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Two-step process for effective physics exam preparation 

Physics is an important academic subject that students study in secondary and senior secondary classes. Along with physics teaching and learning, physics assessments are also conducted to check students’ understanding and knowledge of this subject. But due to the applicative portions, equations and derivations, physics exam preparation becomes difficult for students. However, by following the right learning strategies, this issue can be resolved. Let us discuss a two-step process that students can follow for effective preparation of the physics exams. 

Step 1: Seeking proper understanding and completing the syllabus timely 

  1. Create a proper study timetable

For effective completion of the syllabus, the foremost step is to make a proper self-study timetable. An effective learning timetable will make you more consistent, productive and helps in completing the planned work timely. Analyze the syllabus, look at how many chapters are there and how much time needs to be devoted to complete the physics lessons properly. 

After that, see how much learning time you have after returning from school and make a timetable. After making one, stick to it. Start this well in advance. Starting the preparation early will help to wind the syllabus timely with no last-minute stress, confusion, and chaos. 

  1. Learn in smaller portions every day

Physics lessons have many concepts. Theories and applications both are there. When students don’t learn every day they pile up huge chunks of the syllabus that become difficult to cover together.  This makes students juggle with the syllabus till the last minute with no time to revise and practice. 

To avoid this happening with you, all students must learn every day in smaller portions. This is known as fragmented learning. Learning in smaller portions is easy as well as quick. When students study regularly they wind up the syllabus promptly. This helps them to make out enough time for revisions and practice. 

  1. Use technology

Physics lessons are quite applicative. And understanding these concepts only from textbooks becomes difficult as well as time-consuming for students. However, with the help of technology, this problem can be resolved. By using an online teaching app, students can access several audiovisual tools like educational videos, modules, demonstrations, picture cards, PowerPoint presentations, visual notes, graphs, and more. With the help of visualization, students tend to grab the concepts better and quicker. This way, students can understand and complete the syllabus timely. 

  1. Learn formulas and solve numerically

In physics lessons, learning formulas properly is a part of completing the syllabus timely. The formulas learned will be used to solve the numerical and word problems. All students must memorize the formulas effectively. Write down and make formula charts for better memorization. Also, practicing numerical is very important. All students must practice the given in the textbooks. With effective practice, students will be able to prepare well for physics exams. 

Step 2: Revisions and practice 

1.Solve sample papers 

Along with completing the syllabus, revisions play an important role in scoring well in the physics exam. The best resource to use for proper revisions is solving sample papers. By solving previous year’s question papers and sample papers, students get an idea about how much they know and what more needs to be done for improvement. 

This will help students to revise again the topics they are weak at. Also, students can make out what are the most important topics that are asked in the papers repetitively. Revise them to score more in exams. By using the best software for online teaching and other networking sites, you can access these papers easily. 

  1. Revise the formulas

With so many formulas in every lesson, remembering all in a single attempt is not possible. After learning once, keep revising the formulas as many times as possible. With good command over formulas, units, and equations, students will be able to attempt and get accurate answers in the exams. 

  1. Go through the lessons multiple times 

For subjects like physics, only learning the lessons for a single time is not enough. By doing so, you may face difficulty in remembering and recalling the answers in the paper. To avoid this happening with you, and score well in physics exams, ensure to go through the lessons as many times as possible. Don’t wait for the whole syllabus to get over for starting the revisions. Revise regularly. Along with moving to the next planned lessons, keep overlooking the completed ones too. Once you are done with the syllabus, have multiple sets of revisions. 


To score well in physics exams, effective preparation is very important. By following the above-mentioned two-step process and tips, students can prepare for the physics exam effectively. This will help students to score well and achieve success. Make sure to stay consistent, dedicated and start the exam preparation as early as possible. 

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