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Traditional vs Digital Marketing

Digital marketing vs Traditional marketing

The ongoing debate between Digital marketing and traditional marketing is something that has baffled the mass. Although both the type of marketing have their own set of pros, it’s still a tough call to make.

Everyone agrees that marketing is one of the most crucial aspects of a business. Marketing not only helps a company in understanding the needs of a customer but also assists customers in understanding the saleability of a product or service. When there are options, confusion is inevitable. To make things clear for you, let’s dive into the details of Traditional and digital marketing.

Pros of traditional marketing-

1)Easy to target a local audience:

For instance: A radio ad can be played in a targeted location.

2) The benefits of hard copy ads: Easy to read as many times as you like.

3) Uncomplicated to understand: Since it has been there in the business for a long time, people are capable of comprehending.

Cons of Traditional marketing-

1) It doesn’t provide scope for better interaction with the audience.

2) Prints or radio ads can be a costly affair.

3) Tough to measure campaign results.

Now, you pretty much have an idea about the ins and outs of Traditional marketing. Let’s get to the part where we let you know about revolutionary Digital marketing.

Pros of digital marketing-

1) Allows you to target an audience on a global scale as well as on the local level. It’s like allowing you to handcraft the ad for the desired group of people.

2) Honors customer’s will:  Online availability allows a sense of freedom as people can opt-in or opt-out of the communication as per their will. Market segmentation and tailored marketing form the backbone of digital marketing.

3) Easy to interact with the audience: This allows you to get a better understanding and feedback on the demand of the customer. Thus providing scope for growth.

4) Cost-effective: As compared to traditional marketing, digital marketing is pretty cheaper.

5) Highly traceable campaign results: With the assistance of Google analytics and insight tools provided by most social media channels, tracking campaign results is super easy.

Cons of digital marketing-

• Higher transparency of prices leads to increased price competition.

As the internet is becoming one of the most used tools, it can’t be denied that choosing digital marketing is a wise thing to do.

Now the choice is yours.

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