Top Tips to Maintain Your Tyres for Their Longer Life!

No matter how extensive or classy your car is, it is only as good as its tyres are! The entire performance of your car depends upon the well being of your tyres. And imagine if these aren’t well, can you drive your car then? And don’t you know a bad or damaged tyre is enough to blow away your entire vehicle? Well, that’s why maintenance of the same stays important.

Tips to ensure the wellbeing of your tyres!

Each and every car owner follows the proper guidelines to take care of the tyres of the vehicle properly. And if you see irreparable damage in your tyres, then it’s always preferable to change these and get new Bridgestone tyres in NZ from Best New Tyre. They provide you with the most suitable tyres for your car and that too at reasonable prices. But obviously, to ensure that even these new tyres live longer, proper care and maintenance is mandatory. But in case you still aren’t aware of the right procedure for the same, read on.

  • Maintain the right level of inflation of the tyres

Perfectly inflated tyres provide you with both safety and economic efficiency as well. Make it a point to check the proper level of inflation of your tyres at least once in a month (or just before a long drive). And if you find that the air pressure is somewhat low in the tyres, don’t delay in filling it ASAP. But remember to fill only the right level of inflation because over-inflation causes an unsteady and uncomfortable ride and under-inflation is a very dangerous risk.

  • Never over spin your tyres unnecessarily

Do you overspin your tyres constantly when it is stuck in a sandpit or snow? If you are doing this, then obviously you are causing high damage to your tyres. Because when you constantly spin the tyres, they get overheated and give away. Some might even blast at this moment. So, try taking off the vehicle the manual way or by slow backward and forward movements rather than spinning.

  • Keep an eye on the slightest wear

The best way to ensure that your tyres live longer is to keep an eye on even the slightest wear or damage that happens on them. Like, if you find a single hole or puncture in your tyres, don’t delay in repairing it immediately so that the issue doesn’t get bigger and serious. If you are preventing tiny issues, the timely treatment ensures that your tyres stay longer and better.

  • Never try to mount your tyres alone

Lots of damage happen to the tyres when you try mounting them alone at the time of a severe puncture. We suggest – whenever such a thing happens, do call experts to change your tyres who come along with the proper equipment and technicians. And they carry out the procedure perfectly for you.

If you are following the above golden steps of caring for your tyres, we doubt you’ll have to worry about them anywhere soon.

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