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What Are Some Best Ponytail Hacks that look Tremendous?

It’s more difficult to do spectacular things with a ponytail than it is with other hairstyles. Ponytails, unlike loose hairstyles, may offer you only a bunch of styling options. Adding a ponytail extension will give you more length and volume to work on, but it is still difficult to fulfill your hair goals. 

However, the ponytails that we see on red carpets are just the opposite- ‘they are so out of the world.’ Most of the time, celebrities walk the red carpet elegantly with never-seen-before ponytails. 

How do celebrities come up with next-level ponytails? 

Stunning red carpet look with ponytails

Stunning red carpet look with ponytails

Celebrities and their stylists make us believe that we can also do it. But it’s not everyone’s piece of cake! With little knowledge about hair and plait.we have a slim chance of creating such a pony with volume, bounce, layers, and bangs! It requires patience, will, and, importantly, amazing hacks to create those pony. 

5 Best Ponytails Hacks

If you master the following hacks, then you have the chance of wearing the next-level ponytail hairstyle.

Hack 1: The hair tie trick of all hair tie tricks

Slipping and sliding of the elastic band is a common problem for most plait lovers. The elastic hair ties keep sliding down after some time. Here you don’t need multiple hair ties or a styling product to tackle this issue. You just need two bobby pins. Gather your hair in one hand into the shape of the plaitand secure a bobby pin at the base of the pony (near to the scalp). Then tie your ponytail with an elastic band. After that, secure another bobby pin right below the elastic band. This hack will help your elastic band and ponytail stay in place for a longer duration.

Hack 2: Twisting and Teasing

This hack is the best solution for straight and fine-haired women to add volume, movement, and texture. Don’t worry about a texturizing spray – tie your hair into a pony, take small sections of hair and twist them with one hand way down the pony. Push the twisted pieces up towards the band with the other hand for a backcombing effect.

Hack 3: Backcombing Trick

Wearing a ponytail every day pulls the strands surrounding your face and results in hair fall at the hairline. When the strands are stretched too much, they even start to break. So, to prevent breakage and hair fall, backcomb the face-framing pieces before you secure a ponytail. This hack also creates a gentle lift creating a lively look.

Hack 4: Strip-Tease

Apply this hack to your pony daily to thicken thin and thick locks. Then, if desired, separate your ponytail into two or more halves. Divide your ponytail into many sections if you want more volume. After clipping the top portion of hair aside, grab the second section and tease it upward towards the root of your ponytail using a broad tooth comb.

Hack 5: Sleeping Hack for your Pony

While you’re doing nothing, you can certainly do something with your hair. You can prepare your fantastic ponytail for the next day, especially when sleeping. Implement this hack if you think styling in the morning is time-consuming and agitating. Split a wet pony into two parts. When you are ready to go for bed, dampen your ponytail and divide it into two sections. Twist the sections around each other, wrap them into a bun and then secure with bobby pins. You will have a tousled, wavy texture for your ponytail the next morning.

5 Ponytail Hairstyles with Best Hacks

You can achieve the following ponytail hairstyles using simple hacks that nobody told you. Some of the hairstyles may seem tricky as a beginner, but you can style them flawlessly with trials and errors!

  • The Voluminous Pony

The Voluminous Ponytail The Voluminous Ponytail

The best way to get more volume is a combination method, which requires incorporating a mid and high ponytail. You will be amazed by the thickness you achieve after styling this elegant pony. 

To achieve the voluminous undercover pony:

  1. Divide your hair into two equal parts (top and bottom).
  2. Tie a mid ponytail with the lower part and a high plaitwith the upper section.
  3. Use the teasing hack to add more volume and to conceal the mid plait.

This secret hairstyle works best for wavy and curly hair because the wavy and curly locks can disguise the mid pony without a trace. 

  • The Layered Ponytail Hairstyle

The Layered Ponytail Hairstyle

The Layered Ponytail Hairstyle

Long-layered hairstyles are invading the beauty world! These days’ hair influencers and stylists have stepped up their ponytail game by combining layered hair with plait. Layering the ponytail adds plenty of texture and thickness. If your ponytails look dead, try creating wavy layers. Then pair it up with wavy face-framing hair bangs to go the extra mile!

  • Ponytails with Bangs

Ponytails with Bangs


Ponytails with bangs are a perfect match. You can wear any bangs hairstyle with long, medium, and short pony. Adding hair bangs to your pony flatters your face shape and draws attention to your eyes and jawline. Bangs can also cover your wider forehead and make your face look slimmer. Bangs are the way to fulfill your best ponytail moments.

  • The Blunt Ponytail Hairstyle

The Blunt Ponytail

The blunt ponytail looks so simple yet super-elegant. At a glance, this style looks so easy to achieve, but it is not! Cutting the pony into blunt ends might be easy but keeping the pony sleek and in place is challenging. 

To achieve a blunt ponytail:

  1. Secure your hair into a ponytail
  2. Use a dryer sheet to press down frizzy strands
  3. Spritz your pony with hairspray to make it sleek
  4. Cut the ends with a hair clipper or a pair of scissors.
  • The TikTok Ponytail

The TikTok Ponytail

The TikTok-inspired ponytail hairstyle

Nowadays, we can find anything on social media platforms. The recent one is TikTok covering everything from around the globe. Starting from food, hacks, tutorials, beauty, etc., you can watch anything you want on TikTok. A few weeks back, a new trend called the ‘perfect ponytail challenge’ went viral on TikTok for beauty lovers. The picture shows a medium ponytail, and nothing seems special about it. But if you observe carefully, the lift at the hair tie is super hard to achieve. If it is hard to believe, then try once without reading the following steps; you will see the difficulty level of getting a nice high pony, as shown in the picture. 

How did your try go? Anyway, let’s just run quickly through the steps to create a perfect Tiktok Ponytail.

To achieve the perfect TikTok Pony:

  1. Brush your hair up with a paddle brush
  2. Loop a scrunchie twice over your hair
  3. Split the ponytail into two sections – top and bottom
  4. Flip the top section over your head
  5. Stretch the scrunchie and loop it over the bottom section
  6. Finally, flip back the top section back over the lower pony.

There you go, complete your perfect TikTok Pony challenge now!


Ponytails become boring when you wear them repeatedly or accurately when you don’t know the hacks to create a perfect pony. So, make your pony days fun and memorable with these best pony hacks! You can also try the mention hairstyles to achieve a super-cool ponytail look.

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