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Top Wedding dress designers in Australia

Explore top Wedding dress designers in Australia for your memorable wedding moments. Long gone are the days when the US and Europe were the hotspot places for a lady’s big day outfit. The concentration is gradually spreading out to the Asian and other European countries like Israel, Barcelona, Pakistan and recently Australia. Which to be fair has taken the market by the scruff of its neck. Not long ago, Australia had very limited few big bridal references, but lately, a new breed of designers and their enterprises are cropping across its map. This evolution has provided new tangents to this arena in the form of a melting pot of diverse talents and cultures. Let us shed some light on some of the trailblazers of this development.

Top Wedding dress designers in Australia

Steven Khalil - In the list of top 10 wedding designers

Steven Khalil

Steven Khalil is the darling of the red carpet, creating embellished evening gowns for Hollywood celebrities, such as Kendal Jenner. His expert understanding of fabrics and design to his early success as a fashion designer.

Next up, we look at the works of Steve Khalil who needs little introduction in the red carpet arena with. Her credentials among others include designing elegant evening gowns for Hollywood celebrities, such as Kendal Jenner. Her detailed conceptualisation of fabrics, designs and matrimonial elements of various cultures sets her apart from the rest. If you imagine royal and grand, and you’ll be some way towards understanding the unique looks he can create for his clients. His bridal gowns are absolute modern-day masterpieces and are set to bring that extra touch of auspiciousness for the bride on her wedding day.

Sam Oglialoro

He is considered a Top Wedding dress designer in Australia. Hailing from the cosmopolitan and culturally rich city of Melbourne, Australia, Sam Oglialoro reciprocates the perfect tribute to his rich heritage and culture. Expanding on the strong foundation of his freelance and gig designs, Oglialoro grew in confidence and his designs became more innovative by the day and started turning a lot of heads across the marital spectrum. What started as a boutique enterprise soon blossomed into a well organised and expanded business by the 1990sand he finally launched his first flagship collection and soon his skills and creations were aspired by many and greatly sought after throughout Australia.

By 2000, having gained great respect and reverence from industry peers and adoration from loyal clientele, Oglialoro was set to launch his own label and founded OGLIA-LORO, distinguishing the man from the corporate although they retained a strong bond.

Carla Jenkins wedding dress

Carla Jenkins

Made with love was founded by and is now run by Carla Jenkins has in many ways revolutionised people perceive the bridal world fashion by the virtue of designing absolute gems of modern dresses for everyday, natural beauties and of course the bridal ones. They have a knack for being super expressive and bold when it comes to body revelation of ladies are especially known for our daring V necklines.  And plunging low backs as well as the luxurious French crepe dresses. Their designs are found in exclusive MWL boutiques and retailers worldwide.

Made with Love

Made with Love seek to create and deliver the most beautiful wedding dresses one can think of and also provide ample room for personalisation by way of customisation. This is complemented by a host of means to improve customer relations and public relations and thus their customers are always happy. It is evident from the way they operate that there is a certain degree of charm and finesse from their personalised service to the styling appointment, to the follow-up correspondence. They provide a complete imagination to doorstep service. This is a seemingly old-fashioned approach to service that they pride themselves in.

Le Chateau Blanc wedding dress

Le Chateau Blanc -Wedding dress designer

A bride gracefully clothed in a Le Chateau Blanc Couture designer dress would be no less than perfection and elegance personified.  The name itself Le Chateau Blanc Couture symbolises the depiction of marital aspirations on the day she begins the next chapter of her life. And this essence is not just limited to the name but is aptly encapsulated in its spectacularly designed dresses. Becoming a wife, a mother & a caretaker is something that deserves to be preceded with an event of glamour, beauty & happiness and this dress might prove to be a source of such. The store is located right in the hotspot of Burwick. They are ideally placed in Melbourne’s epicentre of the wedding chapel. And is thus accessible and has a regular stream of clientele.

Alexis George boutique

Based out of Adelaide, the Alexis George boutique has been creating bespoke couture gowns for its brides since 1980. The talented duo founders and designers of Alexis George, Pat, and George. Georgiou has been winning awards one after the other along with regular featuring in popular catwalks. And pageants catwalks for more than thirty years now.

Grace Loves Lace u -Wedding dress designers

One of Australia’s most-loved wedding boutiques, Grace Loves Lace utilize high-quality European lace and silk in their bohemian dress designs. Flowing skirts and handmade details feature heavily in their wedding dress designs.

If you’re looking for something to fit your free and enchanting aspirations then these are the boutiques to look for. If you can’t find the brand near you, fear not, as more than two-thirds of their brides purchase their wedding dresses through their online style service. Their portal, delivery service and customer relations, in general, is top-notch.

J’Aton-Wedding dress designer

J’Aton Couture happens to be a recipient of a number of sought after prestigious awards. Like the 2009 Prix de Marie Claire Awards for Best Eveningwear. It was founded by two designing geeks named Jacob Luppino and Anthony Pittorino in Ascot Vale. Later moving to Prahran, Melbourne, with a showroom and atelier, creating bespoke evening and bridalwear.

For a real-life wedding dress inspiration, one should surely take a look at the glamorous range of weddings of  Nick and Rosalia Russian Wedding at Luminaire, where the bride donned a regal-inspired gown designed by J’Aton Couture.

Louise Alvarez

Simply put, Louise Alvarez creates absolute luxury, perfectly proportioned couture gown, draped in the most elegant combinations of silks, laces, and finishes. She seems to possess an innate love and understanding of what works on a woman’s body.  And that is clearly reflected in her work when you peruse the perfectly structured dresses designed by her. The actual beauty comes to the fore when the lady actually wears it.

Michelle and James

If you want to have an inspiring wedding, you should check out the wedding of Michelle and James. Wedding at The Public Dining Room which was based on the Spanish theme, where the bride wore Louise Alvarez’s collection. During her wedding celebrations and she was looking a class apart.

Madi Lane bride- Wedding dress designers

A deep-rooted and vibrant sense of style is inevitably associated with the Madi Lane bride. Fostered even further by the beauty of art, the elegance of design and a deep affinity with mother nature. The evolution of Maddie Lane is inspired by the journey of life. This seems to be evident in all her fibre threads. And her Australian-designed wedding gown is well-illustrated in one of the finest elements of the making. Furnishing a perfect blend of modern ingenuity and timeless sophistication. Madi Lane gowns tell the tale of ‘girl meets dress’, a timeless love story.

Ashleigh and Keenan’s –Wedding dress

To get a first-hand wedding day inspiration, do run your eyes over the catalogue filled with absolute gems. One can also check out the foodies wedding of Ashleigh and Keenan’s Wedding at Orso. Where the bride wore a gown designed by Madi Lane Bridal.


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