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Washable Air Filters Shop

Be an USA company the headquarters is still in usa however the bike is made in china and the company is owned by the chinese the honda cb500 you know what that’s actually a gem of a bike it’s pretty good it really is and if you can fit a cb500 i’d look at that rather than the 300s the versi 650l honestly i haven’t ridden it it seems ok it’s a little bit more road orientated than what i would like but it looks like a pretty reasonable bike and the v-storm the v-storm’s been around for a while now they’ve always copped a bit of but you know what they are a road orientated washable air filters and they’ve got their uses and they can be surprisingly good off-road the first time i rode one i was actually a bit surprised how it wasn’t quite the road bike that people said but it’s a good bike and you could quite honestly do a fair bit when it comes to gravel road and that sort of thing it’s not a bad bike next up we’ve got my favorite group so these are the single cylinders more dirt orientated you’ve got the dr 650 the crf300 rally which isn’t out yet but it will be soon the new klr 650 again it’s not eight yet but it will be soon and an often overlooked thing called the swm super dual x now the dr 650 costs 9 500 the crf rally while we don’t have a price for it yet i reckon it’ll be around about eight thousand dollars the klr 650 again we don’t have a price for it yet but i reckon it’ll be around the nine and a half grand and then you’ve got

Washable Air Filters Shop

The swm which is ten thousand five hundred dollars right away now the dr650w i wouldn’t call it an adventure bike out of the box it is the original blank canvas honestly buy one of those stick a big tank on it put a decent seat on a little screen a bash plate pair of bark busters some decent tires and some luggage you’ve got yourself one of the best adventure bikes there is this thing it won’t break any speed records but it’ll keep going forever and it’ll take you to a lot of places they’re quite good to ride even with all the extra stuff on them they’ll change lines really well they’re not a bad bike they really aren’t and like i said if you want a bike to work on and modify to make your own it’s pretty hard to go past the dr 650 and it’s lames approved so you know what quite frankly and honestly once you get your open license you might want to hang on to that dr because it’s a pretty bloody good bike next up we’ve got the crf 300 rally now i have not ridden one and i don’t think anybody has yet i did ride the old 250. now you definitely knew you were riding a 250. you had to quite you had to work that gearbox and keep it going it was a lot of fun and it felt like it would be really off-road capable it’s pretty hard to beat in that sort of game it’s no it’s probably not going to be great on the highway but in a uh if you’re doing any sort of tight stuff any sort of really off-roady stuff i think it’ll be a pretty bloody good bike as i said in one of my other videos yes i’d love to see them put a 650 thumper in that thing i think it’d be a really awesome bike if and when they do that every model it seems to grow so yeah hopefully it’s coming the klr 650 talking about the new one here yeah yeah okay it’s cool it’s a bit of drama it’s gained weight and all this like i had a klr an oi and it was the best worst bike i ever owned that thing would just keep on going and you know what out of the box it’s pretty hard to beat you’re paying about the same amount of money as you would for dr for the klr really all it needs is some bike buses a bash plate some tyres and some luggage it’s got that big tank it’s got the screen it’s got a comfy seat right out of the box and you know people bag them stick a milk crate on it yeah you’re a tight arse all that sort of thing it’s a really.oil on there so come in here take that boy off like soon hang on that was pretty late I gotta do that one more time watch out here’s the oil you save that for later than you got your air filter cleaner which you’re gonna want to do this so you can take some of this shake it up a little bit I don’t really care

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