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View Split Screen on iPad With These Easy Steps

Now you can use your iOS device for running two apps simultaneously. In this article, we will discuss the split-screen mode of the iPad. The split-screen mode is advantageous, as you can run multiple tabs at once. Be it checking for your contact, mails, messages, or playing a video or viewing messages at the same time; you can use the split-screen mode for different purposes. All hail to the iPadOS, where you can even split the screen of the same app so that you can check two pages of the app at a time. If you don’t know how to use the split-screen, you may follow this article till the end, to learn how to use the split-screen.


How to set up split-screen mode on iPad

To use the split-screen mode, you need to go to the Settings, then click on Display and Brightness > Display Zoom > Zoom > Set, and then click on the Use Zoom feature to enable it. Once you have done that, you need to find out your other app with which you want to use it in the split-screen. Open the second app and then close it again. This will let it appear at the bottom of your screen in the toolbar.

Then open the main app, then swipe up and bring up the toolbar, which will have all your pinned apps. The pinned apps will also show you the recently visited apps. From those apps, select the one that you want to use. You need to hold it and drag-and-drop it over the first app. While hovering the other app over the first one, you will see a rectangular border over your screen indicating you about your entrance in the split-screen mode. Select on which side you want to place the second app and release it there. On releasing it, you will enter the split-screen mode where you will see both the apps running simultaneously.

How to rearrange split-screen mode on iPad

If you have placed two apps on the screen with varied screen sizes, you can rearrange them as desired. You need to hide and bring back the pop-up tab. Touch the grey bar and drag sideward if you want to hide the other app. If you want it to appear on the screen again, then swipe sideways, and it will reappear. Doing this will let the second application come over to the top of the first one. Now you can easily split the screen between the two apps.

Press and hold the grey bar of the second app and drag the app upwards or downwards. On releasing you will see both the apps are sitting side-to-side in equal dimensions. If now you want the other app to cover more screens, then press and hold and then drag the bar for changing the aspects of the apps. Be careful as the apps can only change screen sizes from 1:1 to 1:3 ratio and vice versa.

You can also open the same app in two different screen modes. It’s easy as you have to follow the same instructions as listed above, but make sure to click on the same app icon when you are dragging and dropping an app icon to enter the split-screen. Some popular apps that support this feature are Safari, Files, Mail, and more.

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