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Vaillant Boiler Repair Expert One Stop For Countless Vaillant Advance Installer and Repair Solutions

By choosing a Vaillant Advance installer, you might lower both your heating costs and your carbon footprint. Boilers and controls are not offered by Vaillant directly to homeowners; rather, all of their equipment are sold through Gas Safe-registered Vaillant Advance installers like Shepley Heating.

The Vaillant product you select should be the ideal fit for both you and your home, according to Vaillant. For this reason, they established the Vaillant Advance Installer programme, a network of independently employed, fully qualified installers.

Vailliant Boiler Repair Expert is a Vaillant Advance Installer and can:

  • give you professional advice to locate a Vaillant boiler that is ideal for you
  • Give a free estimate with no commitments.
  • We can also provide you with exclusive extended warranties that range from 5 to 10 years to give you even more peace of mind (*Vaillant terms apply).

Vaillant Advance Installers are fully qualified independent installers who specialize in installing Vaillant boilers and can provide homeowners with special advantages like longer guarantees. As experienced heating engineers, we can provide you valuable guidance and cost-free, no-obligation quotes because no installation is the same.

We have participated in Vaillant training sessions so that we may keep knowledgeable about their most recent goods and services and provide professional boiler and central heating assistance.

What is a Vaillant Advance Installer? Why is it important?

A network of Vaillant Advance Accredited Installers performs all Vaillant installations to guarantee that every homeowner receives the best service possible from the moment they inquire through installation and beyond.

Utilizing a Vaillant Advance installer will allow you to take advantage of their expert expertise and guidance in order to discover the ideal solution for your heating and hot water needs.

You can rest assured that you are getting the finest standards for your installation from Vaillant Advance installers because they are properly trained and certified with Gas Safe. A Vaillant specialist personally observed and certified Vaillant advance installers who are Gas Safe registered.

What an advanced installation from Vailliant can do for you?

  • Give you specialized information and guidance on selecting the ideal Vailliant boiler for your residence
  • Offer a free, comprehensive quote with no obligations.
  • provide you with a 5–10 year unique extended warranty.

Annual Maintenance

Servicing is crucial to preserving the health of your heating system, as it is with any heating system.

  • Excellent installers can maintain your heating system on a yearly basis.
  • Ensure the extended warranty is still in effect by performing annual maintenance.
  • Maintaining your boiler will guarantee its great performance and efficiency.

Kit for Boiler Protection

By using the Boiler Protection Kit, your warranty can be extended even further.

The Boiler Protection Kit comes in handy for keeping the water in your system clean, which is essential for maintaining your system’s effectiveness. The Boiler Protection Kit, which contains a premium metal water filter and a system test kit, is especially made for use with Vailliant boilers.

Benefits and features:

  • 005mm-sized particles are sorted and eliminated from the system.
  • There is no need for bypasses or shut-off valves.
  • persistent reduction in pressure
  • When opposed to traditional solutions, maintenance is simple and just needs a few seconds.
  • As soon as the system is operational, instant operation is possible for connection diameters of 22mm to DN 600 and higher.

Extended warranties from Vaillant provide additional piece of mind

Depending on the model you choose, all appliances installed by a Vaillant Advanced installer come with an extended guarantee covering parts and labour for the repair of a true manufacturer fault. This extended guarantee period ranges from 5 to 10 years, and it gives you additional peace of mind. Your boiler must be serviced annually by a Gas Safe licensed engineer, and the repair must be done by one of our Vaillant Service technicians.

Always hire a heating engineer that is gas safe certified

There are 1.1 million illegal gas jobs in the UK each year, according to Gas Safe. By asking to view their Gas Safety card or looking up their qualifications online, you can prevent hiring unauthorized workers. Our entire engineering staff is Gas Safe certified.

Gas boilers as replacements

When properly installed, modern condensing boilers can lower your gas costs by over 90%, which is a huge improvement over your old boiler. Some Vaillant boilers claim to have 94% efficiency!

All of our new Vaillant Boiler Repair Expert installations come with an extra 10-year manufacturer’s warranty since we are a  Vaillant Accredited Installer, provided the boiler is maintained yearly by a Gas Safe licensed expert. This implies that during the guarantee period,  Vaillant Boiler Repair Expert  will address any actual boiler flaws and provide free repairs (terms and conditions apply).

The beautiful 2000 and 8000 line of new boilers from  Vaillant are among the best. This fashionable boiler, often known as “the beautiful beast,” has become immensely popular with our clients. It’s a great combo thanks to the eye-catching black colour and all of Vailliant’s best efficiency features.

Alternative Oil Boilers Repair Services

We can install your new oil boiler and handle all parts of a replacement fuel tank as skilled, OFTEC licenced engineers, including constructing a hard standing and setting up a legal fuel line.

With an annual boiler servicing, we can give our oil customers up to 10 years of manufacturer coverage because we are a Vaillant Boiler Repair Expert Accredited Installer.

Vaillant Boiler Repair Expert have been produced for many years, who have served the UK market for more than decades. As one of our oil customers, you will enjoy a boiler of exceptional quality and unmatched customer support. The bulk of the workers in Vaillant Boiler Repair Expert services are employed. They will dispatch a member of their engineering staff in the event of a failure.

Hiring expert Vaillant Boiler Repair Expert

Hiring a reputable boiler repair business is crucial if you intend to repair your boiler. Then go no farther than our Vaillant Boiler Repair. A professional boiler repair business is the key to ensuring your home‘s heating system stays in good working order. Hiring a Vaillant Boiler Repair Expert for any necessary repairs will ensure that you’re getting top-quality service and advice on maintaining a healthy lifestyle with regards to boilers, gas fires or electric radiators!

We know that depending on the type of boiler and issue which needs to be resolved, repairing it can change. However we will use certain fundamental procedures for all our repairs- first shut down your system until cool then inspect; once an item has been located as broken replace or fix with new parts last but not least restarting examination making sure everything is operating correctly before reopening.

Hiring professional Vaillant boiler repair experts is the best way to ensure your satisfaction and get back up-and running quickly. We offer guarantees on all of our work, so you can rest assured that if something goes wrong with repairs we will take care of it for free!

It’s crucial to request references before picking a Vaillant Boiler Repair Expert company. Additionally, request a list of former clients. This will give you an idea of the level of work we are capable of producing. Check out our website and read customer testimonials for more information.

We provide a free estimate so that you will be aware of the actual cost of the repairs. Many businesses tack on travel costs and other ancillary fees. Before signing any contract, you should confirm that you comprehend all of the terms and conditions.  Explore the services and get what you have always desired for!

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