Utilize Custom Designed Corrugated Boxes and Packaging for an innovative look

Why should you desire these boxes?

Corrugated boxes are a lot different than ordinary boxes. They look and feel stronger and hold the products more securely through the corrugated material used in producing the boxes. Where a normal box is made of thick cardboard or paper stock, the corrugated packages incorporate a few layers of materials rather than a single sheet. The layers are separated by rows of air columns that provide a cushion against any damage or rough handling of the boxes. These work well for businesses that solely rely on shipping as their means of distribution and any other organization that aims to transport their products in their true state without the risk of any harm or damage.

Adopt a hassle-free way to transport your products using custom corrugated boxes and packaging and effectively retain customers for longer.

How it all began?

Not long ago, about some hundred years back, there was no formal form of packaging. People took their own bags for carrying products around. A generic form of packaging including paper and leaves were used to wrap items. With time, people felt a need for having solid packaging that could not only deliver the products safely to customers but also made it convenient to transport them in large quantities. As the population increased, so did the demand for a large volume of products. Manufacturing began at an increased scale and products were shipped all over the world. Sellers realized the need for stronger packaging that could last the journey and reach customers in their original form. Thus, cardboard boxes were introduced to firmly hold the items in place and make shipment easier.

custom corrugated boxes and packaging

How it looks today?

Custom corrugated boxes and packaging were first commercialized in England in 1817 to wrap bottles and glass chimney lanterns. The material was refined by different inventors until it became the corrugated material we know today. Soon, the invention was desired by every manufacturer, and by the early 1900s wooden barrels and crates were replaced by these boxes. Kellogg’s was the first multinational brand that popularized such packaging and since then there has been no looking back for it. They are available in different types including:

  • Single Face:One corrugated medium is glued to one flat sheet of linerboard.
  • Single Wall:The corrugated medium is glued between two sheets of linerboard.
  • Double Wall:Three sheets of linerboard with two mediums in between.
  • Triple Wall:Four sheets of linerboard with three mediums in between.

These boxes are the best possible solution for your packaging needs irrespective of what industry you operate in. They cater to all product types such as food, office supplies, textiles, electronic products, e-commerce, healthcare, house supplies, and alike. E-commerce especially relies solely on these boxes to ship products globally. Online retailers like Amazon, have successfully converted them into a trademark promotional tool. These are apt in projecting a favorable image of the brand whilst ensuring that deliveries are made without any mishaps. These boxes offer multiple uses including:

  1. Creating a high level of customer satisfaction by delivering products as promised.
  2. Making the brand more popular by customizing the boxes to show the distinct brand logo and name.
  3. Providing a cost-effective solution. These boxes are relatively cheaper to produce and their incorporation would help to lower the total costs for the business.
  4. Such boxes are light-weight making shipment easier and less costly.
  5. These boxes are easily recyclable and can be used multiple times.

They can be personalized for added effects. A range of features can help to enhance the appeal of the brand among the competition. These comprise of:

  • Custom sizes and shapes to suit your specific product type.
  • Custom colors to bring life to your box and make it resonate with customers’ demands and requirements.
  • Inclusion of various rich laminations and coatings such as gloss, matte, sandy matte, soft-touch, pattern, gloss AQ, satin, varnish, spot UV, and flood UV.
  • Custom added exclusive features like foil stamping, embossing, debossing, die-cutting, custom perforation, metallic inks, window cutouts, ribbons & handles, scoring & gluing, hang tab, and multiple designs.

As of today, these boxes are widely used everywhere. The corrugated box industry is worth $66 billion which shows the sheer demand for it in every possible industry. The benefits they provide outweigh any drawbacks and make them an excellent deal to avail of.

Where to get these?

These boxes and packaging are swiftly available at affordable rates to give you an extra edge over rivals. Creatively crafted boxes help to divert customers’ focus on the products and eliminate competition. If this promotional tactic is offered at low costs then it becomes a double win situation for the brand. Our readily available team of engineers and designers helps to create the most suitable boxes for you that would position your brand among customers’ favorites in an instance. We believe in retaining customers for longer and use our extensive experience, of printing high-grade boxes, to aid you in achieving the same. Impressed customers become loyal to the brand and convert from the rivals in the market. So, make a memorable first impression to affix the brand’s personality in people’s minds for longer.

These boxes are the most used packaging material in the world. Their durability and strength have compelled most sellers to utilize them for all their shipping needs. These boxes played a vital role in the expansion of the American supermarket and the ability to ship fresh produce over long distances. Furthermore, online retailers have upped the game for these boxes by shipping millions of items every year. Thus, benefit from this unique opportunity to experience convenience in shipment while promoting the brand to reach every target customer. The affordability makes it an undeniable deal along with reusable possibility through re-cycling. Dial us today to obtain well-structured and long-lasting boxes that help you achieve your sales targets comfortably and sustain them through a happy customer base. Moreover, we offer shipping & handling, reviews of artwork, and sample kits free of charge too.


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