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Unisex Fashion Glasses – The best style of this year for you

Glasses are no longer a necessity but a fashion accessory. There are a plethora of styles of frames to meet our fashion style statement and at times it gets too confusing whether the pair of fashion glasses is for men or women. If you don’t want to wear any women exclusive glasses or men exclusive eyeglasses, wear unisex glasses that look good on both genders. It adds neutrality to your looks and is an absolute wow addition to your style.

  • Aviator glasses

Aviator glasses were previously men-exclusive glasses, mostly favoured by men. Aviator glasses give you a bold and adventurous look. The durable titanium metal makes you look sporty and courageous. You look reliable, dependable and confident. Think of all the good adjectives for a leader. That’s how you look while wearing aviator glasses. If you are a natural leader who loves outdoor activities, irrespective of gender, these glasses frames for men are for you.

  • Transparent Glasses

By the look and feel, you will think these bubbly frames are for women. Think again, these glasses add neutrality to the strong personality of most men. It softens your look and makes you look more approachable. 

Transparent glasses adds a unique charm to your look, especially when you have dark skin, It contrasts with your skin tone. A piece of wise advice, when choosing outfits or accessories, choose 50 per cent that contrasts your skin tone and 50 per cent that blend with your skin tone. 

  • Beige colour glasses

These neutral colour glasses blend well with every skin tone. This looks charming and alluring. It adds a bit of sophistication to your vibe. You can wear these beige colour glasses in wayfarer style, round or rectangular style. You can match the shape of your glasses with your face shape and the neutral colour will add flair to your look. These cheap glasses will make you look elegant and chic.

  • Black rectangular frame glasses

This traditional style of glasses with all favourite black colour is meant for all genders. These style of glasses make you appear intellectual and smart. You look confident. This makes you look professional in your power suits and give out casual vibes in your normal get up. Try the boxy style of glasses in black as well. Boxy frames in thin rims will make you stand out. You will look intellectual and cool at the same time. No longer the nerdy vibe. You will be the cool nerd of your group.

  • Tortoiseshell glasses

Tortoiseshell glasses have been on the trend shelf for a long time. It likely isn’t going to go down any soon because of how well it blends with your skin tone. This style of frame blends with every skin tone, face shape and eye colour. It is the most neutral eyewear. If you are confused about which eyeglasses to wear, you can choose this with closed eyes. These are trendy, stylish and gives you a cheerful look.

  • Wider Frames

Smaller frames are out of trend now. Smaller frames hide your eyes and give you too much of a geeky vibe that you don’t want. Wider frames are the trend now. Thin rimmed wider frames give you a stylish and chic look. Thick and wide frames give you an outgoing and fashionable look.

  • Wayfarer Frames

The traveller style glasses are for both men and women. After all men or women, travellers are everywhere. If you are a traveller or your inner soul is a traveller, then go for this style. You can try this style of glasses in gradient tones like the shades of blue or brown. A Havana coloured wayfarer frames will look cool for summer and a warm look for the winters. You can wear dual-tone wayfarer frames. The ones with a contrasting colour like black and blue or brown and red or upper half with black and below with a blue pattern.

  • Round Glasses Frames

The nerdy round Harry Potter glasses frames look cool when they are not just in plain black colour. Try wearing round glasses in tortoiseshell style or with patterns. A gradient tone round glasses is also an absolute wow. For both men and women, this look will add glamour to your style. Especially when you have a square face. Square shaped faces don’t have many choices of glasses that look good on them. Round glasses neutralise their sharp angular look and soften their features, giving them a balanced and complete look. Try round glasses if you have a square-shaped face. 

Women can wear any style of glasses to make it their style. Most styles of frames that were exclusively men glasses, women rock the look. Men can also try wearing women’s glasses to soften their look, to make them look more friendly and approachable. You can wear cat-eye glasses and look much younger. If you are stylish and confident enough, you can carry out the chic and elegant style of the cat-eye glasses. You can wear what you want. You have to just be daring and flaunt your style.

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