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What American Lung Association Has To Say about Major Health Risks Associated With Dirty Carpet

Carpets are costly, and it is essential to uphold them for their longevity. Similarly, better protection of the rug can keep it in good condition. No one can see such filthy pollutants with the naked eyes, but factually carpet entangles the layers of filth and grime in it.

Not everyone can replace the carpet each month, so it is prudent to clean the carpet and keep the dust at bay. Generally, people opt for vacuuming for the carpet cleaning, but everyone should know that deep cleaning is the best option to stamp out dirt from scratch.

Do you know ignoring dirty carpet could be unsafe for the health as some serious health issues, including asthma, allergy, and respiratory problems could be caused by it? Thus, the American Lung Association has brought to light some health risks associated with the dirty carpet and why the proper maintenance of the carpet is good for well-being.

Let’s get to know about all such health risks in detail.

  • Respiratory Problems

A carpet is a perfect place for the mold, pet hair, and dust particles as they can be trapped inside the carpet’s fiber effortlessly. The matter of concern is, does the dusty carpet make a person unwell? And the answer is YES.

Sadly, exposure to mold can elicit various allergic and asthmatic symptoms in people who have some serious health issues with mold (mainly breathe allergy).

Additionally, the movement of dust particles and other pollutants can cause critical respiratory problems, including coughing and difficulty in breathing. For an asthmatic person, the symptoms mentioned above could get more treacherous because they are more vulnerable to airborne toxins.

  • Excess Growth of Mycotoxins

Do you have any idea about mycotoxins? Well, the bacteria that flourish in the grimy carpet are known as Mycotoxins. Revelation to these bacteria is not good for the immune system and causes severe stomach infection as well. It doesn’t end here because mycotoxins are quite hazardous for the respiratory system and become the major reason for respiratory ailments.

If you have kids at home, then you must know that the dirty carpet can unfavorably impinge on their physical condition.

  • Stimulates Stress Level

In most of the Iranian Journals of Public Health, it was mentioned that the unclean carpet could have a strong association with stress issues. However, overlooking stress for a long time is not good for the immune system as stress deteriorates it. Some other probable diseases could be insomnia, depression, migraine, and heart problems.

With dirt-free and hygienic carpet, you can feel tranquil and contended, and it can have a constructive impact on the entire standard of living.

  • Athlete’s Foot

Not everyone knows about the athlete’s foot, but it is a complex skin infection that affects feet. It is mainly caused by a fungus, whereas the major symptoms include scaling and itching.

Do you know what causes athlete’s foot?

If a person walks barefoot on the dirty carpet, then the bacteria contact the feet directly by wounds and minor cuts on the skin.

Final Impending

Surely, the health risks mentioned above have made it opportune for you to analyze the adverse effects of dirty carpet on the health. You can avoid such problems by taking care of your carpet.

For this purpose, hire professional carpet cleaners as their latest equipment can make your carpet dirt-free in less time.

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