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Want to Run Linux Apps on Your Chromebook? Here’s How to Do It.

Are you one of the Chromebook users? Want to use Linux apps on your Chromebook computer? Chromebooks are the perfect alternatives to Windows and Mac computers and enable you to perform various functionalities with its great features. Most modern models of the Chromebooks provide you with even more accessibility by allowing you to download and use Linux apps. Linux is a free and open-source operating system that is also used for different purposes. However, the Chromebooks run Google’s Chrome OS, but you can also use the Linux based applications on your Chromebook computers. While this feature is mainly available for the developers, regular users can use it too. There is a great variety of Linux apps that you can install on your Chromebook computer. It is also important to note that not all Chromebook models support Linux based applications. So, you must find out if your Chromebook computer supports this feature.


If you are a new user of a Chromebook, then it is possible that you might not know how to install the Linux apps on your device. Well, if that is the situation, then now, no need to go anywhere else. This article will let you know how to do so. Here, in the following article, you will get to know the methods through which you can be able to install and use the Linux based applications on your Chromebook. So, to get the techniques to do so, please go through the complete article.

The Methods for Installing Linux Based Apps on a Chromebook

Installing and using the Linux apps on a Chromebook is not a difficult task. Any of the users can easily do it by applying the correct method. But, before going through the procedure to do that, firstly, you need to find out if your Chromebook computer supports this functionality or not. And to do that, here’s what you need to do:

  • Go through your Chrome OS settings. To do this, open the browser on your Chromebook and type the following code “chrome://settings” in the address bar of the window.
  • And now, in the search box given at the top of your screen, type the word “Linux”.
  • After this, if you see a “Linux Beta” section on your screen, that means, you can install the Linux apps on your Chromebook.

And now, after finding out the feature, it’s time to set it up to enable the Linux apps on your Chromebook. To enable this functionality, click on the “Linux (Beta)” section and now follow the instructions appearing on your screen to enable the Linux apps on your Chromebook. After this, it may take a while to install all the necessary elements into your Chromebook computer. Next up, you will see a terminal window appearing on your screen informing you that your Chromebook is now ready to install and run the Linux apps. So, now let’s see how to install the Linux apps on your device.

The Steps to Install the Linux Apps on a Chromebook

To install the Linux apps on Chrome OS, you have to run the following command line:

“sudo apt-get install Application -y”

Here, in place of the application, you have to write the name of the app that you are going to install. But, before this, firstly, you will have to update the apt. You can do it with the following command:

“sudo apt-get update”

After the completion of the updating process, you are now ready to install the software. Like, for example, to download the GIMP image editor on your Chromebook, run the following command:

“sudo apt-get install gimp-y”

After this, the GIMP image editor software will be installed on your Chromebook. And now, you can run this application on your Chrome OS.

Now, whenever you want to install any Linux app on your Chromebook, you can do so via the terminal window. The terminal window can be opened from the Linux App folder.

In case, if you want to uninstall any Linux application from your Chromebook, follow the command line:

“sudo apt-get remove Application-y” And that’s it. This way you can install and run any Linux apps on your Chromebook computer. And make sure to update your Chrome OS to have a better computing experience. These are the most straightforward methods for anyone. Try these steps now, and in case of any issues, please do let us know. If you want to get more information like this, you can check out the related articles on our website.

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