your medical organization. Let’s look at some of the most prevalent signs that may highlight your need for Healthcare Call Center Outsourcing.

  • You are unable to meet medical call center standards

The medical call center industry standards include call routing accuracy of 99%,  hold times <60 seconds, customers without First-Call-Resolutions (FCRs) <5%, etc. If your customer support metrics do not match or better these numbers, you may be in need of professionals.

Declining Customer Satisfaction Scores

If you find that patient satisfaction scores are steadily (or rapidly) falling, it may be time to get professional help for your medical center. The expertise of medical call center agents and live chat support services to arrest declining patient satisfaction scores.

  • Unable to determine patient expectations

Customer support interactions are the best places to learn about their experiences and expectations with your medical facility. If your customer service setup is unable to provide you with this valuable information, they’re certainly doing something very wrong. Call recordings aren’t being monitored or reviewed, sufficient information is not being recorded or passed onto the relevant authorities, there are lapses in judgment regarding the importance of customer reviews – there could be innumerable reasons behind the failure of your customer service to record customer interactions. The professional infrastructure of a healthcare call center will plug such deficiencies.

  • Lack of periodic & upgraded training

The healthcare industry is constantly evolving, and customer support executives need to undergo regular training to keep up with the latest developments. If your in-house customer service team doesn’t receive such upgraded training periodically, it may be time to call in expert Healthcare BPO Services to ensure that your customer service is constantly up-to-mark.

  • Increasing patient leakage

If you notice a decline in your patient retention numbers, it may have a lot to do with customer relationships. Patients require special care, and it’s not just about the treatment they receive from your medical facility. You need to ensure that they receive prompt services and accurate information at all times. or else it might affect their experience with your medical facility. The services of a healthcare BPO company will enable you to offer on-time solutions for your patients, empowering them through the best overall patient care.

  • Lack of consistency across customer support channels

If you experience consistency issues across the diverse channels through which your customer support functions, it may be due to the lack of transparency between multiple channels or the absence of universal protocols between your call center and live chat support services. As a result, this lack of consistency brews mismanagement issues which eventually boils over onto your customer service functions. Leading to disruptions in customer experiences. You need to have a smoothly-functioning contact center infrastructure, and employing a reputed healthcare BPO company can help you enjoy access to such infrastructure.

  • Inefficient data management

The absence of a functioning DMS can prove to be a heavy burden on your entire patient care system. Poor data entry structure and the inability to access accurate data at different touchpoints of the patient journey. It can disrupt patient care and prevent seamless patient experiences. Therefore, you must identify and plug inefficiencies in your data processing and management infrastructure to smoothen patient journeys.

There are many other signs that may tell you that your healthcare business is suffering due to inefficiencies. At the end of the day, your healthcare business needs to be entirely about patient experiences. Positive patient experiences lead to high customer satisfaction, which will, in turn, lead to more retention and referrals. This is why customer service is of such importance to your healthcare business. Leaving it to untrained professionals might not be good for business. So, healthcare call center outsourcing will be best for your business.

Why Are Medical BPO Services Successful?

As has already been mentioned, medical BPO services can go a long way in plugging the little gaps and inefficiencies. It will also improve your healthcare business from offering the ideal patient care to your customers. But why are they so successful in dealing with the many non-core responsibilities? And why do they function better than your in-house customer support departments?

Well, the answer is two-fold! Firstly, medical BPO companies have a firm understanding of market requirements and maintain proper infrastructure for the purpose. With regular modifications and timely upgrades of their customer support software, processes, and technologies. They are able to stay ahead of the curve at all times. This allows your patients to receive prompt and easy solutions to their queries. And it also enhances their experiences at every touchpoint of their patient journeys.

At the same time, it also enables you to stay current in all your customer support functions. It also prevents you from lagging in your non-core responsibilities while your core functions try desperately to maintain current market trends.

Training & Resource Management

Secondly, Healthcare BPO Services involve a lot of training and resource management to enable their agents to stay updated. With a HIPAA-compliant healthcare BPO company, you will have access to trained executives. It also knows the ideal way to have human engagements with your patients. And despite them being a third-party service provider, your customers can rest easy knowing that the healthcare BPO company has all the necessary certifications and accreditations in place to ensure complete data protection.

Furthermore, this will contribute majorly towards building strong customer relations and enhanced patient loyalty towards your brand. Thereby improving customer retention and revenues. In the end, patient satisfaction is as important to your healthcare business as updated medical treatments that heal your patients’ health concerns. Improved customer experiences will always serve as the perfect boost to your healthcare business on all fronts!

Therefore, you need to recognize the signs of inefficiencies with your customer support. So you can employ a HIPAA-compliant Healthcare Call Center Outsourcing company to overcome patient care. This will empower you to stay ahead of your competitors and bring in more patients and added revenues. In addition, outsourcing your non-core functions to a healthcare BPO company also means lots of freed-up resources. All Such freed-up resources can be effectively utilized.

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